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  • Will this work?

    Let's say that I'm currently using version 1.1.5 (PHP3) in my /forum directory. Since the PHP3 version of VB 2 beta 2 has not been released, I'm thinking of downloading version 1.1.5(PHP) and uploading all files in my /forum2 directory.

    By right, everything (members and threads) should appear correctly in my /forum2 directory since I'm allowing /forum2 to use the same database file as /forum right?

    After which, I intend to download VB2 beta 2 (PHP) and uploading to my /forum2 directory and upgrading the 1.1.5 to VB2 beta 2.

    Do you think all this will work?

    Here's a graphical process:

    1.1.5 (PHP3, /forum) --> 1.1.5 (PHP, /forum2) --> 2 beta 2 (PHP, /forum2)

    What are your comments?

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    I wouldn't use same database for two forums.
    Here's my suggestion:
    Dump the current db, create a new one (forums2), restore the dump to the forums2 db, download vB 2.0 Beta 2 from the members area, upload the files, run upgrade1.php onto forums2. If upgrade finishes succesfully, do the same on your main forums, delete forums2 database, delete forums2 directory.


    Backup your current forums and dump the db. Run vB 2.0 Beta 2 upgrade1.php. If not succesful, restore everything from the backup.

    Note: If you wish to have .php3 extension, just rename all files to .php3 and replace .php with .php3 extension inside the files.


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      Hi PeF,

      Your suggestion sounds logical. However, I do not know how to dump/backup a database. Care to tell me?

      Also, I think I would prefer not to rename all file to .php3 and replace .php with .php3 extension inside the files as things can get messy and tedious.

      Please help!


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          Does anyone else have any better suggestion/idea? Please help!


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            Do you think my suggestion will work?


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