vBulletin 5.2.1 Connect is available for download.

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  • Wayne Luke
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    vBulletin 5.2.1 Connect is available for download.

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    We're pleased to announce the release of vBulletin 5.2.1 Connect. Altogether over 190 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.2.1 Connect. There are some pretty significant changes with this release.

    Minimum PHP Version: 5.4.0
    Minimum MySQL Version: 5.1.5

    Recommended PHP Version: 5.6.0 or higher
    Recommended MySQL Version: 5.6.0 or higher

    PHP 7 Support
    vBulletin 5.2.1 has been updated to work with PHP 7. PHP 7 brings significant performance and other enhancements to the PHP platform.

    Known Issue:
    When running Apache 2.4.X and PHP 7.0.X under the Windows Family of OSes, the system can crash when processing templates with a large number of variables. An example of this would be the css_global.css template. Until we resolve this issue, it is not recommended to run 5.2.1 under PHP 7.0.X if you use Apache under Windows.

    jQuery Update
    vBulletin 5.2.1 includes jQuery 2.1.4. This brings a number of enhancements to the jQuery library including performance enhancements. Due to this change, we are no longer able to support IE8. If you're on a version of Windows that cannot upgrade to IE10 or IE11, we suggest that you switch to Firefox, Chrome, or Opera. If you are using a modern browser and experience any JavaScript compatibility errors or general bugs, please post them in Jira.

    Please note, this change may cause problems with any third-party or custom modifications that you have made, including Ad Modules. As such, please review all aftermarket JavaScript to make sure that it continues working or is appropriately updated.

    Log in via Email
    We're happy to introduce the ability to log in via email address. This optional feature will allow your users to log in with their email address. This provides a small amount of security for your vBulletin site and end users as their log in credentials would never be shown on the screen. You can turn this feature on in the Admin Control Panel (AdminCP) under Settings -> Options -> General Settings.

    There are three options in this setting:
    • Log in via Username Only
    • Log in via Email Only
    • Log in via Username or Email
    Phrases on the log in screens and within error messages will adjust to reflect your setting.

    What if I allow multiple users with the same email address?
    Unfortunately, the system will not allow email log in if there are multiple users with the same email address. vBulletin wouldn't know which user to validate against. If you have multiple users with the same email address, an error message will display stating there are multiple users with the same email address. In order to enable this functionality, those users would need unique email addresses.

    You can see a list of all emails with multiple users by clicking the link in the error message or going to Users -> Search For Users -> Look For Duplicate Emails. This will list the emails and how many users are sharing it. You can click on the links to drill down. Those users would need to update their email address.

    You can turn off the ability for users to share an email in the AdminCP under Settings -> Options -> User Registration Options. Set the option 'Require Unique Email Addresses' to Yes. This is enabled by default so if you haven't changed the setting, you're good to go.

    Creating Users in the AdminCP
    Prior to the 5.2.1 beta, you could create new users in the AdminCP and not enter an email address. This functionality has been updated to require an email address.

    Password Resets
    The password reset functionality has been streamlined. This will allow a better user experience and reduce the amount of emails sent by the system. In the new system, only a single email will be sent on an email change request. This will contain an embedded password. When the user clicks the link, they will just have to enter and confirm their new password. In order to prevent passwords from being guessed by unsavory users, new random passwords will be generated that are more secure. This will protect the customer. There is also brute force prevention on the request. A user can only request a limited number of resets before they are locked out for a short period of time.

    Random Number Generation
    We are now relying on a cryptographically secure number generator where appropriate. One example would be the password reset above. This functionality is built into PHP7. If you are using a version of PHP before 7.0, then this will require that your server have a library installed to handle this. If there is no support for at least one of the libraries below, you will not be able to install or upgrade to vBulletin 5.2.1 until one is made available.
    • libsodium
    • /dev/urandom
    • mcrypt
    • windows system call using the PHP COM extension
    • openssl
    For more information please see: https://github.com/paragonie/random_...ster/ERRATA.md

    Database Cleanup
    If you upgraded from an older version of vBulletin, there are a number of tables that are considered deprecated and are no longer used in vBulletin 5 Connect. These tables may contain a considerable amount of data and increase the size of your database storage. In order to streamline this, we are working to remove these unused tables. The tables removed in this version are:
    • pm
    • pmreceipt
    • pmtext
    • pmthrottle
    • nodevote
    • searchcore
    • searchcore_text
    • searchgroup
    • searchgroup_text
    • visitormessage
    • visitormessage_hash
    Once these tables are deleted, the information will be gone forever. We suggest you make a backup of them if you feel you might need the data in the future for some other application.

    You may discuss this release here: http://www.vbulletin.com/forum/node/4338832

    Current Version Support Schedule:
    • Active Version - 5.2.1
    • Security Patch - 5.2.0
    • Security Patch - 5.1.10
    • No Patch Release - 5.1.9 or earlier.
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    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API
  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin Technical Support Lead
    • Aug 2000
    • 73421
    • 6.0.X

    Feature Request
    • [VBV-4425] - Allow log-in with email address
    • [VBV-9877] - Add moderation/inline moderation to responsive
    • [VBV-13914] - Add option to increase the number of thumbnails shown in a Gallery Post.
    • [VBV-14579] - Option to change titleimage link.
    • [VBV-15459] - Add Font stylevar to control the default size of the .b-post__content CSS class
    • [VBV-15624] - Tools.php - Add Tool to reset Site URLS.
    • [VBV-15715] - Add Options to disable User Mentions Globally and/or by usergroup.

    Improvement Request
    • [VBV-1723] - Update phrase of Welcome Private Message setting
    • [VBV-5756] - PHP Syntax Errors in API files called via {vb:data} should not produce a blank page
    • [VBV-5821] - Ability to set vB_Mail class to send mail as text/html instead of text/plain
    • [VBV-9662] - Products/Hook System description not really clear
    • [VBV-11109] - Default Search View should highlight Topic/Post instead of Channel.
    • [VBV-12035] - Update jQuery to latest stable branch
    • [VBV-13823] - Add a background color for the default content slider background for each new theme
    • [VBV-14495] - Drop title field from widget table
    • [VBV-14538] - Handle PHP Fatal Errors more gracefully (installer).
    • [VBV-14660] - PHP 7 Support
    • [VBV-14749] - Use Javascript and CSS to actually convert XML errors to HTML for proper display on the screen.
    • [VBV-14910] - Delete .htaccess from download package.
    • [VBV-14953] - Black Red theme - page title font looks wrong
    • [VBV-14954] - Black Red theme - change links from blue to red
    • [VBV-15311] - If "Hide Title" is set to Yes, then the Module Header Border should be hidden as well.
    • [VBV-15321] - Refactor Lost Password Recovery.
    • [VBV-15402] - Add warning not to run Route Repair tool unless instructed
    • [VBV-15478] - Paypal Security Updates
    • [VBV-15509] - Unwritable Themes should have an indicator stating so.
    • [VBV-15549] - Table: Style, Field: dateline: Update with date of changes to the Theme. Add Dateline for new Styles.
    • [VBV-15575] - Update default background color for the content slider in the Grunge style
    • [VBV-15576] - Main navigation tab hover color (in header) is not very readable (and seems out of place) in the Grunge style
    • [VBV-15583] - Unclear which directory the User Rank File Path option is relative to
    • [VBV-15588] - Merge "Message Posting Interface Options" with "Message Editing and Posting Options"
    • [VBV-15653] - Remove X-Priority header from outgoing email
    • [VBV-15668] - Add current_user filter to the search JSON
    • [VBV-15673] - Update vb_test.php to check for random_compat compatibility
    • [VBV-15802] - 5.2.1 Beta 1 Update Step 1 needs message.

    • [VBV-13607] - Refactor css.php to remove legacy bootstrap
    • [VBV-15491] - Add index to the email field on the user
    • [VBV-15536] - Add tests for utf8 utilities to vb_tests.php
    • [VBV-15573] - Add random_compat library and replace weak pseudorandom generation in fetch_random_string()
    • [VBV-15582] - Create a separate library function for api key generation.
    • [VBV-15611] - Update MAPI documentation after Mobile 1.11 dev
    • [VBV-15621] - Update build script & email script to include "PUBLIC" in the subject line for public builds

    • [VBV-15344] - Make dialog boxes fit in the viewport correctly at smaller screen sizes.
    • [VBV-15471] - Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP - Part 2
    • [VBV-15566] - PHP Notices from eval()'ed templates (header)
    • [VBV-15568] - Warning on the forum
    • [VBV-15569] - Warning on coversation view
    • [VBV-15572] - Missing argument warning when viewing the message center
    • [VBV-15592] - Warning on groups home page
    • [VBV-15599] - Error popup (undefined index warnings) when creating a Poll
    • [VBV-15613] - Update findupdatedtemplates and add dateline to theme XML files
    • [VBV-15664] - get_vbfromfacebook is implemented but unmapped, and also has wrong return format
    • [VBV-15722] - Login fails in PHP7 due to hex failing is_numeric() check (part of strikes system)
    • [VBV-15728] - Incorrect content-length for sendAsJson()
    • [VBV-15756] - Wysiwyg text to bbcode parsing optimization for extreme numbers of usermentions in a post
    • [VBV-15758] - Global user bbcode enable setting
    • [VBV-15774] - Offload the post-counts error into a warning displayed on frontend instead of a backend exception

    • [VBV-1389] - $setting[contactustype] denies all access to Contact Us Page if set to yes.
    • [VBV-1796] - Text misplaced on Add Ad Module Overlay
    • [VBV-2184] - (Porting from vB4) is_index_word() is not compatible with UTF-8
    • [VBV-2910] - Record online users in admincp statistics will not display the correct date or the number of users
    • [VBV-5257] - Reply box shown in group topic when user is not a member but posting is restricted to group members
    • [VBV-5358] - Login pop up cannot be styled
    • [VBV-5911] - Allow zooming the page in mobile browsers
    • [VBV-6143] - When "Two Header Ads" display is set, the background color of the ads is white
    • [VBV-6295] - Welcome Private Message is not received after moderation or email verification
    • [VBV-6296] - Welcome Private Message edits do not work
    • [VBV-6552] - Error after registering (When welcome PM option is enabled)
    • [VBV-6554] - Welcome PM not being sent
    • [VBV-6636] - CLI Upgrade Script: Phrase is not being translated
    • [VBV-7183] - Responsive: Polls with 4 or more options in search results overlap the poll buttons
    • [VBV-7884] - Broken Image for "My Color Palette" for style generator in the Site Builder.
    • [VBV-7997] - Inconsistent button height on profile page
    • [VBV-8200] - Hooks template name field length is 30 instead 100
    • [VBV-8209] - Style issue if you have no subscribers on your profile
    • [VBV-8475] - Missing image in profiles
    • [VBV-9186] - Incorrect borders on Subscriptions & Subscribers pages on user profiles in Safari
    • [VBV-10458] - Inconsistent error reporting between CLI and AJAX/Web upgrader
    • [VBV-10611] - Installer incorrectly detecting web installation as cli
    • [VBV-10653] - User profile field "Field Editable by User" option is ignored
    • [VBV-10832] - Duplicate content error on registration
    • [VBV-11114] - Conditional is missing to hide ad html when ad conditional isn't true
    • [VBV-11134] - PHP 5.5 support : MySQL >; MySQLi
    • [VBV-11241] - Floating bar is too short
    • [VBV-12719] - Fix or remove the private message content API method addNotification
    • [VBV-12729] - "Tags +" link is not visible on mobile browsers
    • [VBV-13700] - New Topic button disappears on smaller screens for guests
    • [VBV-13943] - User Profile Fields: Field Editable by User "Only At Registration" doesn't work
    • [VBV-14147] - Font in login form on Gradient theme is incorrect
    • [VBV-14183] - Button 'New Topic' disappears on 'phone mode' when you change the Widget module 'Channel Display Module' and you uncheck the 'Latest Activity' tab in Tabs to Display
    • [VBV-14382] - [Responsive] Topic title text overlaps avatar in search results at smaller screen sizes
    • [VBV-14404] - Background gradient for buttons is a fixed height and is not high enough when the buttons are transformed for responsive
    • [VBV-14517] - "See All ..." button text in message center main page is not vertically centered
    • [VBV-14743] - Small screen or Ipad portrait -overlapping containers
    • [VBV-14822] - Include full error information in error emails
    • [VBV-14833] - Auto-redirect to makeconfig.php is not working on new uploads of 5.1.8.
    • [VBV-14920] - Old School Theme Header Broken - Microsoft Edge
    • [VBV-14948] - Validation of users in "user manager" raises an error that is related to welcomepm phrase
    • [VBV-15052] - User Rank Manager - invalid_file_path_specified error when saving edits to rank
    • [VBV-15224] - photoSelectorDialog opens itself at the top of the page, out of the viewport
    • [VBV-15238] - CSS is breaking for guests if no access to root folder.
    • [VBV-15293] - Video module is classified as third party
    • [VBV-15406] - Database error when attempting to delete group in admincp group search
    • [VBV-15430] - fetchBbarrayCookie has incorrect internal caching/memoization
    • [VBV-15436] - API Log ignores Log Entries to Show Per Page value
    • [VBV-15474] - Profile/About Tab: Grey line (bottom) is missing
    • [VBV-15481] - Database errors from session table.
    • [VBV-15488] - Remove modifyprofile.xml template
    • [VBV-15490] - Do not allow blank email when editing/adding users in the admincp.
    • [VBV-15494] - vB_String::toConvert will return null for strings if neither iconv or mbstring are not installed.
    • [VBV-15495] - Ads created by admins without canadmintemplates permission will ignore conditions and always display
    • [VBV-15501] - Add Video Button is not aligned correctly in profile Media
    • [VBV-15510] - There is no text for phrase facebook_user_already_connected
    • [VBV-15524] - Remove reminder code
    • [VBV-15525] - Remove legacy PM tables
    • [VBV-15526] - Remove nodevote table
    • [VBV-15527] - Remove obsolete search tables
    • [VBV-15528] - Log in with Facebook Not Working
    • [VBV-15529] - Unwanted whitespace added at top of topic in responsive
    • [VBV-15532] - Fix fields and indexes in the access table
    • [VBV-15533] - Removed obsolete visitor message tables
    • [VBV-15537] - Profile tabs have no border corners
    • [VBV-15538] - Select from Photo Album has bad error message when there are no albums.
    • [VBV-15543] - Change meta desc for register page
    • [VBV-15547] - Language Pack causing "Invalid server response."
    • [VBV-15548] - Bad phrase on failed password update
    • [VBV-15550] - Search for groups in admincp shows duplicate info
    • [VBV-15554] - Email Body and PM Body links in User Registration Options missing "/admincp"
    • [VBV-15555] - The "Add new stylevar" and "Stylevar template usage" buttons lead to a "invalid URL" error page
    • [VBV-15558] - Clicking on "Infractions" in a user profile gives error "no user specified" [regression]
    • [VBV-15561] - 5.2.0 broke Mobile Suite's user avatar
    • [VBV-15562] - Stray "moderation" text in floating toolbar for guest users
    • [VBV-15563] - User Ranks showing broken image after update to v. 5.2
    • [VBV-15578] - Missing Admincp path in phrase
    • [VBV-15579] - Restore a phrase to its previous data
    • [VBV-15580] - Bad link in phrases
    • [VBV-15584] - Bad change in phrases
    • [VBV-15587] - Content library's getCanModerate could try to call a method on an invalid object in certain cases
    • [VBV-15591] - Customer Ads are not appearing after upgrade to 5.2.0
    • [VBV-15593] - Edit button of Conversation Detail Module does not work
    • [VBV-15595] - Bad link in currently_x_customized_templates_updated
    • [VBV-15596] - Notices on activation page
    • [VBV-15597] - Typo in javascript file
    • [VBV-15598] - Unwanted markup displayed in the Edit Site Logo dialog in sitebuilder
    • [VBV-15600] - Private Message search not working
    • [VBV-15601] - Results of Search in admincp gives results with broken links
    • [VBV-15605] - Template widget_top_active_users sets a local loop variable "user" which overwrites the global "user" (currently logged in user) variable
    • [VBV-15607] - Statistics ->; Top Statistics, Most Replied To Thread and Most Popular forum have bad links.
    • [VBV-15609] - DB needs index on the dateline column of searchlog table
    • [VBV-15610] - Handle PHP Errors more gracefully (application).
    • [VBV-15614] - Attempting to delete a media album results in error
    • [VBV-15622] - CLI upgrader does not show an error when no database is found.
    • [VBV-15629] - Hard-coded "remove" and "edit" in blogadmin_adminsettings template
    • [VBV-15632] - If the qtip function can't get a valid nodeid, it will still attempt to request a value from the server
    • [VBV-15633] - Improper text in .htaccess file (htaccess.txt).
    • [VBV-15635] - Uncaught TypeError from getUserMention
    • [VBV-15639] - Products page incorrectly redirects after import
    • [VBV-15642] - Usermention's username autosuggest box does not dismiss after clicking on a name
    • [VBV-15645] - Incorrect URL for css_editor.css
    • [VBV-15646] - Error saving forums in site builder when admin does not have permission to view
    • [VBV-15648] - Some steps output "No message" in installer (regression)
    • [VBV-15649] - "Mark Channels Read" and "Mark This Channel Read" links turn to grey (regression)
    • [VBV-15650] - "Mark This Channel Read" link is displayed above "No topics found" message
    • [VBV-15651] - All popup dialogu boxes have an X button in the top right corner (regression)
    • [VBV-15652] - Buttons in new media album popup are bigger (regression)
    • [VBV-15656] - Double bottom border in module selected tab (regression)
    • [VBV-15657] - Save Page panel opens below other panels rather than in their place (regression)
    • [VBV-15661] - Importing a page that matches an existing guid creates a new unique id
    • [VBV-15679] - Cancel and confirm buttons don't work on photo selection dialog
    • [VBV-15680] - Photo select dialog has broken formatting
    • [VBV-15685] - Improper gradient in Black Red Theme.
    • [VBV-15686] - Buttons in the search module are bigger (regression)
    • [VBV-15687] - Tools.php doesn't work if bburl is wrong
    • [VBV-15696] - Warning on the Create New Article page
    • [VBV-15698] - Warning on the message center infractions page
    • [VBV-15705] - Photo lightbox repeatedly refreshes and is unusable (regression)
    • [VBV-15707] - vbulletin 5.2.1 update php7 An internal error has occurred and the module cannot be displayed.
    • [VBV-15714] - Update old mysql constants to mysqli
    • [VBV-15723] - Usergroup permissions list uses wrong permission to check list of "canmoderate" channels
    • [VBV-15726] - Editing or deleting a Group Category gives an error page
    • [VBV-15745] - Buttons in Edit Post Signature are missing spacing (regression)
    • [VBV-15748] - Phrasing issues with Login credentials type option
    • [VBV-15749] - "You have entered an invalid.." login error always uses username
    • [VBV-15750] - Admin CP and Mod CP login screen always uses "User Name" regardless of login type
    • [VBV-15751] - Log in with email address when multiple users have the same email address
    • [VBV-15754] - Admin/Mod CP login screen pre-filled with username when Login credential type is set to only email
    • [VBV-15761] - Notice: Non-static method should not be called statically in /includes/vb5/template/runtime.php on line 541
    • [VBV-15763] - Investigate why the non-public attatchgallerythumbs setting is available in the template
    • [VBV-15776] - Make the attatchgallerythumbs setting public
    • [VBV-15788] - Warning "illegal string offset" when viewing forum
    • [VBV-15796] - Incorrect numbering in 5.2.1 Alpha 2 upgrade steps
    • [VBV-15806] - tableprefix.php doesn't work.
    • [VBV-15817] - Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Function name must be a string in /includes/vb5/template/bbcode.php:1689
    • [VBV-15844] - REGRESSION: Proceed button when spam deleting a post does nothing (deletion fails)
    • [VBV-15847] - Unwanted markup displayed in sitebuilder dialog for confirming deletion of ads
    • [VBV-15849] - 5.2.1 rc1: Search Module ->; Topic View Looks wrong
    • [VBV-15856] - Regression: "Cache Templates As Files" throws error
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    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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