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I've been hacked and disabled. Help.

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  • I've been hacked and disabled. Help.

    Oh my goodness. I think I'm toast. Please help!

    Here are the facts:
    - You can see the hack at
    - I am running an old version of vBulletin.
    - I don't share my password with anyone.
    - I am a complete novice at PHP, SQL, web management, vBulletin, etc.
    - My admin email has been changed so I can't admin my forum.
    - My hosting is with HostRocket.
    - I have changed the password for HostRocket so hopefully no further damage can be done.
    - I have no backups other than one I did after the hack.
    - I believe most of the files are still on my server, but I don't know enough to figure out the problem.
    - I can't figure out what version I had so I can't upgrade.

    Please help.... And tell me there is some way to restore the data...


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    You're my Prince of Peace
    And I will live my life for You


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      You are running 2.3.0. I think this might be what happened to you.


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        Thanks Jake


        Thanks. I'll upgrade to the latest if I can understand the directions. But is there anyone who can help to see if my data is safe?


        I don't understand your message. But a smile is helpful at this point.



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          I can check to see if your data is still there if I can access your Admin CP (probably not because your admin account was hacked) or phpmyadmin (if you have it installed on your server).

          I see your server has CPanel which should have phpmyadmin. If you send me a private message with a login for your CPanel then I can check your database as well as restore your admin access.

          Nuno was just pointing out your version number.


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            I've upgraded to 3.0.3 but I am locked out

            While running the upgrade scripts, at the very end I'm asked for my login at the Admin CP page. Alas, the hacker changed my name/password so I'm still locked out! Can anyone tell me how to find this information? I know Jake is willing to help, but he seems to be logged off for the night.



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              I just sent you a PM. I was able to reset your password.


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                Thanks...I'm half way back.


                Thanks for everything you have done. I've upgraded to 3.0.3 and gone in and fixed everything I could after you reset my admin password. I'm going to contact HostRocket and see if they have any backups available. And I'll comb my archives to see if I did a backup anytime recently. I really do appreciate everything you have done.

                Lessons learned:
                1. Backup daily
                2. Upgrade to recent version as recommended
                3. Appreciate the kindness of strangers



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