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vBulletin 5.1.8 Connect is now available.

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  • vBulletin 5.1.8 Connect is now available.

    We're happy to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.8. All together over 100 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.8. While most of these issues are bug fixes, there are a few enhancements to the software.

    Interface Updates
    Several updates to the interface have been applied to the software. These include:
    • Indicator in which topics user has posted [VBV-4849]: Topics will now show a green check mark on the status indicator for users that have posted in the topic.
    • Front End Interface for HTML State [VBV-7616]: For those users with permission to post HTML directly, they can now choose whether that permission is applied on each post that they make. This should give greater control over creating content on your sites.
    • Change Style & Templates navigation block to Styles & Themes [VBV-14530]: To correspond with changes in the functionality of the Style and Templates area for Cloud customers, the terminology has been updated. This is only a phrasing change and does not affect any functionality on Cloud or Standard licenses.
    • Send notification to end user on content quote [VBV-3889]: Users should now get a notification when their posts are quoted within a topic.
    • Various fixes have been applied to Attachments and viewing attachments so that permissions are properly applied.
    • Debug options not working in admincp [VBV-14601]: Debugging should now work properly in the AdminCP

    MariaDB Support
    While MariaDB has been a drop in replacement for MySQL for many years, vBulletin 5 has never actually supported this database engine. Recently the versioning on MariaDB has diverged from MySQL. This can cause problems down the road. Starting with 5.1.8, the installation tools will specifically check for MariaDB versions. Minimum version supported is 5.1.5. To use MariaDB with your vBulletin installation, all you need to do is update your /core/includes/config.php file to point to a MariaDB database server.

    Legacy API - Mobile Apps
    To improve functionality with the mobile apps, a number of fixed have been applied to the legacy API in vBulletin 5. This will allow these functions to behave more appropriately and return improved JSON data so the Mobile Apps can parse the data better.

    We are continuing ongoing work to update responsive display on mobile devices.[list][*]Updates have been made where text is supposed to wrap or truncate in order to provide a better display in limited space.[*]Avatars are now used instead of topic status icons in thread views.[*]Changes to the Content Slider have been made for a better display on responsive devices.[*]The time has been added to Last Post Information.

    More information can be found here

    Discuss this release here:
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    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API

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    Feature Request
    • VBV-3889 - Send notification to end user on content quote
    • VBV-4849 - Indicator in which topics user has posted

    Improvement Request
    • VBV-7616 - Front End Interface for HTML State
    • VBV-9070 - "subscription_viewsubscription" response doesn't include subscribed blogs
    • VBV-9449 - (mobile) Only ten private messages display in the apps.
    • VBV-11466 - Install with GZIP compression off by default.
    • VBV-14145 - Change colour of postbit userinfo section in Gradient theme
    • VBV-14524 - Add avatar to topic list in smaller responsive sizes
    • VBV-14530 - Change Style & Templates navigation block to Styles & Themes
    • VBV-14651 - 'Posted' status indicator: Add time (hour, minutes) to the last post info
    • VBV-14673 - Support MariaDB

    • VBV-371 - Upgrade Script Step Numbering is incorrect for some steps
    • VBV-996 - Admin CP date pickers are broken
    • VBV-5591 - Broken UTF-8 sequences cause AJAX requests to fail
    • VBV-8072 - Cannot delete PMs via admincp
    • VBV-9265 - Photos add to albums are not displayed in activity stream.
    • VBV-9329 - searching blog comments also searches blog entries.
    • VBV-9489 - private_insertpm strips line breaks on submit
    • VBV-9680 - Messages Sidebar css is using the wrong stylevar
    • VBV-10309 - When open_basedir restrictions are in effect, we cannot use chdir('./../'); it will cause a permissions error
    • VBV-10556 - Fix old nodes rawtext with incorrect [attach] and filedataid [img]
    • VBV-10686 - Inserted images on a blog are not included in the response of blog_blog
    • VBV-10693 - (Mobile) Code, PHP, and HTML BB Codes - Tag is missing before content block
    • VBV-10740 - Subscription notification text does not wrap/truncate in responsive view
    • VBV-11829 - If you insert the same image into a post more than once, it will only show the image once
    • VBV-12051 - Attachments inserted inline are not clickable and duplicated in the attachment box
    • VBV-12061 - Can't delete Replacement Variables when not having canadmintemplates admin permission
    • VBV-12254 - Filter by Subscriptions won't return any result
    • VBV-12255 - Attempting to upload smilie in Admin CP of vBCloud fails with Invalid File Path Specified error
    • VBV-12257 - Attaching a picture to a reply will produce "Connection error. Please try again later"
    • VBV-12258 - Blogs Popular tab doesn't seem to display only popular posts
    • VBV-12473 - requests to mobile api call activity fail
    • VBV-12606 - api_init should return "BlogEntry" value in contenttypes
    • VBV-12660 - newreply_newreply is missing "checked" block in JSON
    • VBV-13017 - After changing logo image, started getting an undefined index message on home page
    • VBV-13444 - Mobile API may be returning incorrect data for image attachments/apps
    • VBV-13562 - When Logo is uploaded, it won't be resized if its over the limit
    • VBV-13928 - When creating a topic, the tagging UI is removed in responsive and not restored when exiting responsive mode
    • VBV-14256 - Following and accepted follow notifications are not deleted if the sender is deleted
    • VBV-14258 - Deleting an user does not delete notification records of notifications they received
    • VBV-14259 - Deleting an user does not update the sender ID in the notification table to 0
    • VBV-14306 - tools.php login screen doesn't load proper logo if tools.php is accessed via /admincp/tools.php
    • VBV-14307 - After logging into tools.php, there is no CSS on the resulting page if accessing via /admincp/tools.php
    • VBV-14401 - "Template Overwrite" option missing in sitebuilder in some cases
    • VBV-14423 - Sometimes admin gets logged out of admincp and gets not_logged_no_permission error
    • VBV-14440 - "Birthday" phrase uses wrong phrase varname in profile About tab
    • VBV-14441 - Clean up CSS for interconnected widgets, specifically for widget borders on the message center & user profile pages
    • VBV-14448 - Datastore Row Size Too Large when you have relatively small number of themes/styles.
    • VBV-14462 - User Profile: Phrase for filter user only
    • VBV-14502 - Update Exception Thrown in vb5/route/channel/php lines 21-24
    • VBV-14527 - Incorrect Path in Install/Upgrade Phrases.
    • VBV-14539 - Themes in theme selector show in a vertical stack
    • VBV-14540 - Get rid of old, unused frontend files
    • VBV-14551 - CSS Class filter-header is using the wrong style variable.
    • VBV-14554 - 404 for css_b_content_slider_wrapper.css
    • VBV-14556 - Error in Channel XML Files.
    • VBV-14559 - Images added via camera in mobile APP is missing filename, causes permission errors when viewing as a regular user because the extension check uses the filename
    • VBV-14560 - PHP Fatal error: Class 'vB5_Exception_404' not found in core/attachment.php
    • VBV-14562 - Forum Status Icon shows 'new posts' on forum with no permission to view
    • VBV-14582 - Map "not_logged_no_permission" mapi error to "nopermission_loggedout"
    • VBV-14587 - Content Slider paragraph section may cause CSS styling issues due to invalid HTML
    • VBV-14591 - "Relevance" phrase variable has a capital letter in conversation_toolbar (causes hardcoded phrase)
    • VBV-14601 - Debug options not working in admincp
    • VBV-14602 - The slider clutters the web on mobiles.
    • VBV-14609 - Youtube short urls not embedding- only showing as a link.
    • VBV-14612 - comments_total return field for blog searchbits missing in search_showresults
    • VBV-14613 - api_init should return "Article" value in contenttypes
    • VBV-14618 - Double encoding on topic titles in the content slider
    • VBV-14633 - Undefined index notices in attach api & lib
    • VBV-14637 - View count is wrong on MAPI thread return
    • VBV-14644 - MAPI incorrectly returns nopermission_loggedin when user is logged out.
    • VBV-14646 - HTML code is converted to BB code when posted with the app
    • VBV-14647 - Content slider resized incorrectly when switching orientation on mobile
    • VBV-14650 - 'Posted' status indicator: phrase_today_0 on mouseover
    • VBV-14652 - Groups: Description in Post Settings/Subscriber Requests has wrong formatting
    • VBV-14653 - Database error when invalid channelid passed to search
    • VBV-14657 - Blogs will not show in the mobile APP
    • VBV-14659 - Facebook connect doesn't work on mobile apps
    • VBV-14661 - Missing functions in vB_Api_Vb4_Album
    • VBV-14665 - "There appears to be a connection issue between your device and.." error on My profile
    • VBV-14669 - Facebook connect and disconnect do not work in mobile App
    • VBV-14676 - Attachment images inserted into page 2+ in articles show up in the attachments list on page 1
    • VBV-14683 - mariadb gives rise to a bug in version checking
    • VBV-14727 - (Regression) PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function check_template_errors() in core\vb\library\template.php on line 765
    • VBV-14745 - Notifications for Visitor Messages are linking incorrectly.
    • VBV-14769 - Subscription/Subscribers page styling broken in user profiles (regression)
    • VBV-14770 - Advanced Search page shows 3 extraneous content types (regression)

    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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      Updated Templates

      css_profile.css 5.1.8 Alpha 6
      css_responsive.css 5.1.8 Alpha 6
      Translations provided by Google.

      Wayne Luke
      The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
      vBulletin 5 API


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        Updated Phrases

        Translations provided by Google.

        Wayne Luke
        The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
        vBulletin 5 API


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