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I just bought vbulletin

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  • I just bought vbulletin

    And i am using beta 3 and i have a few questions. How do i input avatars? also, how can i customize the board like switch the logos and change the background and where everything is displayed in vbulletin. thanks

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    For you to put in avatars for your users to choose from go to Add Avatars in the CP. For you to upload a single avatar for you to use go to Profile, then Options.

    To change anything about the vB layout, styles etc you need to visit teh Styles, Replacement Variables and Templates sections of the CP.


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      yeh I have just bought it as well. It may be a good idea for you to have a play around in the demo on this site.


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        Play around. Click on everything(almost ) in your CP. Soon you will get used to the system.


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          Then What

          I don't know of any other way to say this, but, I need more documentation in
          order to customize my board. I don't know that anything I do out of ignorance
          will disable the board.

          At least provide step by step instructions on:
          How to change the board colors
          How to change the header and footer

          To just say "muck around the control panel" can be distructive to one's board
          if one does not know what one is doing. I don't know php or mysql. So my
          foundation for this is lacking.

          I heard there maybe a 35+ page instruction manual being readied.
          In all fairness, we need this manual now. I am quite frustrated by this lack
          of documentation. I have taught myself computing (1985 to present)
          Page Layout, and web page design. And well enough to be employed for
          each during the past 12 years. But I did it by reading the books. Forums/
          bulletin boards are the one area (specifically vbulletin) that I have not been
          able to teach myself because the basic frame of reference is not there.
          I love the program, but find that I need more documentation.

          Please don't reply in anger and I feel I am making a reasonable request.



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            View template. You can edit layout by editing template.

            The manual is not going to be released until final version, I think.

            If you are using beta version, use it on your own risk.
            The lastest stable verion is 1.16. Hmm, I thought there was a complete manual for version 1.1x, no?