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vBulletin 2.3.0 RC3 Released

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  • vBulletin 2.3.0 RC3 Released

    vBulletin 2.3.0 Release Candidate

    vBulletin 2.3.0 includes several bug-fixes although none of these are security related.

    Backing up forums

    Please be sure to check your backups, that they are complete before continuing with an upgrade. We had reports that PHP was causing time out errors when creating the back up SQL, and this was causing for incomplete or corrupted backups. The safest way to do a backup is to use the mysqldump utility through telnet, as it will not suffer from any such problems.

    Installation / Upgrade Instructions

    These are available in the Members Area.

    Functionality Changes / New Features
    • One of the biggest changes for vBulletin 2.3.0 is that all calls to PHP's mail() function are now routed via a central vbmail() function in functions.php. This was done so that people with non-standard server setups can easily modify the way email is sent from their vBulletin installation.
    • We have also corrected a small bug that would assign all users to usergroupid=2 (registered users) after they changed their email address regardless of their original usergroup.

    Template Changes (from 2.2.9)
    • forumdisplaybit - added s=$session[sessionhash] to member.php links
    • searchresultbit_threadonly - added s=$session[sessionhash] to member.php links
    • subscribe_threadbit - added s=$session[sessionhash] to member.php links
    • username_loggedout - added s=$session[sessionhash] to member.php links
    • faq3 - removed width/height from edit.gif <img> tag
    • standarderror - removed $bburl from vb_bullet.gif image path
    • showgroups - removed moderators table (now uses showgroups_group template instead)
    • showgroups_bit - extended so it can be used for standard usergroups AND moderators
    • showgroups_group - extended so it can be used for standard usergroups AND moderators
    • editpost_attachment - replaced attachmentid with postid
    • mailform - added <input type="hidden" name="url" value="$url">

    New Templates (from 2.2.9)
    • showgroups_moderatedforums - used to allow showgroups_bit to be used for ALL groups
    • showgroups_forumheader - used to allow showgroups_group to be used for ALL groups
    • showthread_pollresults_cantvote - used to notify member that they can not vote on a poll

    Removed Templates (from 2.2.9)
    • showgroups_adminbit - no longer required (functionality provided by showgroups_bit)

    Bug Fixes (from 2.2.9)
    • Splitting threads can create empty thread Full Details
    • Empty passwords possible via UserCP Full Details
    • Subscribed threads sometimes invisible in UserCP Full Details
    • Splitting and moving new thread does not update lastpost on forumhome Full Details
    • Edit post dies not check for all caps Full Details
    • Search index not properly updated on edit post Full Details
    • Update thread info does not reflect changed usernames Full Details
    • Email validation not sent to certain users Full Details
    • Buddy/Ignore list editing broken with names containing apostrophes Full Details
    • Banned users can bypass the ban Full Details
    • Slow attachment queries optimized Full Details
    • Bypassing Registration Adult/Coppa Full Details
    • Redirect is wrong after emailing user Full Details
    • Members getting email notification after thread moved to private forum Full Details
    • Unexpected behaviour after editing template and changing templateset Full Details
    • Replacement variables are parsed twice (default + custom) Full Details
    • Numerous template issues Full Details

    Files changed (from 2.2.9)
    • Main Directory: calendar.php, editpost.php, member.php, member2.php, memberlist.php, misc.php, newreply.php, newthread.php, online.php, postings.php, private.php, private2.php, register.php, report.php, search.php, sendtofriend.php, showgroups.php, showthread.php
    • Admin Directory: admin/email.php, admin/functions.php, admin/global.php, admin/misc.php, admin/template.php, admin/user.php, admin/
    • Mod Directory: mod/moderate.php
    • And the usuals (all for just the version number): admin/upgrade1.php, admin/install.php


    Those members of the vBulletin team who are still running vB2 on their boards have been running this version for the last few days and I am confident that no further bugs will arise, but in keeping with recent releases I am declaring this version a Release Candidate. If no bugs are found in the next few days I will upgrade the status of vB 2.3.0 to 'Stable'.

    In conclusion...

    The private beta for vBulletin 3 will be starting very soon now, and if no major bugs are found during the private beta we hope to release a public beta to all licenced customers who want it within a matter of weeks rather than months. For the time being we recommend that you upgrade to vBulletin 2.3.0, which we hope will be the final release for the vBulletin 2 range.
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    To discuss this latest release, please use This Thread.


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      I have added 3 missed templates to the above announcement. They have been marked with italics so please take note.


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        vBulletin 2.3.0 Release Candidate 2

        vBulletin 2.3.0 Release Candidate 2

        Due to the recent emergence of a spam bot that is able to mimic a real user, we have decided to include a new image-based verification system into the vBulletin registration process. When users register they will now see an image containing 6 characters, which they must then type into a field provided for them. This feature relies upon your server having GD image support built into PHP, and if your server does not have GD support, vB will recognise this and not require users to enter a code when they register.

        Due to the new code in place, we are making this a second release candidate, rather than stating straight away that this is stable code. We had to put the new image verification in place as soon as possible to deal with the current issue, so there has not been a lot of time for testing, although we believe that it works fine.

        A few little bugs have been fixed, most of which are noted below.

        As a result of the new image verification system a few templates have been changed. Other templates have changed in order to fix small issues, a quick look at the originals will show you what has changed, in case you don't want to revert those templates.

        If you have already upgraded to vBulletin 2.3.0 Release Candidate 1 (detailed in the first post of this thread), you must run upgrade23.php again. When the warning is displayed telling you that you have already run this script, click the link that allows you to continue.

        Template Changes since Release Candidate 1
        • editpost_attachment - replaced attachmentid with postid
        • mailform - <input type="hidden" name="url" value="$url">
        • vbcode_smiliebit - Prevent smilie animation stopping on click
        • vbcode_popup_smiliesbits - Prevent smilie animation stopping on click
        • registeradult - Added field for image verification ($imageregbit)
        • registercoppa - Added field for image verification ($imageregbit)

        New Templates since Release Candidate 1
        • showthread_pollresults_cantvote - Alert about no permission to vote on poll
        • register_imagebit - Image verification system

        Bug Fixes since Release Candidate 1
        • Invisible users often not shown online to administrators in private messaging system Full Details
        • Missing </a> tag in admin/index.php (Go to your Forums Home Page)
        • Asterisks in words are no longer counted towards word length in searches

        New Features Since Release Candidate 1
        • New image-based verification system to deal with the spam bot registration issue
        • Clicking on clickable smilies no longer stops animated GIF files animating
        • New version checking system in Admin CP to detect when vBulletin 3 is available

        New Files Since Release Candidate 1
        • Main Directory: regimage.php

        Files Changed Since Release Candidate 1
        • Main Directory: attachment.php, avatar.php, calendar.php, member.php, private.php, private2.php, register.php, search.php, showthread.php
        • Admin Directory: admin/email.php, admin/functions.php, admin/index.php, admin/upgrade23.php, admin/user.php, admin/


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          vBulletin 2.3.0 Release Candidate 3

          vBulletin 2.3.0 Release Candidate 3

          It would appear that the image verification system introduced in vBulletin 2.3.0 Release Candidate 2 did not function with versions of the GD library older than version 2. Therefore we have made some changes to the system to allow it to work with these versions.

          After upgrading to vB 2.3.0 RC3 You will find a new setting under the 'General Settings' section of the main vBulletin Options page where you can specify the version of GD installed on your server.

          Set this to the version appropriate to your own server (you can find your GD version by looking at your phpinfo() page - visit

          We have also changed the list of characters that appear in the verification image so that there should be no confusion between 0, O and Q, and other similarly confusing characters.

          If you have already upgraded to vB 2.3.0 RC1 or RC2 you will need to run upgrade23.php again, clicking the link that allows you to continue past the message telling you that you are already running vB 2.3.0.

          Template Changes since Release Candidate 2
          • register_imagebit - Cosmetic improvements

          Bug Fixes since Release Candidate 2
          • Image verification works in versions of GD other than 2.x

          Files Changed Since Release Candidate 2
          • Main Directory: regimage.php, register.php
          • Admin Directory: admin/functions.php, admin/install.php, admin/upgrade23.php, admin/


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            There appears to have been a minor problem with the upgrade script, which we have now fixed.

            If you downloaded vBulletin 2.3.0 RC3 before I posted this message, you should download the file attached to this message, upload it to your forums' admin folder and run it there, then delete it.

            Sorry for any inconvenience.
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