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    Our server crashed. It was running phportal and photopost w/vb 2.3.x. In order to move to vb 3, I've completely removed any and all hacks from the actual x.php files to anything in templates etc. I left the database alone for time being.

    Now I think I'm having a problem. The software is on old server so dns is out I've changed all info to point to the static IP instead.

    I can log into admin easily etc, etc. But if I leave the system for a few minutes and come back I'm automatically logged out. Now sure if this is a seting or something i did I checked things over and used repair.php and found this. Also when logged in as Admin, if I go to check the forum I have to log in again in order to view and posts. Is this a cookie thing?

    Checking table session

    ERROR The handler for the table doesn't support repair

    This probably is not normal or?

    Any ideas

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    The session table cannot be repaired.

    If you are loggin directly into the AdminCP there is no cookie being created your browsing on a session alone which after abit would leave you logged out.


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      Thanks Zachery

      Does this have anything to do with the Sessions Table coming up in Red when using repair.php.

      I have to move the site back to the dns server before setting the cookie pref in vbadmin.

      tvwatcher aka rocket98



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        Yes, you can ignore it