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vBulletin 5.2.4 Connect is now Available

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  • vBulletin 5.2.4 Connect is now Available

    vBulletin 5.2.4 is now available to all customers. This version contains fixes and updates to over 125 issues in the software.

    System Requirements
    Minimum PHP Version: 5.5.0
    Minimum MySQL Version: 5.1.5

    Recommended PHP Version: 7.0.0 or higher
    Recommended MySQL Version: 5.6.0 or higher

    New Feature: Custom Image Resizing
    When images are uploaded to the server, vBulletin will resize them to predetermined sizes set under Settings -> Options -> Message Attachment Options. While there are five different sizes (icon, thumbnail, small, medium, and large), this may not fit all content. In 5.2.4, the editor has been updated to allow custom resizing of images. When you're editing content with an embedded image, you will notice a handle that allows the image to be resized in the lower right corner after selecting it. You can resize the image to fit your needs and vBulletin will use the closest image size to keep bandwidth low. Fine-tuning of the image display will be handled by the CSS assigned to the image. The values for this change are stored as JSON within the BBCode for the image itself. The end user should not have to modify this JSON at any time.

    New Feature: Avatars shown in @mentions
    A new option has been added to show the user's avatar before their name when a @mention or [user] bbcode is placed in any content. This option is enabled by default. If desired, you can disable this at Settings -> Options -> BB Code Settings.

    Display Avatars Next to User Mentions
    If set to "Yes", user avatars will be displayed next to User mentions or instances of the [USER] bbcode in posts.

    Updated Feature: reCAPTCHA v2
    reCAPTCHA version 2 has been added to vBulletin. If you use reCAPTCHA, it is recommended that you upgrade to this version as soon as possible. It provides a better user experience. reCAPTCHA version 1 will be removed from vBulletin 5 in the 5.2.6 release and is considered deprecated at this time.

    If you don't have a reCAPTCHA key, you can obtain one here:

    vBulletin Messenger
    Response to this feature has been overwhelmingly positive. We've added enhancements to the functionality. The Messages menu in the header of every page will allow you to start a new message. In addition, we have created two new options to handle the flow of replies to Messenger chats. You can find these under Settings -> Options -> Private Messaging Options.

    The first option will allow you to change the flood check value for creating private messages, which Messenger is based on. When upgrading, this will be set to the current Flood Check value (default: 30 seconds) You can lower or increase this to fit your needs. The second option allows you to exempt private message replies from the flood check. This will allow smoother chatting amongst multiple recipients.

    Minimum Time Between Private Messages
    You may prevent your users from flooding your private message center by activating this feature. By enabling floodcheck, you disallow users from making another private message within a given time span of their last message. In other words, if you set a floodcheck time span of 30 seconds, a user may not create a private message topic or reply within 30 seconds of making his last message. Administrators and moderators are exempt from floodcheck. Recommended: 30 seconds. Type the number of seconds only. Enter 0 to disable this function.

    Skip floodcheck for PM Replies
    If enabled, the floodcheck is only applied to creating new private message threads. Replying to existing private message topics will be exempt from the floodcheck. This improves the user experience of vB Messenger as users will be able to create replies to each other very quickly in an existing private message thread.

    Cookie Updates
    A number of cookie related issues have been fixed:
    • All session cookies have been updated to follow session only rules.
    • The expiry of "Remember Me" has been increased to 365 days. This excludes Facebook which is still 30 days.
    • Updated HTTPonly cookies to work more consistently.
    • ForumRunner will now properly delete cookies when the user logs out.
    • "Remember Me" cookies will no longer be overwritten by session timeouts.

    Responsive Improvements
    New dropdown menu components are now used throughout the system to bring consistency and increase usability in responsive modes. In addition to this, some buttons were not applying the proper CSS. These have been updated.

    Finally, when viewing an article section, the layout of articles should adapt to the screen size better. On devices with small screens, they will show as one column regardless of the display columns setting. This improves the usability of the article channels in vBulletin 5.

    The "Mark Channels Read" link has been removed from the Forum sub-navigation on new installs. This link has proved problematic and hasn't worked consistently. A new "Mark Channels Read" link has been added to the bottom of the Forum List on the Forum page. Individual forums have their own link at the bottom of the page. The original sub-navigation link will remain on upgraded sites.

    Topic Preview has been updated. This is to prevent a double-click requirement that some individuals experienced. Entering topics should only require a single click of the mouse.

    PHP 5.4.X Support
    As announced with the release of 5.2.3, PHP 5.4.0 support is now deprecated.

    Database Cleanup
    If you upgraded from an older version of vBulletin, there are a number of tables that are considered deprecated and are no longer used in vBulletin 5 Connect. These tables may contain a considerable amount of data and increase the size of your database storage. In order to streamline the database, we are working to remove these unused tables. The tables removed in this version are:
    • forum
    • forumread
    • groupmessage
    • groupmessage_hash
    • groupread
    • navigation
    • plugin
    • route
    • socialgroup
    • socialgroupcategory
    • socialgroupicon
    • socialgroupmember
    • subscribeforum
    • subscribethread
    • subscribegroup

    Once these tables are deleted, the information will be gone forever. We suggest that you make a backup of them if you feel you might need the data in the future for some other application.

    You may discuss this release here:

    Current Version Support Schedule:
    • Active Version - 5.2.4
    • Security Patch - 5.2.3
    • Security Patch - 5.2.2
    • No Patch Release - 5.2.1 or earlier.
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API

  • #2

    • [VBV-2870] - Extensions names display not as the folder name
    • [VBV-3539] - Birthday displayed in profiles is off by one day compared to the one entered in user settings
    • [VBV-4769] - Fatal error with PrivateMessage route - probably validation needed
    • [VBV-5943] - Error in Private Messages for matching user names should say "Three characters"
    • [VBV-5950] - Add Folder Name field needs character limit
    • [VBV-6346] - Compose New button still exists when private message permissions are turned off.
    • [VBV-6715] - Blog owner/contributors avatar not displaying in blog summary in Firefox and Chrome
    • [VBV-6786] - Members will be displayed just below the group owner. Not being displayed.
    • [VBV-7025] - Show Avatar on Group Creation Page
    • [VBV-7389] - Contact Us - clicking in the Subject text area will automatically select "other" as the subject of the message, but in Firefox it keeps focus on the radio button, preventing the user from typing
    • [VBV-7403] - Non-Latin characters are not rendered correctly in Contact Us email
    • [VBV-7903] - group creation, The last tab's "previous button" is not working
    • [VBV-8061] - banUsers - Error: Wrong Parameters for Exception
    • [VBV-8108] - "delete" Cron API Method - Fatal error: Call to undefined function fetch_js_safe_string()
    • [VBV-8261] - Style issue in the Site Builder Edit Page with modules buttons
    • [VBV-9456] - Setting 'Allow HTML in Private Messages' to 'Yes' does not work
    • [VBV-9968] - Clicking Edit icon of Contact Us module doesn't do anything
    • [VBV-10360] - Guest users can add tags
    • [VBV-10922] - Characters is not encoded correctly in Email (From field) in RTL Arabic language .
    • [VBV-11290] - Revert ALL Templates destroys site layout
    • [VBV-11350] - Cookies in vBulletin 5 are only set for a 1 month period
    • [VBV-11930] - Can't save avatar for user in admincp if their usergroup doesn't allow them to have an avatar
    • [VBV-12189] - Error in Moderator User Manager
    • [VBV-12474] - NON utf8 email phrases can be mangled
    • [VBV-12579] - Duplicate functions sendAsJson
    • [VBV-13156] - No error message when attempting to send a PM to an user that has reached their PM limit
    • [VBV-13254] - The fetch() function in the WOL API appears to be unused except in a unit test
    • [VBV-13493] - The Private message is not deleted in NODE table
    • [VBV-13722] - Unexistant 'thread' table used in a query
    • [VBV-13866] - "Allow Users to Email Other Members" option doesn't do anything
    • [VBV-13876] - Choosing another stylevar part doesn't always work (autosuggest doesn't show all stylevars & if you type one in, it doesn't always save) stylevar inheritance
    • [VBV-14034] - Change calls in core from vB5_String to vB_String
    • [VBV-14058] - function encode_email_header not add character '=' - non-english characters not displayed properly in emails
    • [VBV-14078] - vB_Cache::instance()->allCacheEvent
    • [VBV-14083] - References to the old implementation of vB_vURL
    • [VBV-14317] - Clicking "help" in modcp results in an error
    • [VBV-14432] - Notification email of new private message displays line breaks and formatting as raw HTML
    • [VBV-14515] - Uncaught ReferenceError: Recaptcha is not definedfooter-rollup-516.js:332 vBulletin.hv.reset
    • [VBV-14536] - Languages with Allow User Selection = No still displayed in language selector
    • [VBV-14638] - Editing user settings empties field value of non editable fields
    • [VBV-14723] - Modules placed in fourth section on Homepage layout do not render.
    • [VBV-14835] - Memcached Datastore doesn't always update on Windows using Apache 2.4.9
    • [VBV-15431] - vBulletin incorrectly lists a non PHP file as a failed API extension
    • [VBV-15495] - Ads created by admins without canadmintemplates permission will ignore conditions and always display
    • [VBV-15665] - Inconsistent behavior with the "module_tab_border_active" stylevar (doesn't control the module tab border correctly)
    • [VBV-15700] - Human verify params on search page are duplicated in URL
    • [VBV-15766] - Setting human verification to Question & Answer but not entering a question and answer causes human verification to always fail
    • [VBV-15975] - reset-password not accessible to unauthenticated users
    • [VBV-15986] - Refactor code in widget_privatemessage_navigation to update for the fix in vbv-3443.
    • [VBV-16064] - Route classes use & for separator http_build_query()
    • [VBV-16155] - lost password email shows in gibberish.
    • [VBV-16168] - Remove ico_vb_responsive.png
    • [VBV-16169] - Pagination missing when viewing smilies and post icons in Admin CP
    • [VBV-16170] - Consistent treatment of the primary action button in the toolbar in responsive (move it above the toolbar, like the new topic button?)
    • [VBV-16188] - Inserting images inline via "Insert" links on the attachment panel does not trigger autogrow
    • [VBV-16197] - The 'dirmark' stylevar is not available to templates on the front end (but is available in the admin cp)
    • [VBV-16203] - When an ad modules has multiple ads configuring the second ad pulls up values for the first
    • [VBV-16224] - Cannot use Site Builder on site
    • [VBV-16230] - Spam ban security token error
    • [VBV-16231] - Two php notices come up when running upgrades via CLI
    • [VBV-16236] - "Delete Private Messages Sent By User" doesn't work right.
    • [VBV-16254] - Incorrect Admin help for "Add Post Icon"
    • [VBV-16256] - Show all API errors in admincp
    • [VBV-16257] - Possible XSS vulnerability on vBulletin 5, users are able to add JS tags on the URL address
    • [VBV-16259] - Make the "Send PM" link / button consistent on the Who's Online page and Member List page (One says "Send PM" and the other "Send Private Message")
    • [VBV-16266] - No version control in hook products
    • [VBV-16267] - No way to see active vb5 products using hooks
    • [VBV-16277] - Product install code editor doesn't work
    • [VBV-16282] - Bad extension can kill the site
    • [VBV-16283] - Attemping to log in with an expired password causes a "System Error"
    • [VBV-16303] - Post Icon upload appears to ignore path entered by customer.
    • [VBV-16306] - AdminCP: Search Button is 1px off
    • [VBV-16318] - Can't login with any account including admincp with PHP 7.0.9 and fcgi
    • [VBV-16323] - Notifications phrase used in header menu is not unique.
    • [VBV-16324] - RSS poster uses CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION, possible SSRF vulnerability under limited circumstances
    • [VBV-16327] - Old mobile detection code still exists
    • [VBV-16332] - Participants list arrows' disabled overlay doesn't work for mousewheel scrolling
    • [VBV-16337] - Error in class_upgrade_final.php, step 16
    • [VBV-16340] - Errors on first loading page after upgrade to 5.2.3 RC4
    • [VBV-16342] - When entering a forum, the user needs to click on a link more than once to get response.
    • [VBV-16344] - User profile links in vb messenger participants list do not open in new window
    • [VBV-16348] - Subscribe Button oversized when viewing Topics on Responsive.
    • [VBV-16353] - 'Cancel' button is doing no action when you add a photo in your photo album (REGRESSION)
    • [VBV-16354] - Special characters are not parsed (REGRESSION)
    • [VBV-16357] - Keywords field overlaps Title Only checkbox on advanced search page (regression)
    • [VBV-16358] - Fix RTL for vb scroller
    • [VBV-16359] - Quoting feature changed behavior (REGRESSION)
    • [VBV-16371] - After clicking "Send new message" focus the recipient box not the editor (vB Messenger)
    • [VBV-16374] - Choosing the "replacement variables" option for a style in the style manager leads to a broken page
    • [VBV-16375] - Wrong hierarchy shown for "themes" in Admin CP
    • [VBV-16381] - protected function process_tag_filters($tagids) should be refactored...
    • [VBV-16388] - Broken avatar URL in admin cp when avatars are stored as files
    • [VBV-16390] - vB_Api/Lib ::instance() issue
    • [VBV-16392] - Unit test failure - vB_Library_Content_PrivatemessageTest::testDeleteMessagesForUser()
    • [VBV-16393] - Remove call to split() in Viglink for PHP7 compatibility
    • [VBV-16404] - Responsive main menu icon not centered in Red style
    • [VBV-16405] - Missing space in a phrase (REGRESSION)
    • [VBV-16418] - Inline mod icons misaligned (regression)
    • [VBV-16420] - Regular user not authorized to view group summary module (regression)
    • [VBV-16438] - Menu actions no longer extend all the way across
    • [VBV-16445] - Security token errors from getHeaderCounts from unrelated actions
    • [VBV-16448] - "Cannot change the custom field" when trying to edit user profile field value in user settings
    • [VBV-16459] - Inline mod/admin menu formatting is off.
    • [VBV-16479] - The new pagenav buttons under the toolbar collide with other elements in some cases (regression?)
    • [VBV-16481] - Post controls responsive menu opens to the right out of the viewport (regression)
    • [VBV-16504] - Database error : Unknown column '#type' in 'where clause'
    • [VBV-16512] - Error unable to contact server when trying to navigate to specific page of a topic
    Feature Request

    • [VBV-14615] - Add Option to Today's Birthdays module to configure date.
    • [VBV-16253] - Need admin-only post icon location for Cloud
    • [VBV-16378] - Add button "Open as Chat" (or whatever phrase) to the Private Message interface.
    Hook Request

    • [VBV-16261] - Hook in vB_User : ProcessNewLogin
    • [VBV-16262] - Hook in vB_User : ProcessLogout
    • [VBV-16265] - Hook in vB_Api_Route : getRoute
    Improvement Request

    • [VBV-3370] - Open admincp menu with single click anywhere rather than with double-click
    • [VBV-3579] - Update Font, Size and Color BBCodes to use spans instead of <font> or <color> HTML tags.
    • [VBV-7390] - Contact Us - hide the textarea for the user to create their own subject line unless "Other" is explicitly selected
    • [VBV-11352] - Working/Loading while topic hover preview loads
    • [VBV-13813] - Update recapcha to API2
    • [VBV-14227] - Add user avatar in front of @mentions
    • [VBV-14978] - Change default value of "maxpages_topic" widget config to 0
    • [VBV-15850] - Integrate image2 (enhanced image) cke plugin to vB5
    • [VBV-16091] - At smallest resolutions (< 400 pixels) the article list should only be one column wide.
    • [VBV-16098] - Add unique CSS ID to Blog Listings.
    • [VBV-16100] - Decouple minimum characters setting for PM system
    • [VBV-16164] - Update PM Quota to count Private Message Topics, not private messages.
    • [VBV-16181] - Show total chat participants count
    • [VBV-16182] - Responsive scrolling for the chat participant list
    • [VBV-16185] - Remove dead code from m27
    • [VBV-16186] - Remove content types collection from legacy install code
    • [VBV-16187] - Remove obsolete tables in m27
    • [VBV-16216] - fb:app_id should be included for a Facebook connected site
    • [VBV-16237] - Add chat icon to Friends List.
    • [VBV-16239] - Add chat icon to Member's List
    • [VBV-16278] - Improve some documentation for hooks
    • [VBV-16281] - Add display of product API classes
    • [VBV-16285] - Responsive: notifications|message|username bar should only display user's avatar
    • [VBV-16289] - Change PM option group to reflect vB Messenger settings (previously a request to split the settings)
    • [VBV-16300] - Chat icon next to usernames: Add tooltip on mouseover
    • [VBV-16302] - Require canadminsettingsall for Admincp "Add post Icon"
    • [VBV-16304] - Remove scrollbar entirely for chat window participants list
    • [VBV-16309] - Navigation - Remove "Mark Forums Read" from Forum Sub-nav on all new installations.
    • [VBV-16341] - Add functions to display warning/error dialogs.
    • [VBV-16347] - Conversation Toolbar Wraps to three lines in Responsive.
    • [VBV-16391] - Turn vBulletin Messenger on by default.
    • [VBV-16416] - Turn on the setting to show avatars on User mentions by default
    • [VBV-16425] - Update minimum PHP version to 5.5.0

    • [VBV-10313] - Remove display_posthistory template
    • [VBV-16234] - Refactor remaining legacy dropdown menus to use the new Responsive enabled dropdown menu component
    • [VBV-16350] - Dropdown menu component refactor (PART 2)
    • [VBV-16379] - PM Flood check options rephrasing

    • [VBV-8715] - vBulletin.AJAX in contactus.js
    • [VBV-8719] - vBulletin.AJAX in sb_online.js
    • [VBV-16076] - "New Chat" function in the Chat drop down list
    • [VBV-16139] - Flood timer makes using Quick Private Message Chat System difficult
    • [VBV-16144] - Change "Current Participants" to "X Participants" and have the collapse/expand the list
    • [VBV-16193] - Chat window idle reset refactor Part 2
    • [VBV-16219] - Warn user if they choose a screenlayout that does not support site builder
    • [VBV-16227] - Escaped double quotes unescaped when going from source to WYSIWYG mode
    • [VBV-16352] - The "Go to..." responsive menu is visible in the footer when not in responsive mode (regression)
    • [VBV-16361] - Move gear icon (admin/settings menu) down under the group / blog image
    • [VBV-16362] - Open menus in the "up" direction if there is not room for them below the menu trigger
    • [VBV-16396] - Make footer menus look more like menus (they are indistinguishable from plain text)
    • [VBV-16423] - Override missing or incorrect extension if we can detect the correct extension from file signature
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


    • #3
      Updated Templates.
      css_b_channel_nav.css 5.1.1 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Infraction 5.1.1 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_item_header 5.1.1 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Link 5.1.1 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Text 5.1.1 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Video 5.1.1 Alpha 2
      widget_cmschannelnavigation_item 5.1.1 Alpha 2
      contententry_basic 5.1.1 Alpha 9
      bbcode_attachment_list 5.1.10 Alpha 2
      css_b_post_attachments.css 5.1.10 Alpha 2
      css_b_top_background.css 5.1.10 Beta 1
      css_b_form_control.css 5.1.11 Alpha 1
      admin_sbpanel_style_themelist 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      css_b_comp_menu_vert.css 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      delete_post_form 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_Channel 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_SGChannel 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_conversationreply_threadview_Gallery 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_conversationstarter_threadview_Gallery 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Channel 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Gallery 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      display_contenttype_searchwidget_Photo 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      photo_edit 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      profile_textphotodetail_block 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      search-tips-dialog 5.1.11 Alpha 2
      Translations provided by Google.

      Wayne Luke
      The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
      vBulletin 5 API


      • #4
        Updated Phrases.
        after_upgrade_520_rebuild_search_index 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        changing_password_but_currently_logged_in_msg 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        common.alignNone 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        invalid_pm_recipients 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        reset_password_instructions 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        reset_password_lockout 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        setting_pmmaxchars_desc 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        setting_pmmaxchars_title 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        setting_pmminchars_desc 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        setting_pmminchars_title 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        setting_userbbcodeavatar_desc 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        setting_userbbcodeavatar_title 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        task_privatemessages_desc 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        task_privatemessages_title 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        vbulletin.custom 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        vbulletin.description_alt 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        vbulletin.title_tooltip 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        you_cannot_revert_this_layout_confirm 5.2.4 Alpha 1
        error_foldername_maxlength 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        exception_trace 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        hook_classes 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        hook_list 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        image_add_imagespath_text 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        inherits_from 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        list_extensions 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        list_extensions_version 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        no_hook_products 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        or_inherit_from 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        processing_x_to_y 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        product_class 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        product_hooks 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        recalculate_users_pm_counts 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        setting_posticon_location_desc 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        setting_posticon_location_title 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        update_pm_counts 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        updated_pm_counts_successfully 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        x_participants 5.2.4 Alpha 2
        add_participants 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        api_classes 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        error_fetching_online_users 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        go_to_new_chat 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        no_products 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        notifications_header 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        online_users 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        product_hook_list 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        product_list 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        recaptcha 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        recaptcha2 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        recaptcha2_dark 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        recaptcha2_light 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        setting_hv_recaptcha2_theme_desc 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        setting_hv_recaptcha2_theme_title 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        setting_hv_type_desc 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        settinggroup_pm 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        vbmessenger_header 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        verification 5.2.4 Alpha 3
        error_fetching_avatar 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        open_in_vbmessenger 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        pmfloodcheck 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        pmquotaexceeded 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        post_icon_folder_too_long_x_y 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        post_icon_path_existing_file_x 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        post_icon_subdirectory_explanation 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        setting_pm_floodcheck_starteronly_desc 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        setting_pm_floodcheck_starteronly_title 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        setting_pm_floodchecktime_desc 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        setting_pm_floodchecktime_title 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        start_conversation_with_x 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        stylevar_button_font_description 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        stylevar_button_font_name 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        unable_to_create_post_icon_folder 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        yourpmquotaexceeded 5.2.4 Alpha 4
        Translations provided by Google.

        Wayne Luke
        The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
        vBulletin 5 API


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