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vBulletin 5.2.5 Connect is now available.

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  • vBulletin 5.2.5 Connect is now available.

    vBulletin 5.2.5 Connect is now available to all vBulletin 5 Download customers with an active license. This version contains fixes and updates to over 130 issues in the software.

    System Requirements
    Minimum PHP Version: 5.5.0
    Minimum MySQL Version: 5.1.5

    Recommended PHP Version: 7.0.9 or higher
    Recommended MySQL Version: 5.7.0 or higher
    Recommended MariaDB Version: 10+

    Page Manager
    A Page Manager has been added to SiteBuilder. This first iteration is pretty basic. It lists all custom pages and channels and links to them for editing or deletion. This will be handy if you forget the route to a page or simply want to see what you or other administrators have created. Please give your feedback on this new feature so we can make it more robust in the future. This tool can be accessed by choosing the "Pages" option in SiteBuilder.

    SiteBuilder Menu
    Along with adding the Page Manager, a few other changes have been made to the SiteBuilder Menu. The Channel Manager link has been shortened to Channels. The Styles tool has been moved to the left most position for better flow in the menu.

    vBulletin Messenger
    Enhancements have been made to the AJAX polling in vBulletin Messenger to reduce server load. Along with this, there is a new option to allow Administrators to control how many Messenger chats appear on the Messages Dropdown menu. Messenger menus have also been refactored to use the vBulletin Responsive Menu component introduced in vBulletin 5.2.4.

    Image Uploads
    In order to handle an increasing number of metadata tags added to images by smartphones and cameras, image handling has been reworked. Most images that fail our internet security checks will be rewritten before storage. These images will have the majority of their metadata stripped upon saving. This allows us to prevent executable code from being embedded in images will providing support for a larger number of devices.

    • If your site needs support for Animated GIF images that are uploaded, you must use the ImageMagick library under Settings -> Options -> Image Settings. This will require that the ImageMagick executable is installed on your server and the exec() function is not blocked in your PHP settings. Contact your host if you need help setting up ImageMagick.
    • JPEG is a "Lossy" format. Converting JPEG images will result in a slight quality loss. This is currently unavoidable.

    UTF-8 Support
    New installations will use UTF8 character sets in the database when supported. If for some reason you cannot use UTF-8 in your database you can set the character set explicitly in /core/includes/config.php with this line:
    $config['Mysqli']['charset'] = 'utf8';
    This allows us to move forwards on supporting UTF-8 on all vBulletin installations. We're working behind the scenes to make this possible given the wide range of character sets in use today. You should make sure that you have both the mbstring and iconv libraries installed in PHP if you need to support non-Latin languages.

    Code Cleanup
    A number of obsolete functions have been removed from the system. These are mainly in functions.php:


    We have also removed the classes associated with Legacy User handling. Javascript and CSS have also been updated to remove obsolete code and class references.

    If you have third-party add-ons that use any obsolete code, you will need to contact the developers of those products for updates.

    You may discuss this release here:

    Current Version Support Schedule:
    • Active Version - 5.2.5
    • Security Patch - 5.2.4
    • Security Patch - 5.2.3
    • No Patch Release - 5.2.2 or earlier.

    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API

  • #2
    Release Notes - vBulletin 5 - Version 5.2.5 Bug

    • [VBV-1670] - Invite Members - My Subscribers List "Select All" function is broken
    • [VBV-2402] - (Porting from vB4) Empty line after[indent] BB code is stripped when BB code is parsed
    • [VBV-3498] - Mysterious timestamp "?_=1345927022154" added to url after logging in
    • [VBV-5239] - Indent level 2 or more bb code doesn't render
    • [VBV-5631] - - Subscribers will be displayed just below the blog owner. Not being displayed.
    • [VBV-5646] - Search option for blog with a long title spills out of frame
    • [VBV-6099] - Typo: Caption for Time Zone selection in User Settings. Says "from the list below", when it should be "above"
    • [VBV-6130] - User Settings > Profile tab: Improve styling for custom User Profile field categories names
    • [VBV-6166] - Search filters issue when text its too long
    • [VBV-6214] - After commenting, user is scrolled to the next post
    • [VBV-6368] - uploadUrl() may fail with https
    • [VBV-6448] - "Remove Link" link on link discussions can be clicked throughout the whole line
    • [VBV-7202] - Entering a long text in the search bar can be seen pass the down arrow and magnifying glass
    • [VBV-7246] - Inconsistency in opening menus on hover or on click
    • [VBV-8131] - Opening My Profile or User Settings in alternate tab on middle-click is broken.
    • [VBV-8205] - PHP Notice: Undefined variable: imgurl in ...\core\vb\api\content\link.php on line 318
    • [VBV-8763] - Construct Functions are public in some APIs
    • [VBV-8847] - Album Picture Storage Type link still visible in Admin CP if you search for: album
    • [VBV-10057] - Unremoved old widgets in class_upgrade_500a3 (widget_15, widget_birthday)
    • [VBV-10271] - Title of "Last Post" in blog exceeds the frame limit
    • [VBV-10502] - Clicking an unclickable pagination arrow under Blog Statistics takes the user back to the home page
    • [VBV-10738] - Responsive - Group -> Group Categories -> group toolbar misalignment
    • [VBV-11431] - Topic URLs in Arabic Character display bad characters
    • [VBV-11567] - Strict Standards Error when saving stylevars
    • [VBV-11651] - Duplicate post check is global rather than unique per topic
    • [VBV-11744] - If you edit a "Link" post and change the link preview image, it won't display the updated image unless you do a hard refresh or clear your browser's cache
    • [VBV-11988] - Advanced Search > Search Results > Keywords: Icon/Button misplaced (long search terms)
    • [VBV-12191] - Turning on template names in HTML causes JS errors when adding comments
    • [VBV-12359] - Link Content is not formatted correctly.
    • [VBV-12707] - On a fresh install, the installer page's charset defaults to ISO-8859-1 (which is due to the specified setting in the upgrade language file) instead of UTF-8, which is what the english & translated phrases use by default
    • [VBV-12732] - radio buttons mis-aligned on channel permissions page
    • [VBV-13261] - Category List Add Category doesn't save properly non english characters
    • [VBV-14037] - Assertor selects involving the primary key and other fields do not work correctly.
    • [VBV-14832] - Thumbnail image fetch (url_image) for link content should follow 301 redirect for the image
    • [VBV-15540] - The "see all subscribers" link on blogs is broken
    • [VBV-15557] - Displaying the wider column first in responsive isn't always correct
    • [VBV-15809] - Remove dead code related to the "conversation reply slideout"
    • [VBV-15907] - UTF8 Attachment File Names are being converted incorrectly.
    • [VBV-16307] - Unable to upload image with special character in name
    • [VBV-16317] - vB5 MAPI doesn't return subsequent messages in a message thread
    • [VBV-16320] - Image upload failed because the extension of this file did not match the content.
    • [VBV-16328] - Some preview images do not load for link content
    • [VBV-16338] - Messages dropdown partially out of screen in responsive if long titles are present
    • [VBV-16351] - Refactor the header menus (user menu & vB messenger menu) to use the new dropdown menu component
    • [VBV-16355] - Update to run on php7.1
    • [VBV-16385] - Commenting on a post sends two notifications.
    • [VBV-16386] - MAPI issue - newreply_postreply doesn't process new line character correctly
    • [VBV-16399] - Remove vendor prefixed box-sizing CSS rules
    • [VBV-16400] - Remove vendor prefixed border-radius CSS rules
    • [VBV-16401] - Remove vendor prefixed versions of background image CSS properties
    • [VBV-16402] - Remove vendor prefixed versions of box-shadow CSS rules
    • [VBV-16415] - Dropdown menu component does not gracefully handle menus with many items
    • [VBV-16419] - Double slash in URL when entering incorrect admincp login info
    • [VBV-16429] - Multiple "+ New Blog Entry" buttons in Responsive
    • [VBV-16444] - Notice: Undefined index: {cookieprefix}sitebuilder_active in ...\template.php(344) : eval()'d code on line 227
    • [VBV-16446] - Eliminate template notices on home page
    • [VBV-16447] - Search "last_visit" doesn't work
    • [VBV-16449] - Using "Post Link" icon/function sometimes results with a link to just the site
    • [VBV-16450] - ModCP is not reachable when open_basedir restrictions are in effect
    • [VBV-16452] - CKE upload csrf token handling
    • [VBV-16457] - Remove old IE hacks from templates and css
    • [VBV-16462] - Bad exception for nodeid 0 on node route
    • [VBV-16465] - Group names with 3 capital letters get rejected
    • [VBV-16470] - Product 'pmchat' specified in various xml files
    • [VBV-16471] - Unconfigured PHP modules display a parse error and path in the module
    • [VBV-16477] - XSS when hovering over keyword in search results
    • [VBV-16480] - CSS cleanup related to dropdown menus
    • [VBV-16489] - The new pagenav buttons under the toolbar collide with other elements in some cases (part 2)
    • [VBV-16490] - Fix incorrect case of class name vB_db_Query
    • [VBV-16493] - Error in inline mod auth template
    • [VBV-16500] - Upgrade test failure - missing widgetinstance for vB Messenger
    • [VBV-16509] - Latest PHP Errors from logs
    • [VBV-16510] - Undefined variable: age
    • [VBV-16518] - Make image dialog work in signature editor
    • [VBV-16520] - The dropdown menu text is too large in Responsive (doesn't fit in the grey bar)
    • [VBV-16521] - Whitespace in login menu
    • [VBV-16526] - span.notifications-count is incorrectly positioned when messenger is turned off
    • [VBV-16531] - Curly if will not set false variable to 0, instead will resolve to empty string
    • [VBV-16534] - Avanced search page give php and js warnings if tag is not an array
    • [VBV-16537] - Some links to pages from the Page Manager lead to error message pages
    • [VBV-16542] - BB Code tags not stripped from content preview
    • [VBV-16544] - Something in dev auto-export keeps changing the "Social Groups" phrasetype name to "Groups"
    • [VBV-16546] - Can't post anymore
    • [VBV-16549] - Unit test failure - vb_Api_NodeTest::testMergePosts()
    • [VBV-16553] - Images resized with Image2 break on quote.
    • [VBV-16555] - Special Characters have unreliable effect on topics/posts
    • [VBV-16558] - AJAX install progress bar has scrollbar at low percentages
    • [VBV-16560] - newuser_gemailbody not pulling through full user link
    • [VBV-16572] - Upgrade test failure - 510a1 step5 - Reference to undefined templates
    • [VBV-16573] - Video module unresponsive
    • [VBV-16581] - vB Messenger AJAX calls executed multiple times after paginating in a thread
    • [VBV-16593] - Inserting image in full size shows icon size.
    • [VBV-16608] - Remove useless try/catch blocks from blog api.
    • [VBV-16610] - getInfractionLevels does not check permissions
    • [VBV-16611] - Warning: strtolower() expects parameter 1 to be string, array given in ...\core\vb\api\content\attach.php on line 790
    • [VBV-16612] - vB_Api_Content_Privatemesage::denyRequest allows any user to deny a request
    • [VBV-16613] - Backend parser cannot render <img > tags for image2 attachments
    • [VBV-16614] - Fix denyRequest return value to follow standards.
    • [VBV-16617] - Wrong CSS class used for 'Messages' menu (regression)
    • [VBV-16621] - Unit test error - vB_Library_Content_AttachTest::testAdd - duplicate_post
    • [VBV-16622] - Upgraded site missing Conversation Routes
    • [VBV-16631] - 525a3 step4 failure, Reference to undefined widget(s)
    • [VBV-16640] - Admin CP Translations completely broken
    • [VBV-16652] - Sphinx error is killing site
    • [VBV-16672] - Image url and retrieve remote file and serve locally checkbox are uneditable in image properties popup for external images
    Feature Request

    • [VBV-11565] - Display "Site Off" message in Admin CP when site is turned off.
    • [VBV-13504] - Add a Page Manager
    • [VBV-16377] - Add option to control number of chats listed on the Messenger menu.
    Improvement Request

    • [VBV-325] - Saving a page will prompt user to enter a "Template Option", this is unclear.
    • [VBV-7443] - Change Admincp Links to Use Easy Links
    • [VBV-8905] - Auto-scroll after reply prevent user scrolling
    • [VBV-14734] - Profile Field Categories: Frontend design should match general profile design
    • [VBV-16495] - Create database as utf8 if DB supports it and charset is not explicitly set.
    • [VBV-16516] - Re-organize image2 inputs into two columns
    • [VBV-16523] - Revert to 1 column in responsive view
    • [VBV-16525] - Move sitebuilder "style" button all the way to the left, so the new "Pages" button is next to the other page related buttons (Edit & Create new)
    • [VBV-16528] - Need config.php setting to show entire query in MySQL errors on screen and in emails.
    • [VBV-16543] - Add the following web.config files

    • [VBV-11002] - Investigate Charset
    • [VBV-13962] - Process Documentations
    • [VBV-16140] - Chat style private messages: phase 2
    • [VBV-16397] - PHP 7 hudson automated tests
    • [VBV-16439] - Remove obsolete functions m28
    • [VBV-16458] - Remove CSS/JS for unused classes
    • [VBV-16517] - Hudson slave upgrades PHP 7.1
    • [VBV-16551] - Hudson config downloader needs authentication

    • [VBV-16513] - Custom Page tab should be listed first.

    • [VBV-8718] - vBulletin.AJAX in sb_groupadmin.js
    • [VBV-9726] - Documentation -- api\facebook.php
    • [VBV-16110] - User-specific opt-out for pm chat
    • [VBV-16180] - Add left and right padding to the participants area
    • [VBV-16389] - First Pass - Implement list of pages in Site Builder.
    • [VBV-16508] - Certain cameras inject exif data that fails vB's image exif security checks
    • [VBV-16522] - Demo notes (2016-09-19) - Add Close button, change link color, page title
    • [VBV-16527] - Relax JPEG end of image check.
    • [VBV-16585] - Add "Re:" prefix to replies fetched by private_messagelist mapi call
    • [VBV-16586] - Skip replies in inbox sent from current user
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


    • #3
      Updated Templates.
      bare_header 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      blogadmin_admininvite 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      blogadmin_admininvite_subscriberslist 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_button.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_comment.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_comments.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_comment_entry.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_config_site.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_content_entry.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_content_slider.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_datepicker.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_editor.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_form_input.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_form_textarea.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_memberlist.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_photo_count.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_pmchat.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_post_attachments.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_post_column.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_post_control.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_post_notice.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_pseudowidget.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_tabbed_pane.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_theme_selector.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_toggle_slider.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_b_toolbar.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_help.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_jquery_selectBox.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_message_center.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_profile.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      css_reset.css 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      login_form 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      login_redirect 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      mediabbcode_video 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      profile_media 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      sgadmin_admininvite 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      sgadmin_admininvite_subscriberslist 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      usersettings_account 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      widget_blogadmin 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      widget_bloghome 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      widget_blogsummary 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      widget_sgcategorylist 5.2.5 Alpha 1
      blogmember_tab 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      b_vbscroller_close 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      b_vbscroller_open 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      conversation_toolbar 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      css_blogs_groups.css 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      css_b_post.css 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      css_b_vbscroller.css 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_threadview_header 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      display_Topics 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      inlinemod_auth 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      profile_about 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      socialgroup_nodes 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      widget_subscription 5.2.5 Alpha 2
      admin_sbpanel_pagelist 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      admin_sbpanel_pagelist_content 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      admin_sbpanel_pagelist_content_wrapper 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      admin_sitebuilder 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      admin_sitebuilder_menu 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      color_style.css 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      css_b_layout.css 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      css_login.css 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      css_sitebuilder.css 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      css_utilities.css 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      header 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      screenlayout_display_narrow_wide 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      screenlayout_row_display 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      screenlayout_section_display 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      search_config 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      tag_editor 5.2.5 Alpha 3
      css_b_comp_menu_dropdown.css 5.2.5 Alpha 4
      css_global.css 5.2.5 Alpha 4
      css_responsive.css 5.2.5 Alpha 4
      pmchat_message_header 5.2.5 Alpha 5
      Translations provided by Google.

      Wayne Luke
      The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
      vBulletin 5 API


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        Updated Phrases
        pmchat_disabled_global 5.2.5 Alpha 1
        pmchat_disabled_user_optout 5.2.5 Alpha 1
        pmchat_disabled_usergroup 5.2.5 Alpha 1
        setting_pmchat_dropdown_max_title 5.2.5 Alpha 1
        site_off 5.2.5 Alpha 1
        usersetting_enable_pmchat 5.2.5 Alpha 1
        channel_manager_label 5.2.5 Alpha 2
        delete_moderator 5.2.5 Alpha 2
        error_transfer_ownership 5.2.5 Alpha 2
        sbpanel_pagelist_label 5.2.5 Alpha 2
        sbpanel_pagelist_select_all 5.2.5 Alpha 2
        sbpanel_pagelist_select_custom_pages 5.2.5 Alpha 2
        sbpanel_pagelist_title 5.2.5 Alpha 2
        time_auto_corrected_to_location 5.2.5 Alpha 2
        enter_a_new_template_here 5.2.5 Alpha 3
        sbpanel_pagelist_close_panel 5.2.5 Alpha 3
        sbpanel_pagelist_description 5.2.5 Alpha 3
        sbpanel_pagelist_empty_placeholder_custompages 5.2.5 Alpha 3
        widget_php_code_defaultvalue 5.2.5 Alpha 3
        setting_pmchat_dropdown_max_desc 5.2.5 Alpha 4
        Translations provided by Google.

        Wayne Luke
        The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
        vBulletin 5 API


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