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  • Design Copyright Question

    I was browsing around and saw that this script [url][/url] (YABB) almost have the same design as Vbulletin. What gives?

    [Edited by Jonathan on 08-27-2000 at 10:17 AM]

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    simple, stick with what people know
    contrary to what infopop will want you to believe, layouts themselves cannot be copyrighted, if you blatantly copy their code exactly, thats a dif story
    vB looks similar to UBB, so does UltraBoard, and almost all flat view BB systems out there.
    Why change from what people know how to use

    I've never heard of that script before though, I'll look into it.
    If they are copying vB's code, which I doubt, then they are in trouble


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      Oh thanks for the insight. I too was writing my own script in a design similar to UBB, but with the all the hacks (Instant Messenging, Private Messenging, boolean query, thread rating, polls, etc) in place and a bit different from their design. They wouldn't allow me to go forth with such a layout even though I read some where on the scriptkeeper boards that they didn't mind one guy using UBB's layout for their ASP based forum.

      I fired an email to their piracy dept and "never" got an answer back even though the guy who posted the response was from Infopop and told me to contact him there. This resulted in me continuing on, but with a totally new look which I am pretty glad that I followed the guy's suggestion to change the layout. Looks much nicer than UBB. heh

      Hopefully in a few weeks, I can setup a beta board so everyone can toy with it. ;)


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        I love betas, I know someone thats writing there own board too, have been for awhile. I'd love to test your board out when you have it ready.
        And that URL was for some YapBB, YABB is something else I've seen


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          I've been writing my script since the middle of July. I was looking for something fast/dynamic and came upon Vbulletin, but at the time, they didn't have a beta to download and try. So I thought why not I write a UBB like board (it would be good to learn PHP/MySQL too) and then I told a friend about it. He wanted it for his site, so I pushed myself to finish it. Anyway, when it's done, I'm sure you'll hear about it. . . :)


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            how for along is it?
            if its a free/open source script you should open up a site at sourceforge


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              [QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Jonathan [/i]
              [B]I was browsing around and saw that this script [url][/url] (YABB) almost have the same design as Vbulletin. What gives?

              [Edited by Jonathan on 08-27-2000 at 10:17 AM] [/B][/QUOTE]

              yabb is located at [url][/url] and is written in perl :)


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                In response to thetakerfan (Sorry for the delay because Vbulletin Notification didn't notify me :( ) . . .

                It's pretty far along with a few nice features. Currently, I'm opening the code to one friend (he's handling hosting on two T-1s for free :) ) whom I'm trying to get it to integrate to his PHPNuke powered portal site at Anyway, my URL to the current in-dev version is at [url][/url] while the public version is at [url][/url]

                If you have questions, just contact me via email or ICQ since I'm being a bit brief so that Vbulletin won't be mad at me. :)


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                  I think this is far away from a Vbulletin question now, so I am closing it.
                  We're Here Forums!
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