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    When I try to block or ban an IP or user or domain.....the same person who tried to hack us is still getting in and being able to register.....

    Any advice...

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    Please read this announcement: Important Security Reminder which we issued a while ago about a known security issue. Together with an eBulletin to all our customers.

    If you run an outdated version of vBulletin, I suggest you patch your software and/or upgrade to the latest version. (2.3.5 or 3.0.3)

    You could add an extra security layer to your board by adding .htaccess password directory protection to your admin and mod control panel that holds a different user/pass combination then the one you use on the board.
    This is a feature from the web server (unix/linux systems only), and works aside of vBulletin. Here is a indepth guide on how to use and setup .htaccess password protected directories on your server:
    You could setup one user/pass combination or give each administrator and/or moderator their own additional login.