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  • Search indexing question


    I have just noticed on my BB that several searches I've done returned no result, even though the posts are there - I can see the posts - and even though the number of letters per word are well within what I've allowed.

    My settings are minimum 4, maximum 15.

    You can try yourself - go to and do a search for Lauda in the keywords, Mosquito in the username and Atlas F1 in the forums.

    You will get no matches.

    And then, take a look at This Thread to see that this SHOULD have been returned.

    I tried doing other similar searches that turned up zero or too little results (i.e. the results did not include threads or posts I can see).

    So I was wondering what's the story with this? Am I supposed to run the search index every day or something?

    This is VERY resource intensive and I'd hate to thing I have to do this daily or even weekly! (when I upgraded I ran the index and it crashed my MySQL connection).

    Please let me know what I am doing wrong?


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    I just tried searching HERE for 'Lauda' and got no matches, although the above post should have been returned.

    Therefore, it is obvious that posts do not get added to the indexed at the time that they are posted. So what on earth is going on?!?


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      If you think its a bug why don't you post it in the bug forum ? The bug forum get prior attention for this kind of problems.


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        Shrag, I don't know if it's a bug or by design. I really have no idea - maybe I'm doing something wrong?

        Anyway, if it's a bug then one of the moderators may move it, I guess.


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          Let me try:


          I will run a search on it and see if it finds it.


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            It did find the unique post containing this word.

            I tried to search:

            Word + user name
            Word + user name + forum

            It did return the result.
            I searched here for Lauda and it DID returned your post.
            How strange ?? Why don't you get result when you search here for Lauda ??


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                I think I got the problem.
                When you put a word in bold [b ] [ / b]
                the forum don't find it !!

                In fact it seems the style tags make the word impossible to find, this is why your first search here didn't returned result. Now try to search, and you'll find your post where lauda is not bolded.


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                  Shrag, I did another search for Lauda and it returned your post and my PS post, not the first one


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                    Right, see my above post.


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                      you're right, Shrag. In that case, it's definitely a bug.


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                        If you put tags around it then it will throw off the search index. The only way around this is to store the post. Copy it to a temporary buffer, strip all vBCode and HTML tags. Then index the buffer. I doubt that is being done but I haven't looked at the specific indexing code yet.
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                          I wouldn't mind personally to have styled text not indexed...


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                            words with quotation marks around them don't get index either.


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                              It will also not find words if they have punctuation marks before or after them, like a period.

                              Do a search for gagamama.

                              You won't find it, because it has a period after it.

                              If you are telling me this is a good or a smart way to index posts, then you should learn a bit more about search indexing.


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