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Upgrade to beta 3 with Hacks

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  • Upgrade to beta 3 with Hacks

    I have beta 2 with a couple of hacks installed, that I remember:

    vbcode buttons from Kier and Who Posted also from Kier!

    I wonder if the upgrade will mess it up?
    I'm gonna try to upgrade tonight, is there any special step I should take besides backing up the db?

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    No considerations are made for hacks when the upgrade scripts are made. Any code changes you made will be lost but template changes should not be touched.
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    Wayne Luke
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      Oh ok, that's fair enough, the changes on the code itself for thse two hacks were minimum, so I should be fine!

      Thanks for the fast reply!


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        You may have already upgraded, but what I did when upgrading from beta 2 to beta 3 was use the beyondcompare software. I compared the original beta 2 files to my edited beta 2 files, and from there I was able to make the same changes to the beta 3 scripts. Some of the scripts in the beta 3 release have very minor changes (at least the three or four I messed with), so depending which files you need to edit, it may not be very difficult.

        Hope this helps


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          That's a very good idea thanks, I haven't updated yet, but I intend to do it tonight


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