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    Thanks to Me2Be and freddie - i'll certainly look into this - thanks for the idea All I have to do is dig out that bug fix and get my test board up and running again and i'll look at it properly



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      I might be doing something wrong, but the image itself doesn't show up in the FIELD.

      I did all you said, and then I get in the profile page the picture at the top (although I put it at the bottom, under customfields), and at the field itself I just get a text of the URL.

      Like this:

      Any idea what I'm doing wrong?




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        wow James, I love what you did with the profile page! Would you mind posting the getinfo template for sharing?


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          OK, I finally get round to looking at this and i'm delighted to say it was a 30 minute job all in!

          I actually made use of the Avatar feature as it allows user uploads - thus allowing a much larger number of our users to participate should they wish. But I did base the user profile page largely on the one mentioned earlier, so many thanks to you too for the inspiration!


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            Sorry I didn't see this thread before.
            bira - have you put in the variable $getinfo[picture]? That contains the IMG tag etc to fetch the image.
            If not please let me know


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              Is there anyway someone could pass along the code to me... I tried the above... by adding the statement into the members.php file, and the getinfo in the memberlist template... but still no go..


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                Now that Version 2.0 is out... well and 2.0.1 .. is there a possibility of seeing this hack... if not I will see if I can conjure up something

                --update :

                I already created an upload script that works great.... nevermind..
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                  Ok, so i take the member.php file that is on my harddrive and i put that code above eval("dooutput(\"".gettemplate("getinfo")."\");");

                  but when i search for that string of code in member.php i find it a few times.
                  Also where in the template do I ad getinfo[picture] . Like which file do i modify?

                  Originally posted by JamesUS
                  It is in v2 as well

                  Here is how I did it:
                  Add a custom profile field for URL to picture.
                  Just above this line in member.php:
                  PHP Code:
                  Add this:
                  PHP Code:
                  if ($userinfo[field8] == "") {
                  $getinfo[picture] = "No Picture Available";
                  } else {
                  $getinfo[picture] = "<img src=\"$userinfo[field8]\" height=150>";

                  Replacing field8 with whatever ID your field is. Then put $getinfo[picture] in the template somewhere.

                  Hope that helps


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                    I don't think this will work on 2.2.1 - I will see about doing an updated version and releasing it. Unless there is one already on


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                      Originally posted by JamesUS
                      I don't think this will work on 2.2.1 - I will see about doing an updated version and releasing it. Unless there is one already on

                      Well i just want a way to have pictures in profiles... I dont care how i do it, i just want to do it!! Are there any ways to do it in the newest vesrion of VB? Thanks!!


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                        James, please release a hack like this.... pullleeeeaaaseee


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