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Error on step 3, i'm sorry :(

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  • Error on step 3, i'm sorry :(

    I know there are a lot of messages about this, but i haven't found the solution :(.
    The error is this:
    Attempting to connect...

    Warning: Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (111) in db_mysql.php3 on line 31

    Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_errno() in db_mysql.php3 on line 129

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    ho hum...

    please post your config.php 3 file here x'ing out the passwords.

    also, is this freeware or full version?


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      Config file:

      // only mysql is supported at the moment
      // hostname or ip of server
      // username and password to log onto db server
      // name of database

      //password for control panel

      The phorum is freeware version


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        okay, if you're not on a dedicated server, chances are your severname is not 'localhost'.

        check with your hosting company to find out the servername that you are assigned to and replace localhost with that servername.

        also, if you are hosted, make sure that you have permission to set up your own database or have them set it up for you.


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          Thx, the host was another, but I still have this error:

          Attempting to connect...

          Fatal error: Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_errno() in db_mysql.php3 on line 129

          And yes, I have permission to set up my database...


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            what version of php is your host running?

            also, what version of mysql?

            look around in here and there is info on how to do a phpinfo.php3 file. just copy and paste that text into a file, upload it as phpinfo.php3 and link here.

            if it's below version 3.0.7 (ancient) chances are you can't run the script.

            info on your php and mysql version will be very helpful in determining where you problem lies, though.


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              PHP Version 3.0.12

              MySQL Allow persistent links: Yes
              Persistent links: 0/Unlimited
              Total links: 0/Unlimited
              Client API version: 3.23.6-alpha
              Compilation definitions: MYSQL_INCLUDE=

              note: the host to mysql connection is not localhost...

              Any idea? :_(

              [Edited by tupla on 07-17-2000 at 07:01 PM]


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                [quote]3.23.6-alpha[/quote]Umm.. the fact that that version is alpha may be causing some problems. I have 3.23.10-alpha (Win 9x) and it dies when it comes upon "IF EXISTS" and some other things - really teste.

                I suggest you get the provider to upgrade to the newer beta, or use the 3.22.xx stable release. (I'm not a MySQL expert though - talk to some other people too)

                Hell, while you're at it get them to upgrade to PHP 4.0.1 :)


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                  I am hosted, so mySQL version can't be upgraded :(
                  Anyway my host have a lot of site that are using PHP+mySQL without problems...


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                    tupla, not sure if this helps, but check my "thank you" thread in the Questions section of this BB.

                    Did you by any chance change your control panel password at any time? If you did, try reconfiguring your config.php file by putting in your old password instead of your current control panel password. I know that I did the same, and it worked only after I put my old password in.


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                      I have not changed the password, in fact it is the password that went into config.ph3...


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