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How come I'd not heard of this before, you been hiding it?

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  • How come I'd not heard of this before, you been hiding it?


    forgive the newbie sounding question, but where did vBulletin spring from?

    Seriously, how long has this project been running?
    I keep my ear (or so I thought) to the ground pretty well and I only knew the site existed when I saw it as a referer in my log files.

    I was always a fan of UBB, but the Perl made it (for me) an arse to configure, seeing as I seem to code php in my sleep these days..this looks great

    and here was me thinking Phorum was all there was in php land

    WooHoo! ;)
    (no disrespect to Phorum BTW, it's a great app)


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    Its been running since around April.
    Jake Lawson
    Owner, Peterborough Web Design & Development: Total Internet Solutions


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      so how many guys/girls work on this?

      Because in my book that is PBRAD
      (Pretty Bloody Rapid Application Development)



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        I am going to give you the history that I am familiar with, John can correct me if I am wrong :)

        John (the developer) and his partner James have a large forum (strangly enough it is vb-world:)) and they ran the UBB which I believe was killing their server, so John wrote this script from the ground up (not simply ported over). He then was contacted by myself and a couple of other interested parties about acquiring it. His origional version then had a lot of features added on and debugged some things and it came to this software you now see.

        He really did get this to what you see now in a very short time period, and I am so glad he did. I have been running it happily now for around two months.

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          This is a top secret project, please don't rat us out. :)


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            Mum's the word!



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