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  • What is the Best way to do This ?

    I have vB3.01 running on my Test site which was an upgrade from my vB2 database.

    I want to set this test site up, get it working the way I want then switch it on as my live boards. Before it is switched on I want to close my live vB2 board and import the vB2 database into the vB3 site.

    so what is the best way to do this with the minimal of disruption?
    I'm assuming a vb2 to vB3 import script doesn't exist yet - or am I wrong?

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    There is no way to import vB2 to vB3 you will need to just upgrade your Current vB2 board, and reapply its settings, you can however download your style that you may have made.


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      No offence, but why is it that there are importers for different forums but not one for vBulletin's own forums.There are posts saying that a vb2 - vb3 script would be available very soon after vB3 final. Is this still being worked on? or have plans for this script been axed?


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        There is an importer for vB2 to get your self into vB3 its the upgrade script. the importer would only bring over posts threads and forums, not settings.

        It has been said that there may be a vB2 > vB3 importer in the future, however if you take a look at the big importers list poll, Youll see whats on the todo list.


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          Thanks zachery,

          I'm not quite sure what you meant by your last post.
          The way I see it at the moment, if it takes me two days to make all my changes then I would have to close my site for two days (this isn't really an option I can afford)
          Ideally I'd like to copy my vB2 and upgrade to vB3 whilst my vB2 live site is still active, then after a couple of days of setting up vB3 just import the new posts made to the old vB2 live site.

          I guess this isn't possible