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  • Censored word in signature line

    A need a fast reply for this, so sorry if it's covered somewhere else, I don't have time to search....

    A member has added a signature line to their posts that contains a word on my censored word list. How is this possible? Does the censor list not apply to the signature line? The only difference between her word and how it appears on my list is she has used ALL CAPITALS and italics...would that make a difference?

    Obviously, I have to contact her about the issue (not looking forward to that) but I want to have my facts straight before I do so (in other words, if she complains that it was accepted when she entered it, why am I arbitrarily denying her to use it).

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    The censor option does work on sigs. However it's likely this person is merely using a trick to try and get around this. If this were on my forums, I would remove his sig and warn him that if he does this again he'll be banned.
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      I messaged the member and it's okay. She's happy to change the sig, and we joked about her getting around the censor. I really don't think she's computer savvy enough to use a trick, I just think somehow the system didn't pick up the word....she used a combination of vbcode tags and I'm wondering if the system had trouble identifying the word amongst the tags (just guessing here).

      Anyway, all is resolved for now.