I am attempting to set up Teck's "How to run vB on your PC" on my new laptop build with XPpro sp2.

I had this set up previously with XPpro sp1 and earlier versions of PHP, mySQL and Apache.

Now im using Mysql-4.0.21-win, PHP-5.0.1-win32 and Apache.

But after i install these 3, i open up WinMySQL and it says driver 3.51 not found, and more importantly I am unable to right click the Database tab to add the vBulletin database?

When attempting to install vBulletin 2.30 an installation error appears saying error on
"C:\Network\Apache2\htdocs\vbforums\admin\db_mysql.php on line 38"

What can i do?

Thanks in advance.