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vBulletin 2.3.1 Released

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  • vBulletin 2.3.1 Released

    vBulletin 2.3.1

    vBulletin 2.3.1 is mainly a maintence release, although a minor XSS security issue was fixed. We recommend that all sites running vBulletin versions older than 2.3.1 upgrade as soon as possible. No versions of vBulletin 3 Beta are affected by this security problem.

    Files and Templates Changed

    For this release, almost every file and template has been changed, as we have altered all URL strings to use & instead of & for HTML standards compliance. These changes do not affect functionality, so you need not revert your templates except for those noted below in the 'Template Changes' section. These templates have had bugs fixed or new functionality added. The same is true for changed files. While almost all files have changed, only those listed below contain changes related to bugs or functionality. Other changed files relate only to the & to & changes.

    Backing up forums

    Please be sure to check your backups, that they are complete before continuing with an upgrade. We had reports that PHP was causing time out errors when creating the back up SQL, and this was causing for incomplete or corrupted backups. The safest way to do a backup is to use the mysqldump utility through telnet/SSH, as it will not suffer from any such problems.

    Installation / Upgrade Instructions

    These are available in the Members Area.

    Functionality Changes / New Features
    • A function was introduced to handle the perpage and pagenumber variables
    Template Changes (from 2.3.0)
    • modifyprofile_customtext - corrected spelling error
    • searchresultbit_threadonly - added highlight words to the go to last post link
    • coppaform - remove passwordhash from coppa form
    Bug Fixes (from 2.3.0)
    • Reduce query when showing bot image Full Details
    • Custom email message template caused subject to be blank rather than unedited. Full Details
    • SQL error occured if timestamp altered Full Details
    • URL parser problem when the string didn't begin with http Full Details
    • Guests visiting getnew could be given wrong threads Full Details
    • Double htmlspecialchar done on custom profile fields in admin panel Full Details
    • No highlight done when go to last post link was clicked on search result page Full Details
    • Setting show locked forum to no still resulted in locked forum being shown if no posting was enabled Full Details
    • Speed up of who voted in admin panel Full Details
    • AIM name encoded to correctly display when used in a link Full Details
    • Surround whitespace removed from passwords Full Details
    • PHP bbcode HTML changed to correctly show in Mozilla Full Details
    • Splitting a thread results in incorrect timestamp Full Details
    • Dynamic image detection improvement Full Details
    • Highlighting within threads Full Details
    • Perpage and pagenumber values checked more extensively to prevent errors Full Details
    • Last modified error updated to be RFC compliant Full Details
    • Poll Preview now remembers settings such as automatically parse URL's and multiple choice polls Full Details
    • Nested URL tags due to auto-generated URL tags resolved Full Details
    • & is now converted to & Full Details
    Files changed (from 2.3.0)
    • Main Directory: attachment.php, avatar.php, forumdisplay.php, global.php, index.php, member2.php, member.php, memberlist.php, online.php, poll.php, postings.php, printthread.php, regimage.php, register.php, search.php, showthread.php
    • Admin Directory: admin/email.php, admin/functions.php, admin/global.php, admin/install.php, admin/misc.php, admin/thread.php , admin/user.php, admin/
    • Mod Directory: global.php
    • And the usuals (all for just the version number): admin/upgrade1.php, admin/install.php
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    To discuss this release, please use this thread.


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      We've experienced a few problems with this release due to a CVS problem. We will be releasing an update to resolve these problems.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.
      Scott MacVicar

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