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    I have a couple of questions, I hope I have not missed the answers in the archives. Has anyone integrated IRC and or Chat into a vb board? I figure now is as good a time to ask. I use Vservers and we have an IRC server along with a private chat program. I'd like to maximize the use of the server the fee is the same. It was just to much trouble using our UBB. VB is definitely more bang for the buck I just want to know how big a bang.

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    I have integrated phpMyChat into my forum. If you are interested you can see it in action at [url][/url]
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      Thank you for your post I appreciate your reply. I like your board good luck with it. I looked at the call and it appears any board can be used, am I correct?


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        Hey Jeremy

        Like your site, have u changed it again since we had a discussion on ur irc style chat software? I cant even find that feature any more.

        More than anything, I would love a copy of your slash script thing. I am an online editor for a technology mag, and I get something like 100 press releases a day.

        Ideally, I want to give them a password, and some form whereby they can post any information I want, by that medium and not via spam email. Also the password should have the ability to change every so often.

        Can I get a copy of your script and also that login bar on the left side, it's pretty cool.

        I might even write a piece on php scripting v cgi perl if I get time this year. MySQL seems to be another hot topic.

        I have to see if I can find the right top people to interview, perhaps John might want to comment on how good php is.

        To give you an idea, we are like the Economist of the IT sector, we target CEO and decision makers and our readers include the CEO of SUN and Oracle.


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          Does anyone know a way of integrating an IRC chat where the screen doesn't have to refesh everytime you say something in the chat? Can it be JAVA? Actually, it doesn't matter what language it is as long as the screen doesn't refresh.

          Does anyone know?
          I really need to know this ASAP.


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            Jimmy - No problem. I would say that almost any chat script could be hacked into working. Some would just be easier than others.

            ey143 - Thanks. The link for the chat is on the bottom of any forum page (below the contact us link). I'll email you re: slash.
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              Our site has to be upgraded because of the pending release of Becky 2. All the Help and FAQ pages will be obsolete. We are going to ( with luck ) migrate the UBB forums over to the new vb. We will then integrate the entire site into the vb board. I hope to keep the same look and feel of the site but the engine will be completely changed.

              Because of the changes to the software, all the testing involved and time issues, I removed the chat board due to the changing dynamics. I had to wait to see the direction the software was going to take before forumlating a web site profile. It is good to hear a chat and irc format is possible. It means we can offer our members more options when they visit the site.


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