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[RELEASE vb2B2] NewsFader 2.0

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    Yep, sure.
    Use any color in hexa format to fit your needs. Ie #ffffff or #003366 etc.


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      wowsers...It looks incredible!


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        hmmmmmm....I use vB 2.0 beta 1 ...any reason why it doesn't work there ?? do I add news?, and also, when I check the option to view the fader in my prefs, it keeps unchecking, so there is just the vbtitle showing on the index ...


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          Read the first post where stands vBulletin Beta 2 as supported version.

          Why are you running Beta 1?


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            Hi Pef,

            Your hack is incredible. I really like it. It does however not allow the PM popup to work. Actually any other javascript will not run with the fader. Any suggestions, or are you going to wait until the final to see what this might be?

            Running RC2
            Thank You.


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              I'll wait till final version. I'll try to make News Fader in Flash as well (of course, a source code will be available to download).


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                Well that is nice Pef. Work well done already.
                Looking forward to your new work.

                Thank You.


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                  does it work on vb2 rc2 ?


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                    Originally posted by adrianmak
                    does it work on vb2 rc2 ?
                    It works but, as has been pointed out, it keeps some other javascripts from executing
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                      looks very well!

                      works perfectly in my board!


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                        I got a little problem with installing the newsfader...

                        I followed the entire readme, but something is wrong with the manual (which I doubt) or something is different in my template...

                        I'm on step 6:

                        6. Edit modifyoptions template

                        * Find:

                        <tr bgcolor="{secondaltcolor}">
                        <TD><normalfont><b>Pop up a box when you receive a Private Message?</b></normalfont><br>
                        <smallfont>This will pop up a small warning box when you receive a Private Message asking whether you want to view the message.</smallfont></TD>
                        <TD valign=top><normalfont><INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="pmpopup" $pmpopupchecked VALUE="yes">
                        yes <INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="pmpopup" $pmpopupnotchecked VALUE="no"> no</normalfont></TD>

                        * Under it place:

                        <tr bgcolor="{firstaltcolor}">
                        <TD valign=top><normalfont><B>Show News Fader?</b><br>
                        <smallfont>Clicking yes shows News Fader on the main page.</smallfont>
                        <TD valign=top><normalfont><INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="newsfader" VALUE="no" $newsfadernotchecked> yes <INPUT TYPE="RADIO" NAME="newsfader" VALUE="yes" $newsfaderchecked>

                        The only part I can find that looks like it is this part in the modifyoptions template:

                        <td bgcolor="{firstaltcolor}"><normalfont><b>Pop up a box when you receive a Private Message?</b></normalfont><br>
                        <smallfont>This will pop up a small warning box when you receive a Private Message asking whether you want to view the message.</smallfont></td>
                        <td bgcolor="{firstaltcolor}"><normalfont>
                        <input type="radio" name="pmpopup" $pmpopupchecked value="yes"> yes
                        <input type="radio" name="pmpopup" $pmpopupnotchecked value="no"> no
                        I found it under User Option Templates

                        Why can't I find it?!?
                        Or am I doning something wrong?!?


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                          News Fader hack has been written for Beta 2 as mentioned in the first post. And as already said, I'll make a rewrite as soon as the final version hits the shelves.


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                            Hey pef m8

                            any idea why it wont display on v2 final I've had it running great on all the other versions?


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                              might be an awfully stupid question, but I have to ask, I have now installed it on RC3...shows up and looks nice and all that, but heh...where can I add those nice news ??


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                                Pef said that he will be releasing a new version for the final. I'm quite sure that he is aware of the final being released. Patience is a virtue.

                                TwiZteR -

                                You add the news to the news template that you created.


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