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How do I get rid of annoying users?

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  • How do I get rid of annoying users?

    I've tried just about everything... Ban user, he reg another one (repeat process about 10 15 times); 'miserable user hack', he reg another one (repeat process another 10 15 times)... Next thing I'm gonna do is an IP ban, which I suspect the little prick (excuse my language) to come back using proxy or other alike. How can I stop users of that nature coming back?

    He's currently on yet another miserable user. I'm gonna place in the IP ban if he comes back again; and I think that will happen very soon...
    Best Regards,
    Andy Huang

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    Add him to tachy goes to .. so he thinks his registrations are ok - but nobody will see him.

    Yes, IP ban, and just keep banning those IP's until he runs out. Don't answer his threads or posts, just delete them or move them to a private archive.

    Inform your staff about his usernames, ips, emails, etc. You can moderate new registrations until this blows over.

    Unfortunatly it is a matter of just not giving in, not giving attention and just keep going on banning his emails, ips and usernames. Merge his accounts into 1 main account so it might be easier to keep track. Gather the info in a thread in the staff forums and once it has blown over, find the [email protected] emails from the emails, providers, etc that he used and report him en-masse to them, and end the email with 'ps. a copy of this email has been send to <abuse emails that you :cc come here>' so they feel it is more serious and more official, which sometimes helps them to suspend the account of this user, or give him a warning, or whatever.

    It is important to lower his motivation by doing nothing in the public towards him, less provoking is a bigger prevention. This way your regular members will only report his posts or registrations and not put more wood on the fire.

    Good luck!


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      Hm... Maybe I should've posted this in vB 2 how to's forum... I run vB 3 with my own site, but this is for a site I moderate and they're on 2.3.5, and I haven't been able to track down a tatchy hack for 2.3.5 yet... How'd I come about merging all his 'trashed' accounts? Is there a hack somewhere that'd do this?

      Thanks for your support!
      Best Regards,
      Andy Huang


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        I don't remember if version 2 had the feature to merge users, probably not.

        I have moved the thread to the version 2 forum :-)


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          There is no merge users function in vB2.
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