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Template backup system problems

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  • Template backup system problems

    When I installed the Template Backup System hack it was working great fo me. But then I moved my vb 2.6 to a different domain name. Now all I get when I go to backup templates are error messages that say:

    can't open stream,
    invalid stream
    failed to open stream
    permission denied in adminfunctions.php on line whatever (158, 160 , ect)

    All the errors for every template all have to do with adminfunctions.php and how it doesn't have permission. fclose, fopen, fwrite. But it does have permission.

    I'm sorry I posted this in that topic at as well several days ago but have not gotten any replies. I'm afraid has too many forums an d subforums few people see the new threads pop up. Espeically threads with 15 pages of replies and buried deep in the forum. And there is no general troubleshooting forum there.

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    IIRC vB 2.2.6 had a way to download your templates. The best we can tell you to do is restore the original files, but as your problem is specificly with a hack we cant do a whole lot. Sorry.


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      I certainly understand that.

      I'm considering upgrading to 3.0 anyway. Because I have about 12+ hacks installed and I've moved my files from one domain to another about 3 times now. I think my structure is being compromised.

      But I have noticed this error or something similar is happening when I backup my database from the AdminCp as well. I'm not even sure I'm getting the backup. I guess I'll have to find an alternative route. I just wish I could get these two template sets out though, since I worked on both for a couple days. And the way my forum looks now is a depending factor in it's success.

      But I do have another couple of questions I would like answered if you or anyone else could. Take a look at my forum titled "The Sanctuary" (link in my sig) do you think I can pull off that same stripped down look with VB3? I know VB3 adds a lot more features like the threading layout and I'm curious what I'd have to do to disable that and make it look and act exactly like my current setup. Also does vb3 have template backup/importing native?

      I would have to buy into an extended license for whatever it costs right now ($30?) so I'm wondering if it's worth it being as my members don't even use half the features of 2.x


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        Yes, you can easily disable the threaded and hybrid views i believe its possible with enough work, i do have a vB3 style that mimics, fairly well, the default vBulletin 2 style, its not 100% the same but it does a good job. You can view it here (its avaible in the vbulletin 3 downloads area )

        Yes, you can download entire style, templates and colors via the style manager, and restore it. I know that while vB3 had alot of new usefull user end features it had many many more adminstrative features.