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I screwed up big time! Purged my board

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  • I screwed up big time! Purged my board

    Ok I need help, Here's the deal, I was attempting to purge one of my fourms and I forgot to select that forum on the purge page ( Not a real good default - ALL ) but I relized what I had done after about 45 seconds.. and stopped the page, What I need to know now is in what order does the purge happen? Forum by forum or Thread by thread. Was there a log created anywhere that I can look at? Does it start at the oldest and work to the newest? Somehow I need to determine what I lost and go back to my backups and recover the data. Also does anyone have any hints on how to do that?

    This does highlight a useability issue with this function, first it should not default to --all-- it should be either the forum that it was called from or --none--. Also it would have been real nice if it had given me a warning that I was about to pemedently purge data from the following fourms, and then list the fourms with the parameters that were going to be used ( ie: all posts will be deleted ) ...

    Just a thought in reflection ...

    Any help anyone can provide , I will be greatful


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    Disregard My request for the order in which the posts are purged, as it turns out the purge never stopped even though I stopped the page that was running it ... I've lost all of the posts on my Site...

    I will need to restore from backups. Let's see if that default can be changed so others do not have this same issue going forward.. I know I'll never do this again ...

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