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Installation V2.3.4 - try #2

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  • Installation V2.3.4 - try #2

    My first install attempt crashed and burned, but much was learned.

    I'm resetting the database and will try again.

    A couple of questions.

    1) My hosting service initializes MySQL with a default database containing user accounts, etc. I don't want to use that db for vBulletin.

    Before I run the install.php script should a create an empty database (for example - vbulletin) or does the script do this. For example, if I specify $dbname="vbulletin" and I have not created it yet, will the script create the db or will it complain?

    2) I have to specify a user name and password in config.php. I'm not completely clear on the relationship between user names and databases.

    Do I create an empty database for vbulletin and then create a user in that database and specify that user in dbname?

    My hosting service allows me to create a user/password without creating any new databases - can I put that in dbname?

    Askold Wawryszyn

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    1. You should create a database to be on the safe side, call it what you want

    2. A user is generaly assigned to a database, if you cant asssign one, its your Hosts control panel username and password, most of the time.

    Altho, i shoudl tell you, with vB3 Final due out this week you may wish to wait, and just use that, or install RC4.


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      VB3 is an intersting possibility.

      I have a supported license - can I upgrade to VB3 at any time?

      How solid is VB3? I'm used to Microsoft software and never install a new release of anything until Service Pack 3 or 4 ....

      What are the PHP and MySQL version requirements for VB3?

      Askold Wawryszyn


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        If you can run vB2 you can most likly run vB3.

        In my personal opinion vB3 has been good since about beta 5.
        Id say release canidate is when a vast majority of other users started using it.
        Ive been using it live sicne beta 4 with no real problems
        As long as your license is active and you have access to the members area you can run vB3


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          So, is this VB3 I'm looking at? I notice some difference.

          Is the install about the same as V2.3.4?

          I could still go either way.

          But, I have another install question - I give install.php a user name for the forum database. What database priveleges should the user have - all or just some?

          Will this user account (and it's privileges) only be used for the install or also when the forum is running?


          ps: I've already dumped Yahoo Small Business and I'm starting over with F5hosting
          Askold Wawryszyn


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            glad you made a move to a better host.

            vBulletin 3's install process is simpliefied, and i think nicer in general. esp the upgrade process.

            Its probally good for the database user to have almost all privalges, the one i might not want to get it for some odd reason would be drop.


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              I've taken a look at both the VB3 system and the documentation - they both look better than 2.3.4.

              I guess I'll be installing VB3 - I can't think of a good reason for installing the old version. My guess is that your company is going to concnetrate its effors on the new stuff so I may as well go with the mainstream.

              Askold Wawryszyn


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