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[RELEASE vB2.0] Custom Avatars as Files

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    Originally posted by freddie
    sven the code looks the same .. it just appears I got to it and broke the sql up into multiple lines which I have a habit of doing.
    Only because it is a lot easier to read and comprehend.
    Translations provided by Google.

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      Something not right in instructions...

      The code replace for announcement.php is incorrect?? I can only find this:

      if ($post[hascustomavatar] and $avatarenabled) {

      Note it is different from this in the instructions:

      if ($post[hascustomavatar] and $avatarenabled) {

      What gives? I have final 2.0.


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        Well, that's almost the same question I have.... what about the
        &dateline=$post[avatardateline]" thing?
        Do I have to add this at the appropriate places or is it not mandatory?

        I got the Avatar_as_files option working on my local testinstallation with the replacements from the instructions but I'm not sure if I can use this on the production environment w/o causing bugs due to the changes.


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          Yes Sven

          I just started with that file...are there any more of these discrepencies?


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            I edited all of the files now to add the "dateline"...
            It's in all files but member.php, in most of them you just need to add the

            but in user.php it's different, take care of that one!

            In my local installation it seems to work - after I changed the files


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              I wish the documenation was updated. Now I don't trust myself as there are several "got ya's" due to inaccurate documention for V2.0 and you can't systematically follow exact directions. <sigh>


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                Can someone update the hack install documentation so that 2.0 gold users will know exactly what to do? Thanks.


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                  Well, that's what we're asking for.... I already send out a PM to Kier (about a week ago)... but got no response

                  You may want to do the same as I have the assumption that he doesn't look into this thread at the moment.


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                    hey, may be the guy is busy.


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                      if this will be included in 2.1... i'm really curious on the 2.1 eta... would it be worth my time to hack 2.0???


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                        updating the Instructions woukd be very nice.



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                          Originally posted by Sharg
                          Kier, you know what ?
                          It would be GREAT to port this system to attached files to
                          I agree with Sharg...I have been looking for this hack for a long time no with no success. It should be made for the people with smaller databases with large webspace, that want to attach larger files. Please look into making this hack...It would be greatly appreshated!


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                            I would just go for getting the documenation updated.


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                              Great hack, I love it, just been holding out on installing it. It installed without any problems. I really like the installer that is coming with these hack, it really saves time.

                              Edit: the dateline you guys are talking about didn't affect it when I installed it. I just acted like it wasn't there, and just put what is in the installation instructions. It works fine without the dateline stuff.
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                                Would this be easily modified to allow users to serve their avatars from their web server?

                                Figure it might save a lot of bandwidth if I allow custom avatars and require them to be served elsewhere.



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