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    It has come to my attention through browsing the Infopop / UBB forums, that there is quite a lot of tension between the moderators and users wanting to discuss vBulletin. While it is good to spread the word around about our product, I do not think that the UBB forums are the correct place to hold these discussions.

    While I appreciate that many of you are not happy with the situation with Infopop for whatever reason, we must ask that you refrain from posting messages about vBulletin on the UBB forums. It is obvious now that these postings are only serving to aggrevate the moderators further, and they are certainly not having a positive effect on the reputation of vBulletin and its users.

    Thanks everyone for your on-going support!

    John Percival
    Developer, vBulletin
    John Percival

    Artificial intelligence usually beats real stupidity ;)

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    I took my part in the discussion... never flming, at least so i hope.

    But you are right... IS the wrong place for discussions... good luck for me, I only have to observe one board, not two


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      I've not been by that site for a couple of weeks now - no need - when we now have vBulletin, who needs 'that other forum software' ?

      I just popped over to see what all the fuss was about and I have to say that i'm amazed at the goings on from the Infopoop staff! However, I can see their point to a degree (even if it doesn't make commercial sense to actually broadcast their views to their customers) - keep the plugs off their forums folks... you wouldn't like it if visitors to your competitors forums came and spammed your site. At the end of the day though, if your competitor is offering a better product, then you'll lose your customers...

      I do have one request though John, can we have some photos of your office, sunny Ascot, and your dog, please ? Thanks


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        You got it, JP.

        Takin' the high road; it's good to see that there is still some class left in this industry!


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          Well since I still have a UBB license I'll be keeping an eye on things over there, especially what they are doing for version 6, and I'll even post a comment or two.

          But there is no point in going there in saying vB is better, because they already know it is.

          It's no good whinging about it, if you think vB is better then buy a copy and shut up - which is exactly what I have done
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            John, these people who are your users are not doing your company any favors with their actions at the UBB forums. This small core of fanatic and frankly scary vB users cannot be a positive in the long run IMHO.


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              Originally posted by OnFire
              John, these people who are your users are not doing your company any favors with their actions at the UBB forums. This small core of fanatic and frankly scary vB users cannot be a positive in the long run IMHO.
              And where exactly does it say that these peoplea are users of vB? The ones you speak of are the ones who are NOT vB users. The vB users for the mostpart are extremely rational and civil.

              John, please lock this thread before it turns into

              You knew this was going to happen, didn't you?


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                John, these people who are your users are not doing your company any favors with their actions at the UBB forums.
                While I agree that advertising this software over at their support forums is not a good thing, you also have to understand that many here including myself are current license holders of the UBB and have a right to be upset with their current actions. I will say again that I do not agree that advertising at the support forums is the way to go about anything.

                This is also not Johns fault, or even anything that John can avoid. If license holders of his software voice their opinions about other software that they also hold licenses for, do you understand?

                I personaly am offended by the way in which they have treated myself and others (not even speaking of people here), and think that people are just speaking their mind and voicing their concerns (some more positive than others), which they have a right to do. It is after all their money.

                Also, there have been many, many, many instances of other products being heavily advertised on the scriptkeeper forums over the past years, Ezboard is obviously the first to come to mind, but also Ultraboard, and wwwthreads, Sporum, and plenty more. Some of the software developers of some of those products including many users have came and disrupted their support forums. Many threads have been deleted over that, but only because they erupted into big flame wars, not like these little ones over thier now, but 100's of posts long of complete flaming, and that is what it took to close, or delete them. Never once have I ever seen this type of action taken against any license holders of the UBB, where there usernames are deleted, and the vBulletin name is stuffed into a ban list. I personaly do not care that much because I do not intend to be flaming anyone either way on their forums, but I have seen quite a lot of the scriptkeeper forums in the past and I have never seen them act like this before, over anything.
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                  With a very few exceptions, I have been very let down by the actions of the InfoPop people recently. I think that we, as their customers, have a right, if not a responsibility to let them know what we think of their actions. This right certainly does not extend to posting ads for other products in their forums. If, however, On Fire was referring to those of us who have come down hard on InfoPop for their new pricing and censoring, then I think On Fire is wrong. If you don't let your customers speak, and then listen to what they say, and assuming that you are in a competitive market, you will fall. We are helping, not hurting, InfoPop by being so vocal.


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                    Just came from UBB

                    I'm interested in when the downloadable Demo is going to be ready?
                    I think this board has more to offer me and want to try it to see how it works.


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                      SalaTar - From Mrcs?

                      Wow! World is small indeed.

                      We just installed vB


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