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  • John
    Senior Member
    • Apr 2000
    • 4042

    1.1.2 Public Beta Released

    Phew...we made it, at last

    Version 1.1.2 is now available in the members area, so go get it!

    The change list, as the members area says:
    • Link to email user password in the control panel
    • You can now choose which fields are displayed with the users list in the control panel
    • Specify which users to email in the mass email function
    • Got rid of MySQL date time fields. It now uses native PHP time formats.
    • <normalfont> tag used for default font in templates
    • Signature shown in preview mode
    • Number of guests surfing the board now shown
    • Password visible in control panel - configurable through config.php
    • Optional new graphics: newhotlockfolder.gif and hotlockfolder.gif
    • More secure email verification of email address on signing up
    • Option to make private forums invisible/visible
    • Table for each post to speed rendering
    • More secure form for users to email other users if you do not want to display email addresses.
    • Invisible mode - users can hide themselves from the online users list
    • Forum rules now update html/vb/smilies on/off
    • Member list - allow your users to view a list of the other members
    • Improved censorship options
    • More comprehensive support for IP address searching
    • Admin must actively login to the control panel for every session
    • Corrected problems with permissions
    • Moving thread updates forum info
    • Word wrap option in control panel
    • You cannot remove completely admin abilities and thus lock yourself out
    • A setting to allow a time before the [edited by xxx] message appears
    • Moderators get [edited by xxx] and admins do optionally
    • Corrected problems with logging in the edit post - check out the new standarderror and error_nopermissions templates
    • New template - notifyemailsubject
    • Printer friendly view - printthread and printthreadbit templates new and showthread template changed
    • Page numbers grouping - showthread_numpages and forumdisplay templates changed
    • Checks for letters in ICQ number and cuts them out

    I have given this beta status for its first few days of public release just to make sure that there are no little buggies remaining. All going well, I'll give the full 'release quality' status on Friday evening, UK time.

    Thanks for all the suggestions for this and future versions. Keep 'em coming, in the correct forum, of course.

    John Percival

    Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)
  • bira
    Senior Member
    • May 2000
    • 1498

    Congratulations, John, and thanks for all your work!

    Just one question - I don't want to redo all the desiging I already did, so is the 1.1.1 upgradeable to the new version flawlessly, or is there anything we should know?




    • Freddie Bingham
      Former vBulletin Developer
      • May 2000
      • 14057
      • 1.1.x

      John where are you - look in the Installation forum.


      • John
        Senior Member
        • Apr 2000
        • 4042

        I think that we have resolved the issues with 1.1.2 that have been bought up in the forums. If anyone else has further problems, please go ahead and post in the relavent forum.

        If all goes well, I will announce version 1.1.2 as a proper stable release in the next few days.

        John Percival

        Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)


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