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Will VB work with chilisoft ASp on cobalt Raq4?

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  • Will VB work with chilisoft ASp on cobalt Raq4?

    Having problems installing vblite, so thought i'd better start with the basics:-

    Will VB work on Cobalt Raq4 (Linux, 128MB) running chilisoft ASP?

    ty in adv
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    vB needs PHP and MySQL to run - ASP is a seperate language.
    You should be able to install those on your RaQ from:

    Or you could use the Cobalt PKG files which provide slightly older versions of the software.


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      Well I've got the VB install script to work, and it fails at stage 2 (Trying to create new db or connect to existing)

      So if i can get this far can i assume that VB will work (once i iron out basic install problems)?


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        Do you have MySQL installed? I believe the RaQ4 comes with PHP as standard but ont mysql.
        If you get mysql set up properly then yes vB should work without a problem


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          you can install mysql with the official pkg from cobalt, as easy as typing the url in the control panel. When you create a user make sure it has alter privileges, otherwise installation fails and you would need to restore your backup, install again reseting the database or manually delete new tables.


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            I do have mysql installed (MySQLRelease 3.22.32-1 ).

            But install script fails to connect. I shall do some more tests and post a new topic when i have more deatils.

            Thanks for help so far.


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              I can use some help here
              I have RAQ4 without Mysql and I don’t know how to install it.
              I searched copalt web site but I didn’t find anything useful.

              Any help?


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                You'll find it at:

                Look at the bottom right.

                You'll need to download it, and upload it to your /home/packages/ directory on your RaQ4.

                Then go to your control panel and click on 'maintenance', then 'install software' and select it from the drop down list, and click on 'install'

                It'll then do it all automatically.


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