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Serious...MySQL Support Question? I'd like as many replies as possible...

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  • Serious...MySQL Support Question? I'd like as many replies as possible...

    The hosting company i'm using doesn't allow the max connections of their server to be increased. So the errors persist on my board, which makes usage virtually impossible & i can have a maximum of 3simultaneous posters on my board.

    Most of the people that have come to my site have been impressed with the assortment of features i've displayed, since they're so used to InfoPop Boards. But with the errors i'm having, i'm almost forced to go get an InfoPop Board.

    I'm curious, what do most vBulletin customers use to support their boards?
    Do they have their own servers?
    Do certain companies specialize in just hosting MySQL?
    Or is there any other way i can keep my vBulletin board?

    And, if all else fails, is there like a 30day money back gaurantee with vBulletin?

    Responding ASAP would be helpful.


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    3 connections?

    Look for another host would be my suggestions. There are plenty of VB forums running on virtual servers out there that can handle moderate traffic, which means much more than 3 connections!
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      well finding the right host is a pain in the back side if you ask me..

      i moved from free hosts such as tripod, webjump to paid hosts like cihost (bad bad company) and settled on interland and simplenet for 2 virtual sites and a dedicated server at

      i always do keep an eye on other hosts and my friend uses [url][/url] for over 1 yr now and it's seems to be very fast and never down.

      there highest package has php4/mysql and subdomains for your virtual account...

      [quote]A+ Deluxe
      A+ Deluxe is for the even more demanding site. for 99 cents*
      450MB of RAID5 powered diskspace
      FTP access 24 hours a day/7 days a week
      Telnet access 24 hours a day/7 days a week
      SSH Secure Shell access 24/7
      (encrypted Telnet/email/FTP for maximum security)
      Anonymous FTP with a maximum of 30 simultaneous users
      Unlimited email accounts with auto-responders, forwarders, and more.
      Control panel where you can change email settings, set email accounts, change passwords, register domains at low prices, check statistics, and more!
      No limit set on bandwidth*
      /cgi-bin/, and CGI execution allowed on any directory
      Password protected directories
      Custom error pages
      Unique IP address
      Your domain can be accessed with or without the 'www'
      DNS can be configured to your specifications (for example, to support Everyone.Net)
      Real-time statistics (part of A+ Hosting's control panel)
      Perl, C/C++, Python
      FrontPage 98/2000 support
      RealAudio/Video (http streaming)
      Support for the ASP (Active Server Pages), PHP4, Miva and SSI server side languages.
      Note: we do not support ODBC, DSN, MS SQL or MS Access when using ASP. We only support connectivity to MySQL.
      MySQL support
      Secure server support using RSA 128-BIT encryption (secure certificate is required)
      Deluxe accounts with a domain can set up to 10 subdomains (, and have one FTP/Telnet login account for each subdomain, each with a unique IP address.

      A+ Deluxe is only $34.95 per month, and has no administration/setup fee. [/quote]
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        3 connections? Jeez! Get your money back on your hosting! :)

        [quote]And, if all else fails, is there like a 30day money back gaurantee with vBulletin?[/quote]Sorry, but it's not physically possible with a script and it's non-compiled, non-limited nature.


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          I use communitech for a medium0szed board, and CT has been known to be unkind to people who overburden their systems. However, I can have 6-7 people on the boards at once and no problems.

          What host are you using?


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            the first weeki had my boards open
            i had about 20simultaneous users trying to access my boards daily

            are there any medium to large board admins here?
            and what hosting companies do you use ?
            how much are you paying monthly ?
            how much revenue are you generating from your site?
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              oh, and i use digiweb servers
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                CT is an ok choice, if you don't go over 20 people at the same time, for a long duration of time. Still though, you can always expect getting shut down for resources [i]abuse[/i], so expect it, but I guess you get what you pay for at $30/month

                Anyway, I'm on a dedicated server myself, pay $300 , and you should be able to afford that, if you're pushing that kind of traffic. -> [url][/url] is my hosting company, but there are plenty of good hosts out there, you just need to do some research.



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                  The SitePoint Network is hosted on a dedicated server at Rackspace. I am unable to disclose the cost of hosting since I only help administrate the Forums and other Community Aspects of the site.

                  During peak periods we usually have between 35 and 50 concurrent users on our boards. We currently have 2500+ members of which approximately 500 are active. There are over 5300 threads and almost 35,000 posts. We have been using vBulletin to power our forums since 8/24/2000 and experienced an increase in performance of approximately 30-40% (most like attributed to Zend Optimizer and PHP4) over UBB.

                  Since the conversion more posts on average are being made. Currently approximately 100 new members are registering every week. There are currently no ads in the forums but the rest of the Network is advertising supported.
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                    The server i am currently using has its mySQL database set to a maximum of 2000 connections per database.

                    Seems ok to me, never had any probs with my vB board.

                    I am starting up my own hosting copmany:


                    plans will start from $12 a month, all include mySQL and PHP.

                    for more info please email me at:

                    [email protected]

                    sorry about the plug!


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                      Try changing the mysql_pconnect to mysql_connect in your db_mysql.php it [b]may[/b] help, specially if mysql is running on the same server as your webserver.


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