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vBulletin 5.6.5 Release Candidate is available for download.

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  • vBulletin 5.6.5 Release Candidate is available for download.

    vBulletin 5.6.5 Changes and Updates

    The preview version of vBulletin 5.6.5 Release Candidate is now available for download. Preview versions should not be used on production servers and are released for testing purposes only.

    Front End Changes

    Answered Topics

    Topics can now be marked as "Answered." This is a special status applied to a specific post within the topic. The post that is marked as the Answer will be highlighted and show directly under the starting post in the topic. The ability to mark posts as the Answer in a topic is controlled by permissions. There are three different permissions to control this. Usergroup and Channel Permissions both support the "Can Set Answer" permission. Within Channel Permissions, there is also a "Can Set Answer on Own Topics" permission. The last permission is under Moderator Permissions to control which moderators can set answers. After upgrading, all of these permissions will be set to No. If you leave the permissions in this state, the feature will be disabled.

    The Channel Display module has been updated to allow users to filter by answered status.

    Photo Gallery

    The ability to manually re-order images uploaded in a photo gallery topic has been added to the system. This can be accomplished by drag and drop when editing the images during upload.

    Additional Issues

    • Resolved several filter issues with Blogs.
    • Users with custom HTML titles can update their settings without breaking their titles.
    • vB Messenger should load new messages quicker. However, the update rate will slow down with inactivity.
    • Tag searches are no longer case sensitive.
    • Users no longer need permission to post to create flag reports.
    • When uploading a new site logo in Site Builder, it can now be properly applied to all styles.
    • If the site is configured so that the user's birthday is optional, it is no longer required when updating the user settings.
    • Information from inline images should no longer appear in the meta description of a page.

    Back End / AdminCP Changes

    PHP 8

    vBulletin has been updated to support PHP 8.0. Extensive work has been undertaken to update legacy code in the system to support PHP 8.0. This covers all areas of the product. If you encounter issues when using PHP 8.0, please report them in the forums.

    Error Reporting

    In previous versions of vBulletin, the system would override PHP's system error reporting settings. This behavior is increasingly problematic with newer versions of PHP. It is being removed to improve development, testing, and providing support. In rare cases, this could allow production servers to display warnings and notices at the top of the rendered page. To disable these edit your php.ini and set these variables:

    display_errors = Off
    log_errors = On
    error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_WARNING

    For testing servers, you can turn display_errors to On and error_reporting to E_ALL.

    If you do not know how to edit your php.ini file, please contact your hosting provider for support.

    Infraction Groups

    Infraction Group permissions should take additional priority over other permissions now. All Infraction Groups work similarly to banned usergroups now. This change will allow Infraction
    Group bans to work properly on individual channels on your forums.

    Additional Issues

    • The Quick Channel Permissions tool (Usergroups → Channel Permissions) will only permissions that are changed will be updated in the database.
    • The User Moderation page now includes pagination.
    • Ignored Users - Cache changes have been implemented to show content from ignored users less.
    • Can Upload Attachments permission - This duplicate permission has been removed.
    • Resolved an issue with Memcached and improper key deletion. If you use Memcached, please make sure that you have a proper Memcached key prefix set in your /core/includes/config.php file.


    PHP 7.2

    PHP 7.2.X has reached end of life. Due to this, bugs specific to this version will not be fixed in the future. The solution is to upgrade your server to PHP 7.3 or higher. PHP 7.2.X will not be supported in the next version of vBulletin.

    MySQL 5.6.X

    MySQL 5.6 has reached End of Life. The MariaDB equivalent is 10.0. It is recommended that you have your server upgraded to 5.7 or higher (MariaDB 10.2 or higher) as soon as possible. Future versions of vBulletin can use features made available in newer versions of MySQL.

    Additional Information

    "Long Step" Warning

    This upgrade adds fields to the node table in your database. On large sites, this process can take a while to process. Please be patient.

    Install / Upgrade

    Along with the PHP 8 changes, several upgrade steps have been updated to be more efficient.

    File Cleanup

    After upgrading your vBulletin system, you should delete any possible obsolete files. You can obtain more information on why this is needed and instructions on how to do this in this topic in the vBulletin 5 Installs & Upgrades forum.

    Rebuild Search

    To enable new search filters for Answered topics, you will need to rebuild your search index.

    Database Search

    You can rebuild your search index while the site is live using the tool available in the AdminCP under Maintenance → General Update Tools. Large sites can use do_not_upload/searchindex.php from the command line.

    Sphinx Search

    If you use Sphinx Search on your site, you will need up update your vbulletin-sphinx.php file with the new version in the download package and rebuild your search index.

    System Requirements

    Minimum System Requirements

    • PHP Version: 7.2.0
    • MySQL Version: 5.6.10
    • MariaDB Version: 10.1.0

    Recommended System Requirements

    • PHP Version: 7.3 or higher
    • MySQL Version: 8.0 or higher
    • MariaDB Version: 10.3+

    For more information see: vBulletin Connect System Requirements.

    Current Version Support Schedule

    • Active Version - 5.6.4
    • Security Patch - 5.6.3
    • Security Patch - 5.6.2
    • No Patch Release - 5.6.1 and earlier


    If you have any questions about these changes you may discuss them here:

    If you find an issue with the software or wish to place a feature request please visit our tracker.

    To receive support for your vBulletin Product please visit our community forums.

    Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Technical Support Lead
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    Wayne Luke
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    The Beta Build of 5.6.5 is available for download. Here is a complete list of issues resolved:

    Please note: Any issue listed as "Unit Test" is a developer issue. Unit Tests are automated tests that the developers run on several staging servers to make sure the software works as design and to try and eliminate bugs. It is important to resolve these and make sure Unit Tests work but they aren't actually something that is available in the software that ships.

    It is recommended to run vBulletin 5.6.5 with Warning messages set to Off in your php.ini. Both display and logged warnings should be turned off at this time.

    Issues updated in the Beta:
    1. VBV-20858 Honor PHP ini warnings setting
    2. VBV-20864 Fix Upgrade Unit Test issues for PHP8
    3. VBV-20860 Can't save new subscription in AdminCP
    4. VBV-20616 Disabling BBCode in new article creates an error (Regression)
    5. VBV-20659 Clean up XML list utility
    6. VBV-20866 Forum Home - Answered Topic Filters do not work.
    7. VBV-20665 Fix PHP8 warnings in admicp add user
    8. VBV-20854 Creating Custom Usergroup named "Registered Users" creates Shadow Group.
    9. VBV-20870 Date of birth not saved
    10. VBV-20805 Frontend UI on topic display for setanswers API
    11. VBV-20851 Misc PHP8 Site issues
    12. VBV-20875 Help Manager returns database error.
    13. VBV-20876 Fix warnings in the channel permission admincp
    14. VBV-20856 Fix Unit Tests for PHP8 (part5)
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    Wayne Luke
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      The following issues were updated in the Release Candidate.
      1. VBV-20885 Issue on video posting
      2. VBV-20890 Articles with pagebreaks do not work in PHP8
      3. VBV-20897 Sweep for results mismatches
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      Wayne Luke
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