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    Here is my question: Is there an easy way to update BETA 1 to BETA 2?

    Here is the problem: When I updated to vBulletin v.2 i had problems with the styles and since i couldn't get them working, i directly edited the database through phpMyAdmin, and all my styles and templates all have templateids of -1 (i think its template ID). That basically is defgault. Except when i tried to update. It set everything back to default meaning i would have to do everything again, which i can't.

    Now, Is there a way to update?


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    -1 is the original. That was deprecated in the upgrade.


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      So, is there anyway for me to upgrade? I just tried and every setting is overwritten



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        -1 is the global template set that is not supposed to be edited. This is what allows you to "revert to original" if you totally screw up a custom template. This is where new custom templates are copied from and so forth.

        You are not supposed to edit these templates. They are simply supposed to sit in your database looking pretty until you need them.

        You need to make all your changes in the default template set which has an ID of 1.

        If you make your changes in the GLOBAL (-1) templateset then your templates will get overwritten every time you upgrade. There is no way to upgrade these templates through the vBulletin Control Panel and if you did through PHYMyAdmin, then you have to accept the consequences that your changes will be over written.
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          What you could do, before the upgrade, is download a mysql dump of the template db (template.sql), replace all "-1" with "1", and after the upgrade import this file back into the template table.

          Do this carefully and correctly, and you will have your edited templates back, reverting them from the -1 (which you shouldn't have edited to begin with) to 1 ("default"), which is alright to edit.


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            Is there a way in phpMyAdmin to change those values?

            I changed them becasue all this style stuf really confused me. I had set up a file...messed around trying to make sure that others could see it.

            Then it wouldn't work. I got really frustrated, saw that -1 indicated default. And change everyone of them



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              I will tell you how you can do this, BUT YOU DO IT AT YOUR OWN RISK, AND AT YOUR OWN RESPONSIBILITY.

              (moderators feel free to delete this post if you think it can do damage)

              1) Close your bulletin board.

              2) BEFORE upgrade, go to phpMyAdmin -> expand yourforum db -> click on "template" table in the left navigation tree.

              3) Under "View dump (schema) of table" select "structure and data" and "send". Click on GO, and you will be prompted to save a file template.sql - save it on your hard drive, and wait a bit until it finishes downloading (it's quite a big file). THIS IS YOUR BACKUP.

              4) Click on the left navigation tree on yourforum db's name.

              In the right-hand window, under the long list of tables, there is a text-area box "Run SQL query/queries on database".

              Type this in the window:

              DELETE FROM template WHERE templatesetid='1'

              And press GO.

              5) Once this done, you will be returned to the database main page. Go down again to the text area box, and type in it:

              UPDATE template SET templatesetid='1' WHERE templatesetid='-1'

              6) Upgrade your Bulletin Board.

              You should now be able to see your edited templates in the control panel (they will be marked in red).



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                You will need to do the exact same thing with the 'replacement' table, assuming you also edited the replacement variables (font, colours, body tag, etc) in the original and not normally via the control panel edit.

                If indeed you need to do that too, use the same above instructions, only replace 'template' with 'replacement' and 'templatesetid' with 'replacementsetid'.


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