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Bizar and unique poll-thread problem (2.3.5)

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  • Bizar and unique poll-thread problem (2.3.5)

    Hi, I got a very strange problem...

    Let me try to explain:
    In forumdisplay the thread starter is the one who started the poll and the thread, that's normally ofcourse... But the problem I have is that the first person that replies to that poll-thread, he will become the thread starter in the forumdisplay threads list. (and the first person that replied also remains the thread starter) And that shouldn't happen ofcourse. That is needless to say very confusing and irritating for the poll starter.

    Therefore i simply stoppped using the poll option on my site.

    I have triple checked the forumdisplay/showthread/poll php files (I use araxis merge to check for differences) with original unhacked 2.3.5 files. But really can't find any problems. Could it be a database glitch of some sort? Of maybe something else?

    If you recognize this problem or have an idea, please let me know...


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    You have changed the linear view options in the admincp, I do not have a working version of vBulletin 2 that i am able to login to at this moment in time but try looking at

    AdminCP > vBulletin Options > Thread View or Showthread options for a switch that will enable you to change it. I will see if i can figure out the exact option in a moment or two.


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      Hi Zachery,
      Unfortunatly that is not the problem. Old messages appear first. I haven't changed any settings there.

      Note: This problem concerns only poll-threads. Where the first replyer becomes the thread starter all of a sudden. I told you it was a bizar problem ;-)


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        What happens if another person replys? Are you sure that this is only happening for threads with polls?

        Are you 100% sure you have no hacks?


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          I am 100% sure it only happens when there is a poll attached to the thread. The php files I use are hacked. But to my knowledge it simply can't cause that problem. The problem i think it is, that the first person replying to a pollthread enters the database as thread starter somehow. Maybe the forumdisplay is pulling the wrong data out of the database, or newthread/quick reply enters it in the wrong place (so to speak). But strangely enough it only happens with poll-threads. Arghhh

          You wouldn't have an idea or suggestion where i should focus or lookout for?




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