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  • vBulletin 3 RC1 Status Update

    Since vBulletin 3 Beta 7 was released on September 27th, a little over a month has passed. In that time we have spent our efforts preparing the first Release Candidate of vBulletin 3.

    Amongst the other things going on, these are the major activities in which the development team are currently engaged:
    1. Fixing the remaining reported bugs.
    2. Simplifying the variables being used in template conditionals
    3. Making the templates multi-lingual by moving text into the language/phrase system
    4. Completely rewriting all the templates to use the new vBulletin 3 style.
    Many of you are interested in learning about the final style that will be unveiled with the RC for the first time. The new style will be much more than a few color changes. The current style distributed with the vBulletin 3 beta releases is little more than a cleaned-up version of the vBulletin 2 style, with the extra vBulletin 3 functionality shoe-horned into it, resulting in a lot of screen clutter and a confusing interface. On the other hand, the new vBulletin 3 style has been designed from the ground up to be the best possible window into the rich functionality of the new system. Our goals for the style include the following:
    1. Reduce interface clutter in order to present a cleaner page to users, which is more friendly to novice users
    2. Prioritize controls so that most frequently used buttons/links etc. are instantly available, while less frequently used or more complex features are hidden or made less obvious in order to prevent novice users from becoming confused or overwhelmed
    3. Ensure XHTML 1.0 Transitional compliance for all templates
    4. Update graphics with something a bit more modern
    The new style will see a new way to present data to visitors, but will retain the essential vBulletin look-and-feel, so that the new interface will still be familiar to experienced users. The HTML of the new style is almost complete, and work will soon begin on the new graphical elements.

    And so for the question on everyone's lips: When?

    At the moment, we are looking at a date in late November for the release of vBulletin 3 RC1. Next week, we hope to be able to give you a more precise date for the RC1 release. At this time we don't have a solid estimate for the vBulletin 3 Final release date, but after RC1 goes out we will be able to evaluate how much work still needs to be done to complete the product, and then we will be able to offer you a potential date for the final release. I will say though, that right now I am thinking that the final release will not be too far behind RC1.
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