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vBulletin 5.3.2 Connect is now available.

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  • vBulletin 5.3.2 Connect is now available.

    vBulletin 5.3.2 is now available to all licensed customers. It is recommended that all customers upgrade as soon as possible.

    Inline Log In
    Imagine that you've logged in but forgot to check the Remember Me button. You find an interesting topic and type a long reply. When you're finished, you submit the post and get an error that says you don't have permission to perform that action. What happened is your session timed out while typing. To resolve this, we have added Inline Log In. Now instead of receiving a confusing message, you will receive a dialog box asking for your password in order to properly process the new post.

    Push Notification Framework
    We have added the framework for push notifications to vBulletin 5. This framework will currently support Private Message notifications being pushed to the Mobile Suite. As demand warrants, we will add different types of content notifications. In order to use Push Notifications, you will need to register your site with Google's Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) system. Site Administrators can register their sites here:

    More information on Push Notifications will be released simultaneously with the next version of the Mobile Suite.

    User Tokens
    Once the Mobile Suite is updated to support Push Notifications, your users will need to update the App and allow it to receive notifications via the system settings. This will create a token to allow them push notifications. The token will remain valid as long as they remain logged into the App. If the user is inactive for more than 7 days, the system will stop sending them push notifications.

    Other Enhancements
    • Orphaned Page Templates can be deleted from within the Page Manager in Site Builder.
    • Calendars should respect the start of the week option from user profiles.
    • The Date and Time selection widget should reflect the options specified in the Language settings.
    • Avatar upload from mobile devices should respect image orientation properly.
    • Most search modules support the display of the originating channel.
    • Administrators can disable the automatic sending of birthday emails.
    • The initial load of the Admin Control Panel should be faster when you have "Control Panel Quick Statistics" turned on.

    Is your site using a Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
    Is your site running on SSL, also referred to as HTTPS? The Secure Socket Layer provides a security standard that creates an encrypted link between your site and the user's browser making sure everything transmitted remains private and is not changed midstream. This is the preferred method of accessing a website in 2017 and initially provides a small boost to search engine rankings. vBulletin 5 Connect has full support for SSL. If you are not using SSL at this time check out our article on converting your site to use HTTPS:

    All vBulletin Cloud sites are configured to use SSL as a free add-on feature.

    System Requirements
    Minimum PHP Version: 5.6.0
    Minimum MySQL Version: 5.5.0

    Recommended PHP Version: 7.1 or higher
    Recommended MySQL Version: 5.7.0 or higher
    Recommended MariaDB Version: 10+

    Current Version Support Schedule:
    • Active Version - 5.3.2
    • Security Patch - 5.3.1
    • Security Patch - 5.3.0
    • No Patch Release - 5.2.6 or earlier.

    If you have any questions about these changes you may discuss them here:
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    Wayne Luke
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    Feature Request

    • [VBV-14123] - Provide Interface to delete Page Templates
    • [VBV-16928] - Push Notifications support for Mobile apps
    • [VBV-17228] - Calendar Module should have option for Start of Week.
    • [VBV-17301] - Add a search module setting for displayFooter=0/1
    • [VBV-17356] - Provide admins with Admin CP option to disable Happy Birthday emails
    Improvement Request

    • [VBV-17295] - "24-hour clock" insted of AM/PM in Calendar
    • [VBV-17311] - Change Setting Group "Forum Display Options (forumdisplay)" to "Channel Display Options"
    • [VBV-17358] - Don't store multiple "header" comments in JS rollup file
    • [VBV-17364] - Refactor AJAX function
    • [VBV-17390] - New Installs Only: Set "Can Define Arbitrary Styles for Inline Attached Images" to No for Super Moderators.
    • [VBV-17391] - Update description for forumpermissions[canattachmentcss]
    • [VBV-17393] - Change "Can Join Channel" phrase to "Can Join/Subscribe Channel"
    • [VBV-17399] - Additional requirements for Push notifications

    • [VBV-17284] - Update flatpickr to the latest version
    • [VBV-17415] - Upgrade flatpickr to latest version

    • [VBV-94] - Need to show login for permission errors
    • [VBV-2340] - (Porting from vB4) Setting up a new user password from admin CP that contains non-English characters will be stored incorrectly
    • [VBV-6308] - Alert for username that doesn't fit administrator standards has a forgotten password link that actually links to the homepage
    • [VBV-6710] - Config.php maker - ReferenceError: updatecore is not defined
    • [VBV-9697] - New Install: Incorrect path to /core/includes/
    • [VBV-9937] - The poll date picker doesn't follow the first day of the week from the user settings
    • [VBV-10472] - Blog Latest Comments in Blog Home page will not paginate results
    • [VBV-11772] - topic prefix does not show up on the blog post view.
    • [VBV-12771] - Incorrect call to parent::update in the content text library
    • [VBV-12844] - No refresh image option for Captcha when editing a post
    • [VBV-13600] - Long load time for AdminCP Home when "Control Panel Quick Statistics" is on
    • [VBV-13989] - html lang attribute is hardcoded in preheader template
    • [VBV-14564] - Table nodehash InnoDB or MyISAM via updade/install
    • [VBV-14883] - Page Title and Meta Description revert to default after upgrade
    • [VBV-15227] - vB_Api_Profile::getAlbum() should filter out non-image attachments for the "Posted Photos" pseudo album (nodeid=-2)
    • [VBV-15233] - Posting a comment fails with "Error: Text Required" is comment includes accented characters
    • [VBV-16163] - Responsive Choose Action Menu should include an item to access the "who liked" popup
    • [VBV-16171] - Collapse module tabs into the new dropdown menu component in Responsive
    • [VBV-16172] - When viewing a topic in Responsive, module tabs do not collapse into a select menu as they do elsewhere
    • [VBV-16339] - Main Nav dropdown items too small to tap in mobile landscape view
    • [VBV-16524] - Double arrow in dropdown menu for module tabs
    • [VBV-16568] - Cannot upload Large Avatars from Mobile due to Cropping Mechanism.
    • [VBV-16936] - Latest Blog Comments module on blog home page and Latest Group Topics module on group pages aren't real Search modules
    • [VBV-17026] - Have flatpickr display the date/time using the formatting specified in vB options & language settings
    • [VBV-17132] - Update legacy bbcode attach & image parser code to remove wrapping "fullsize" block
    • [VBV-17149] - Post controls in the Latest Group Topic module overflow to two lines in reponsive
    • [VBV-17235] - Link Description doesn't wrap in Responsive.
    • [VBV-17273] - "Done" button at the end of Find and Replace in Languages leads to 404 error
    • [VBV-17275] - Typo in setting_hv_recaptcha2_theme_desc & setting_hv_recaptcha_theme_desc
    • [VBV-17280] - Misc Standards Fixes
    • [VBV-17282] - Have flatpickr use vB phrases
    • [VBV-17286] - Improvements to upgrade unit test
    • [VBV-17287] - Remove recursion from process_script in cli upgrader
    • [VBV-17288] - Phrase with wrong link
    • [VBV-17292] - CLI upgrader terminately prematurely if most recent step was "only"
    • [VBV-17296] - Strict Standards Error when moving Avatars to file system
    • [VBV-17298] - New page widgetinstances are saved using the wrong pagetemplateid
    • [VBV-17302] - Search criteria for blog "Latest Comments" module (on blogs) is wrong
    • [VBV-17309] - No spaces between selected options for Multiple-Selection Checkbox custom fields in profiles
    • [VBV-17317] - Remove old seo functions
    • [VBV-17330] - When uploading and cropping avatars, the image is sometimes rotated, which results in the wrong area of the original image being used
    • [VBV-17335] - Avatar image upload is missing the standard orientation and image rewrite logic
    • [VBV-17338] - Remove obsolete importserver directory
    • [VBV-17339] - Photos disappears on media album edit
    • [VBV-17340] - Inserting image at different sizes results in 'Array passed to Insert Query'
    • [VBV-17342] - "Maximum Images/Videos Per Post" setting doesn't actually count videos
    • [VBV-17345] - Select None in Inline Moderation doesn't clear across topics
    • [VBV-17349] - Banned user navigation at modcp is broken
    • [VBV-17351] - Sorting by eventstartdate in search results page causes "Unknown column 'eventstartdate' in 'order clause'" for DB search
    • [VBV-17354] - Administrators should always have permission to edit Blog and Group Settings.
    • [VBV-17355] - Clean up inlinemod.js
    • [VBV-17371] - Change handling of inlinemod_auth in AJAX function
    • [VBV-17372] - Image Human verify not refreshing after a failed post
    • [VBV-17377] - The warning suppression in the install happens after the datastore is initialized
    • [VBV-17378] - Phrase render changes the array passed to phrase.get
    • [VBV-17379] - Improve central ajaxForm function
    • [VBV-17380] - Clean up infraction dialog JS code
    • [VBV-17382] - Refactor AJAX auth dialog
    • [VBV-17387] - Site builder -> Edit Page -> Exit without saving -> Yes button in confirmation dialog doesn't work in IE (Regression)
    • [VBV-17411] - Consolidate inlinemod_auth to new ajax login form.
    • [VBV-17413] - API light doesn't honor "remember me"
    • [VBV-17416] - Text alignment for group info on group category page is broken (Regression)
    • [VBV-17417] - private_showpm's response is missing "title" data
    • [VBV-17418] - Move prefix code to the API
    • [VBV-17422] - The social group category link is missing when viewing the groups home or a group category
    • [VBV-17423] - Phrase is not showing on search for phrase
    • [VBV-17424] - Radio buttons don't align with their labels in Admincp
    • [VBV-17430] - 5.3.2 Alpha 4 upgrade step 3 is missing a message
    • [VBV-17432] - Clean up vbforum query defs
    • [VBV-17450] - ~30 AJAX calls for phrases (under certain circumstances)
    • [VBV-17465] - fcmqueue scheduled task is missing title, description and log phrases
    • [VBV-17473] - Ignored user can send privatemessage push notifications
    • [VBV-17484] - Fix charset check in vB_Library_FCMessaging::sendMessage()
    • [VBV-17497] - No response when using FB login with unlinked FB account
    • [VBV-17510] - Photos tab in activity stream causes DB errors

    • [VBV-1506] - Remove "Avatars Enabled" and "Profile Pictures Enabled" settings
    • [VBV-1532] - Remove "Thumbnail Creation" and "Thumbnail Color" settings
    • [VBV-1533] - Remove "Thumbnails Per Row" setting
    • [VBV-1544] - Remove "Enable Search Tag Cloud" and "Search Tag Cloud: History (Days)" settings

    • [VBV-8709] - vBulletin.AJAX in content_entry_box.js
    • [VBV-8711] - vBulletin.AJAX in fileupload.js
    • [VBV-8717] - vBulletin.AJAX in sb_blogs.js
    • [VBV-17304] - Remove Default Visitor Messages Per-Page (vm_maxperpage)
    • [VBV-17305] - Clean up stray references from VBV-1636
    • [VBV-17306] - Remove option group "Message Searching Relevance Options"
    • [VBV-17307] - Handle User-Settable Maximum Displayed Posts
    • [VBV-17359] - Create central function for markRead AJAX call
    • [VBV-17361] - Update apiclient.userid in memory in vB_Session_Api
    • [VBV-17362] - Add settings, db changes for storing devicetoken & wrapper to send requests to google endpoint
    • [VBV-17363] - Add and remove devicetoken during login_login & login_logout calls
    • [VBV-17373] - Update apiclient.lastactivity when session's lastactivity is updated.
    • [VBV-17396] - Add response handling, message retry queue, and cron to run the retries
    • [VBV-17408] - update devlatest & add frontend test script for push notifications
    • [VBV-17412] - FCM batching changes & other cleanup
    • [VBV-17428] - Add title, body & nodeid to PM push notification
    • [VBV-17429] - Login_login needs to throw user api login exception
    • [VBV-17437] - Remove unused fcmessage record
    • [VBV-17439] - Add a check serverkey admincp page
    • [VBV-17440] - Update devicetoken if requested in post response
    • [VBV-17441] - Remove test lib function
    • [VBV-17445] - Limit FCM messages to "messages" type of PMs.
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    Wayne Luke
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