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  • Wayne Luke
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    vBulletin 5.3.3 Connect is now available!

    vBulletin 5.3.3 Connect is now available to all licensed customers. It is encouraged that all customers upgrade as soon as possible.

    New Search Modules
    We've added two new search modules to help provide you with the ways to make content easier to find. Additionally, all search modules can be found in the new Content category while editing pages within Site Builder.

    Trending Topics Module
    The first module will show Trending Topics. Trending topics are the topics receiving activity on your site. These topics have replies created over the last 96 hours (configurable) and are at least 4 hours old (configurable). Based on vBulletin 5's standard search module, this module can provide an easy way to provide your users with a look at your active content and encourage participation.

    Visit your AdminCP to change the lookback and time delay settings for Trending Topics. Go to Settings -> Options -> Message Searching Options. The new options will be at the bottom of the page. For other settings, edit the module where it is located on the page. Once you have changed this, you will need to until the Scheduled Tasks system rebuilds the Trending Topics index. This will happen once per hour on active sites. If you want to update them immediately, you can manually run the Scheduled Task in the Task Manager.

    You can view the output of this module here: https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/trending

    Friends' Activity Module
    The second search module is the Friend's Activity module. Showing users what their friends are up to will encourage participation on the site. This is a great module to add to a custom page or to replace the Latest Topics module. Users can increase their friend's list by visiting the profiles of their favorite people and subscribing to them.

    Share to Social Networks
    In vBulletin 5.3.3, users can easily share content to Facebook and Twitter. Each Article, Topic, Blog Entry and Group Discussion can be shared to Facebook and Twitter through a simple click or tap while being viewed. This will allow your end users to share your content and encourage others to visit. Want to share to other social networks? The system is easily expandable to include more options using the vBulletin 5 Template Hook system.

    Push Notification Enhancements
    We have enhanced the Push Notification API to handle subscriptions, topic replies and reported posts. These will be added to an upcoming version of the Mobile Suite.

    Sphinx Search
    Due to new search fields, you must rebuild your Sphinx Search index. To do this:
    1. Delete your current index
    2. Replace the sphinx files with those in the vBulletin 5.3.3 package
    3. Rebuild your index following the instructions for your OS in the do_not_upload folder of your vBulletin package.

    Other Issues
    • Member's List has been updated to work better with Responsive.
    • The default filter of a module can be set to events.
    • Menus now behave properly on iOS.
    • Edited posts are now properly checked against anti-spam tools.
    • Site Builder should work on Touch-Enabled Devices such as Tablets.
    • Error Handling has been improved in several areas of the application.
    • To see a complete list of resolved issues view the Issue Tracker.

    System Requirements
    Minimum PHP Version: 5.6.0
    Minimum MySQL Version: 5.5.0

    Recommended PHP Version: 7.1 or higher
    Recommended MySQL Version: 5.7.0 or higher
    Recommended MariaDB Version: 10+

    Current Version Support Schedule
    • Active Version - 5.3.3
    • Security Patch - 5.3.2
    • Security Patch - 5.3.1
    • No Patch Release - 5.3.0 or earlier.

    If you have any questions about these changes you may discuss them here: https://www.vbulletin.com/forum/node/4375980
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    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API
  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Technical Support Lead
    • Aug 2000
    • 73464
    • 6.0.X


    • [VBV-1859] - Percentage of votes in multichoice polls is calculated wrong
    • [VBV-8756] - You can't give an infraction if you have a specific setting enabled
    • [VBV-9217] - Paid Subscription > Add New Subscription: unable to add multiple prices when having multiple Pricing
    • [VBV-9646] - User infractions listing is not working [ACP]
    • [VBV-10688] - Cannot give custom infractions as warnings
    • [VBV-10731] - Edit Post Signature shadowbox not formatted correctly in Responsive display
    • [VBV-10733] - Unnecessary arrow icon in responsive view for user profiles
    • [VBV-11316] - Error page displayed when trying to delete the home channel should be a proper adminCP error message
    • [VBV-11348] - editing a topic title allows user to bypass the Maximum Characters Per Topic/Post Title option set up in adminCP under message posting and editing options.
    • [VBV-11464] - Undefined index notice on "getBlogInfo" method
    • [VBV-11686] - Attachment Statistics links don't work (and are wrong)
    • [VBV-11989] - display_contenttype_searchwidget_Poll checks if user/guest voted but not if they can vote to choose between displaying the result & the vote form
    • [VBV-12931] - promoteTags PHP Warning
    • [VBV-12935] - banUsers Fatal Error
    • [VBV-13038] - Interface is unclear when "Can create text/post" is set to No
    • [VBV-13710] - Timezone offset in footer is missing "+" sign where needed
    • [VBV-13956] - Cannot change Group Category using Administrative tools
    • [VBV-13975] - Inline Post Moderation: Selected Post(s) No Longer Really Selected After Cancel on Spam Management Form
    • [VBV-14500] - Poll decimal separator ignores Decimal Separator language setting, and bars display incorrectly when comma is used
    • [VBV-15273] - vB5_Frontend_ApplicationLight::handleError() duplicates vB5_ApplicationAbstract::minErrorPage()
    • [VBV-16260] - Member list needs Responsive treatment
    • [VBV-16620] - Internal server error on giving infraction
    • [VBV-16896] - The Sphinx search implementation appears to not support sorting by "title"
    • [VBV-16918] - The article "Save Draft" button is not working (can't save as a draft)
    • [VBV-16975] - WARNING: key \'charset_type\' was permanently removed from Sphinx configuration
    • [VBV-17116] - "Event" is missing from the list of content types available in the dropdown (in module configs) to set the *default* content type for the filter
    • [VBV-17142] - Left navigation column missing in Responsive on the Group settings pages
    • [VBV-17246] - In iOS/Safari, tapping outside the header search dropdown menu does not close it. (Replace header search dropdown with standard component)
    • [VBV-17247] - DST auto-detect update fails if a date of birth is required but you have none entered
    • [VBV-17249] - PM chat redirects to /profile/saveDst when DST auto-detect kicks in
    • [VBV-17278] - Cannot update a published article as Draft
    • [VBV-17386] - Unpublished Posts warning shows for Topic after Soft Deleted Posts are Permanently Deleted.
    • [VBV-17388] - Flatpickr displays only 6 days per row in IE
    • [VBV-17404] - Edited post content not checked by Akismet spam filter
    • [VBV-17433] - Bug in imagemagick.php checkGhostScript() function throwing errors into Apache log
    • [VBV-17434] - Spam management - Delete topic function fails - Your criteria is not restrictive enough
    • [VBV-17442] - Help system uses instructions from old FAQ system which says setting a Display Order of 0 hides the content, but it does not hide anything
    • [VBV-17444] - Starting in Chrome 59, the vBMessenger popup opens in a new tab
    • [VBV-17451] - Extra unwanted border on disabled dates in flatpickr
    • [VBV-17452] - Make flatpickr work in RTL
    • [VBV-17453] - Special and Infraction channels are not "protected"
    • [VBV-17454] - User profile module tabs update the URL incorrectly in responsive
    • [VBV-17474] - Update vb5readme.html to reflect minimum require version updates.
    • [VBV-17477] - Email for global qutoa reached email missing parameter
    • [VBV-17479] - Publish to facebook box is disabled.
    • [VBV-17483] - Warning: A non-numeric value encountered in .../vb/api/page.php on line 288
    • [VBV-17485] - Fix misc warnings in templates.
    • [VBV-17491] - Facebook cleanup
    • [VBV-17494] - class_upgrade parameter typo
    • [VBV-17495] - class_upgrade_361 issue with $this->registry->bf_misc_adminoptions
    • [VBV-17499] - Prune Thread link on delete user confirmation page leads to invalid URL
    • [VBV-17506] - Missing phrase invalid_attachment_storage
    • [VBV-17507] - Label not on the same line as radio button for "Descending" filter_order option
    • [VBV-17508] - Stray quote in subscription admincp page
    • [VBV-17511] - Method not showing when Points selected as Ban method
    • [VBV-17512] - Sphinx Search - can not exclude words with - or NOT
    • [VBV-17514] - Force recent new tables to be INNODB on upgrade
    • [VBV-17523] - Can't edit existing post to add topic prefix if the topic is a Photo (camera icon) post
    • [VBV-17524] - Site Builder Modules can be completely erased across the entire site.
    • [VBV-17527] - Post icon is not visible in blog entry
    • [VBV-17532] - Hardcoded URL to the /register page in a phrase
    • [VBV-17544] - api_init response missing facebookenabled key
    • [VBV-17555] - Permanent Ban through infractions Not Permanent
    • [VBV-17557] - Private Message Search Results does not show avatar.
    • [VBV-17565] - Edit post icon on gallery doesn't work
    • [VBV-17566] - New poll entry will not save post icon
    • [VBV-17571] - Passwords that include ñ (and possibly other letters) don't work
    • [VBV-17573] - Vistor Message pagenav response issue
    • [VBV-17578] - "Topic is open" in prune topics should default to Either
    • [VBV-17579] - Last Post in Prune Topics Selectively is current date/time
    • [VBV-17580] - Clicking Go un Prune Topics Selectively without any topic selected doesn't show any error message
    • [VBV-17581] - No redirect/link to navigate away after pruning topics
    • [VBV-17585] - Special/non-English characters in Prune Topics -> Title doesn't work correctly
    • [VBV-17586] - Clicking username in Prune Topics Selectively opens user profile within admincp frame
    • [VBV-17587] - Prune by Username includes channels
    • [VBV-17598] - Sphinx causing errors after upgrade
    • [VBV-17601] - Search Code handles viewperms for groups improperly.
    • [VBV-17609] - Warnings when guest access group page
    • [VBV-17610] - "Invalid Forum Specified" when not selecting a channel in Prune by Username
    • [VBV-17613] - (REGRESSION) - 'Array' visible for x members viewing a blog.
    • [VBV-17616] - Use Icon for Sharing dropdown
    • [VBV-17617] - Blog post header looks off at responsive sizes
    • [VBV-17618] - Duplicate post menu when switching in and out of reponsive.
    • [VBV-17619] - Fatal error: Call to undefined method vB_Image_ImageMagick::checkGhostScript()
    • [VBV-17622] - The pollvote table has the wrong nodeid for polls created in vB4
    • [VBV-17633] - Vbulletin 5.3.3 Alpha Social Share Buttons load slowly
    • [VBV-17637] - User Profile Customization is broken.
    • [VBV-17643] - (REGRESSION) - 'Undefined%' displayed when poll votes are public
    • [VBV-17644] - (REGRESSION) - Searching only in titles does the search in post content
    • [VBV-17653] - When page is loaded at a phone size, the facebook share button in the sharing menu doesn't show
    • [VBV-17665] - Facebook & twitter share buttons not present when you go to the second page of a topic
    • [VBV-17690] - Facebook Shares report 404 from the Facebook software.
    • [VBV-17702] - Issues with 5.3.3 new phrases
    Feature Request

    • [VBV-1564] - No Social Bookmarking functionality
    • [VBV-11851] - Add a way for users to "unpublish" an article (as opposed to only changing the future publish date)
    • [VBV-16247] - Add module to view "Friend" activity Feed.
    • [VBV-17285] - Expand push notifications to additional notification types
    • [VBV-17533] - Trending topics module
    • [VBV-17606] - Show current date and time in AdminCP under Top Bar.
    Hook Request

    • [VBV-17518] - Template-hook in contententry_panel_poll
    Improvement Request

    • [VBV-9814] - When editing phrases the first textarea should be focussed automatically
    • [VBV-13124] - Group Descriptions need padding and proper wrapping.
    • [VBV-14982] - AdminCP should have its own error handling.
    • [VBV-15804] - Possibility to extend api calls in RESTful.
    • [VBV-16432] - Convert blog & group admin responsive navigation to the dropdown menu component
    • [VBV-16566] - Catch "MySQL Gone Away"
    • [VBV-17135] - Sphinx Search maxresults max_matches
    • [VBV-17385] - "Show More" should appear more like a button on Blog Entry lists.
    • [VBV-17394] - Out of date phrases do no show warning on upgrade to vB 5.X
    • [VBV-17402] - Channel Display Module - Show Sub-Forum(s)? is Confusing.
    • [VBV-17486] - Support "Flag Reports" notification
    • [VBV-17488] - Visitor Message push notification
    • [VBV-17519] - Strip { and } from URLs.
    • [VBV-17534] - Move search based modules to a "content" category
    • [VBV-17541] - Make Sitebuilder fully support Touch-only devices
    • [VBV-17577] - Relabel "Topic is unpublished" option in prune topics to "Topic is unpublished/soft deleted" for clarity
    • [VBV-17624] - Add custom icons for the friends and trending modules in site builder

    • [VBV-17398] - Cleanup vB_Vurl::$headerkey
    • [VBV-17481] - Check and set imagick_pdf_thumbnail when imagetype option is changed from GD to ImageMagick
    • [VBV-17569] - Update Admin CP Credits
    • [VBV-17612] - Create tools.php task to update incorrect poll data
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    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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