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vBulletin 3.0.0 Beta 7 Released

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  • Kier
    Note for people who have been running the Beta 7 Preview:

    To upgrade from Beta 7 Preview to Beta 7, download the complete package from the members' area, import all XML files again using the tools provided in the admin cp, then run this query (this was added to upgrade5.php after the preview went out)

    UPDATE phrase SET varname = REPLACE(varname, ',', '_');

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  • Kier
    Changed and New Files

    announcement.php, attachment.php, bugs.php, calendar.php, clear.gif, cron.php, editpost.php, external.php, faq.php, forumdisplay.php, global.php, image.php, index.php, login.php, member.php, misc.php, newattachment.php, newreply.php, newthread.php, online.php, postings.php, printthread.php, private.php, profile.php, register.php, reputation.php, search.php, showpost.php, showthread.php, subscription.php, threadrate.php, usercp.php, usernote.php

    admincalendar.php, adminlog.php, adminpermissions.php, attachment.php, cronadmin.php, cronlog.php, css.php, email.php, faq.php, forum.php, global.php, image.php, index.php, language.php, moderator.php, modlog.php, options.php, phrase.php, profilefield.php, reminder.php, replacement.php, template.php, textarea.php, user.php, usergroup.php

    global.php, index.php

    vbulletin_editor.js, vbulletin_global.js, vbulletin_quickreply.js, vbulletin_stdedit.js, vbulletin_thrdpostlist.js, vbulletin_wysiwyg.js

    vBulletin_2_Default/move_down.gif, vBulletin_2_Default/move_up.gif, vBulletin_3_Default/move_down.gif, vBulletin_3_Default/move_up.gif, vBulletin_3_Silver/move_down.gif, vBulletin_3_Silver/move_up.gif

    adminfunctions.php, adminfunctions_help.php, adminfunctions_language.php, adminfunctions_navpanel.php, adminfunctions_options.php, adminfunctions_reminder.php, adminfunctions_template.php, adminfunctions_user.php, db_mysql.php, functions.php, functions_bbcodeparse.php, functions_calendar.php, functions_cron.php, functions_faq.php, functions_forumslist.php, functions_login.php, functions_newpost.php, functions_postbit.php, functions_subscriptions.php, functions_threadedmode.php, functions_wysiwyg.php, init.php, sessions.php, cron/cleanup2.php, cron/promotion.php

    authenticate.php, install.php, installcore.php, mysql-schema.php, tableprefix.php, upgrade.php, upgrade1.php, upgrade3.php, upgrade4.php, upgrade5.php, upgradeX.php, upgradecore.php, vbulletin-adminhelp.xml, vbulletin-language.xml, vbulletin-settings.xml, vbulletin-style.xml

    forum.php, global.php, index.php, user.php

    authorize.php, clickbank.php, nochex.php

    For Complete Details of Images Directory Reorganization:

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  • Kier
    started a topic vBulletin 3.0.0 Beta 7 Released

    vBulletin 3.0.0 Beta 7 Released

    vBulletin 3.0.0 Beta 7

    In order to fix several bugs found in previous releases, and to prepare the ground for the first Release Candidate, we have decided to release a seventh beta version for vBulletin 3.

    Images Folder Reorganization

    One of the primary things new in Beta 7 is the reorganization of the images folder.

    In previous versions of vBulletin, a single variable controlled the location of the directory containing all images used in vBulletin templates. In vB2, this was {imagesfolder} and in vB3 Betas 1-6, this was $stylevar['imagesfolder'].

    This system, while functional, did not lend itself well to boards using multiple similar styles. For example, if the only difference between StyleOne and StyleTwo on BoardX is that they have different colored buttons, you would have to create a complete duplicate of the 'images' folder, one version containing the buttons for StyleOne and the other containing the buttons for StyleTwo. This would mean that you would also need to duplicate all the other images, such as the folder icons, the attachment type icons, the poll counter bars etc.

    In order to prevent this necessity, we have reorganized the images folder into logical directories and assigned each image type its own $stylevar. For example, all button images are now held in images/buttons and are referenced with $stylevar['imgdir_button'], while all attachment icons are stored in images/attach and are referenced with $stylevar['imgdir_attach'].

    This means that you can now share groups of images between styles, without having to make and duplication or symbolic links on your server.

    A complete description of the reorganization is available later in this thread.

    New CSS Class for WYSIWYG Text Area

    .wysiwyg (WYSIWYG Editor)
    This new class is used to control the WYSIWYG text area. As some board owners like to have the WYSIWYG area appear like any other textarea, and others like it to appear like the first alternating color, this class allows you to choose between them - or to define something totally new if you want to do so.
    [more details]

    PM Popup Changes

    Some changes in Beta 7 have necessitated a change in the way that we handle the New Private Message popup. To cut a long story short, pmpopup is now handled by the pm_popup_script template, which is appended to the footer when a PM popup is to be shown. Therefore, you can remove the confirm_newpm() function from your headinclude, although leaving it in place will not break anything.
    [more details]

    BBCode Changes

    With Beta 7, we have decided to hard-code the [quote] and [email] bbcode definitions (including the [quote=username] and [email=emailaddress] bbcodes). However, this does not mean that your customized [quote] bbcode will be lost. If you have customized your [quote] and [quote=username] bbcodes, you should go to the bbcode manager and copy the 'Replacement' HTML into a text file for safe keeping before you upload the new Beta 7 files to your server. After the upgrade is complete, you can edit the new bbcode_quote to appear in the same way as your old bbcode replacements did. Note that the bbcode_quote template uses a conditional to show either the [quote] or the [quote=username] HTML.
    [more details]

    Renamed Templates

    A few templates have been renamed for Beta 7 in order to make a more organized template manager. The following templates have been renamed:
    • postbit_bbcode_code => bbcode_code
    • postbit_bbcode_html => bbcode_html
    • postbit_bbcode_php => bbcode_php
    • bbcode => help_bbcodes
    • bbcodebit => help_bbcodes_bbcode
    • SMILIELIST => help_smilies
    • smilielistbit => help_smilies_smilie
    • smilielist_category => help_smilies_category
    • avatarlist => help_avatars
    • avatarlist_avatar => help_avatars_avatar
    • avatarlist_category => help_avatars_category
    • avatarlist_row => help_avatars_row
    Version-Based Template Comparison

    The "Find Updated Template" option in the admin control panel now does its comparison based on the version of the master template and your custom template. If your custom template was edited in an earlier version, it will appear on this list. This is similar to the existing function of this feature, but it should now work in all cases (there were several cases where the old implementation wouldn't show a template as needing to be updated).

    Note this will not show you what needs to be updated; only that the template has changed.

    Right-to-Left Language Support

    With Beta 7, we have finally implemented proper support for right-to-left languages. In order to maintain this support, you should bear the following in mind:

    In a right-to-left layout, all 'align="left"' attributes need to be reversed to say 'align="right"' and vice versa. This is achieved by not putting the words 'left' and 'right' into the templates, but rather you should use $stylevar['left'] and $stylevar['right']. These variables will automatically be replaced with 'left' or 'right' depending on the language direction.

    Therefore, the following template changes have taken place:
    • align="left" => align="$stylevar[left]"
    • text-align: left => text-align: $stylevar[left]
    • float: left => float: $stylevar[left]
    • border-left: 2px => border-$stylevar[left]: 2px
    • padding-left: 2px => padding-$stylevar[left]: 2px
    • margin-left: 2px => margin-$stylevar[left]: 2px
    (The following is also true for align="right" => align="$stylevar[right]" etc.)
    [more details]

    Content Type Stylevar Becomes Language Setting

    In previous versions of vBulletin, one of the stylevars contained the content type for a <meta> tag. This is no longer the case. The content type is now hard-coded as text/html and the character set (charset) is now defined as part of the language settings. The default charset is ISO-8859-1.

    To make this work on your forums, you should edit your headinclude template if you have customized it, find this text:
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="$stylevar[contenttype]" />
    and replace it with this:
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=$stylevar[charset]" />
    [more details]

    Popup Smilie Window in WYSIWYG Mode

    ... now works.
    [more details]

    Forum Manager under IE with Win95 / Win98 / WinME

    We have had reports of the forum manager eating system resources under Internet Explorer on Win9x, so a new admin setting allows you to change the behavior of the forum manager to use an expand/collapse system rather like the style manager, in order to prevent those operating systems from falling over. This setting is disabled by default, but can be enabled via the 'Admin Control Panel Options' section of the main vBulletin Options page.

    To discuss this release, please use this thread.
    Last edited by Kier; Sat 27 Sep '03, 3:13am.

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