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  • Questions from a Current UBB user

    I can't even begin to tell you folks how impressed I am with this system. This is my first time here and I have a couple of questions that I would be grateful to have answered.
    • Is this board hacked or is it what I would expect "straight out of the box?"
    • I run my own servers even though I wouldn't consider myself an expert in such endeavors. I'm running NT4 with IIS4 and Windows2000 servers. How difficult in relation to perl is php to run? Am I looking at the same ease of installation and maintenance?
    • Would any of you be willing to share your experiences as an UBB customer that converted?

    Finally, for those of you who are former UBB administrators, how pleased are you with your switch?
    Best move I have ever made
    Big Improvement
    About the same
    Wish I stayed with UBB

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    This board is not hacked at all... this is the standard vB installation.

    Installing PHP and MySQL isn't too difficult... I would install them on your server and download the vB lite to test everything out and make sure it works.... if you have any installation questions, just ask here and we can help you out.

    Basically moving from UBB to vB was the best move I ever made. There are many more features, and the performance is great.


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      Standard out the box

      This is is as it ships..comparisons to ubb
      1. its a damn site easier to set up no file permissions to set.
      2. more secure.
      3.searches are like a zillion times quicker especially over multiple forums.
      4. most of the popular hacks are standard in this no trying to decipher the cryptic output of a cgi file gone bad over a telnet connect. make a mistake in any additional hacks mysql even tells ya the line number ya mucked up on and the file.

      after ubb this is a breath of fresh air