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vBulletin 2.0 Mail or SMTP?

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  • vBulletin 2.0 Mail or SMTP?

    How do you setup vBulletin 2.0 to work with windows 2000 and mail on windows 2000. IS there any problems with this and should this work fine. If there is any hting i would need to do please let me know. As mailtest.php says this.

    Warning: Unknown error in C:\wwwroot\resadmin\myhostfinder\\www\forum\extras\mailtest.php on line 12

    Mail sent. Were any errors shown? If there were, mail is probably not set up correctly.


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    Have you specified your smtp server in your php.ini file? This is required for Win32 servers running PHP.


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      vBulletin 2.0 Mail or SMTP?

      Yea i did this set it to our mail server and set a froom address that is on our mail search as well and same thing.


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        vBulletin 2.0 Mail or SMTP?

        I have check PHP to make sure my mial server is set in it and it is. When a user signs up it give this error once they signup at the top of the page. I am taking it this where it is trying to send the email.

        Warning: Unknown error in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\vortechhosting_com\forum\upload\register.php on line 397

        Warning: Unknown error in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\vortechhosting_com\forum\upload\register.php on line 408

        Also when i go to members/username and then try to click {Click here to email USername} it says this {Sorry. The email function has been disabled by the administrator.} but the email is on in the admin section of VB any help would be great.



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          Still Not working

          Well i am still trying to get the mail to work in VB2.0 beta 2 before i do any hting else with it but this is nuts. Now it seems no PHP mail will work here is what my php files says where it has to do with the mail.

          define_syslog_variables = Off ; Whether or not to define the various syslog variables,
          ; e.g. $LOG_PID, $LOG_CRON, etc. Turning it off is a
          ; good idea performance-wise. In runtime, you can define
          ; these variables by calling define_syslog_variables()

          [mail function]
          SMTP = localhost ;for win32 only
          sendmail_from = [email protected] ;for win32 only
          ;sendmail_path = ;for unix only, may supply arguments as well (default is 'sendmail -t -i')

          Replaces mydomain with but i have the right one in there. This is on a Windows 2000 system i have been trying localhost my mail server address ip address nothing seems to work is there any thing else that may need to be done.

          Does it need sendmail_from and SMTP there it says for win 32 only but does not say if i need them both or just one so i have it as both for now.

          Any help would be great.


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            Not Working

            Well as this is stillnot working and no one can give me a hand with getting it work. I hate to say it but i am going to have to go with UBB . I really liked this board and every thing worked great but the mail so not doing me much good then.

            Thanks for the help Kier but a the post above show it was set and i still don't have a clue to as of way PHP mail is not working.