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vBulletin 5.1.7 Beta 1 is now available.

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  • vBulletin 5.1.7 Beta 1 is now available.

    We're happy to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.7 Beta 1. All together over 100 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.7 Alpha 5. While most of these issues are bug fixes, there are a few enhancements to the software.

    The handling of how notifications are marked read has changed. When visiting the item that triggered the notification, it will be marked as read automatically. This will remove it from your list of new notifications. If you need to view a dismissed notification, you can do so by using the new filtering functions on the notifications page. In addition, on the notifications page, you can mark them as read or dismissed. Old dismissed notifications will be automatically deleted every 30 days. VBV-2545

    An option has been added to disable sending notifications via the User Mention functionality (which was added in 5.1.5). User Mentions will still link to the user's profile if this is enabled. VBV-14200

    Minimum Version Checks
    There was an issue with the minimum version checks for PHP and MySQL in the install and upgrade scripts. This has been changed and the minimum version for both will now be upheld.
    See JIRA: VBV-13757

    PHP Minimum Version: PHP 5.4.0
    MySQL Minimum Version: MySQL Community 5.1.5

    Sphinx Search
    Minimum Version: 2.1.2 Release
    Due to changes between the beta version and release version of 2.1.2, we can no longer support the beta version. The minimum version has been increased to reflect this. Without upgrading Sphinx, you will experience errors when searching is attempted. See JIRA: VBV-14501

    Rebuild Index
    Due to filter changes for prefixes, you must rebuild your Sphinx index with vBulletin 5.1.7. See JIRA: VBV-14443

    In order for this fix to take effect you will need update the sphinx schema for the index. You can do this by.
    • Follow the instructions to create the vbulletin sphinx configuration file found in the sphinx installation instructions for your OS. (Use the new vbulletin_sphinx.php file provided with this version of vBulletin).
    • Restart sphinx.
    • Copy searchindex.php to your core vbulletin directory.
    • Run "php searchindex.php". You will need to run this as a user with sufficient privileges to run sphinx index commands. Select the correct vbulletin core directory (you can probably use the default) and choose to empty the search index (otherwise the schema will not be recreated from the config)
    • Remove the searchindex.php file.
    The board will continue to function while the index operation is running, but search will return no results or incomplete results until it finishes.

    Hide Modules
    Options have been added to hide modules in Responsive Mode based on the display screen. Currently there are three sizes which relate to portrait sizes of various devices. Small (< 480 pixels), Medium (< 768 pixels) and Desktop. VBV-2126

    Display Issues
    Many display and layout issues have been fixed in Responsive. These range from overlapping text to long URLs escaping the page boundaries. You can see a list of these issues using this filter

    Discuss this release here:
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    Release Notes - vBulletin 5 - Version 5.1.7

    Feature Request
    • VBV-2126 - Add option to hide Module in Responsive.
    • VBV-2545 - Allow to set notifications as read without delete them
    • VBV-14200 - No option to turn off user mention notifications

    Improvement Request
    • VBV-4958 - Shouldn't have to delete notifications
    • VBV-5602 - Show which notifications have been read by user. Also, how to "read" or "view" a notification in order to remove it from the unread queue (without deleting it) is unclear.
    • VBV-10493 - Improvements on notifications
    • VBV-10802 - Refine Topic List for the small screen
    • VBV-11655 - Improved web.config to deal with multiple inheriting rewrite rules in IIS
    • VBV-12213 - Don't hide the Last Post column on the Forum Directory when in Mobile view
    • VBV-12918 - Fix to remove the tcat blue text links
    • VBV-13757 - Update minum php version and fix mysql minimum version check (title changed)
    • VBV-13847 - Remove topic and post count, from forum display in reponsive
    • VBV-13872 - Add the concept of "standard" module config options
    • VBV-14296 - Remove RSS icon on forum home page when in responsive
    • VBV-14297 - Allow forum titles to wrap to 2 (or perhaps 3) lines on the forum home page in responsive
    • VBV-14356 - Update 516a5 upgrade steps outputs to display more than just the affected count
    • VBV-14371 - Add explicit background to debug information.
    • VBV-14372 - .slideshow .caption needs to have a defined background color.
    • VBV-14491 - Automatically limit queries via getRow to a single row
    • VBV-14505 - Improve performance of 516a5 upgrade steps

    New Feature
    • VBV-5762 - Implement "reading/viewing" of notifications and read/unread background color indicators in notifications list.
    • VBV-14465 - Need route repair utility

    • VBV-14251 - Flag orphan/remaining notifications for delete
    • VBV-14383 - Update "Forum Comment on post " for 517
    • VBV-14475 - Add unit test for adminconfig compilation in the widget import class
    • VBV-14504 - Readjust 517 upgrade steps using the large database

    • VBV-3443 - Changing the layout of Profile, Private Message and VM Detail pages from 30-70 to 70-30 layout has no effect
    • VBV-4372 - Notification counts in header only update on refresh when deleting them
    • VBV-6769 - Topic icon misaligned in topic list
    • VBV-6794 - Long titles without spaces cause display issues in responvie
    • VBV-7184 - Responsive: Search results pagination text overlaps
    • VBV-7332 - Notifications page will not display a default message
    • VBV-8814 - Message Center button text misplaced with Android device
    • VBV-9511 - Opening a direct FAQ link doesn't show the right FAQ title on the menu
    • VBV-9852 - Make Wide Column Appear Before Narrow Column In Responsive/Mobile View
    • VBV-10043 - "Select from Photo Album" displayed wrong in responsive mode
    • VBV-10454 - Help/Faq doesn't work in Responsive
    • VBV-10725 - Responsive - Button text misaligned in Messages page
    • VBV-10728 - The footer links are not diplayed correctly
    • VBV-10729 - Popular Tags popup is cut off in responsive display
    • VBV-10737 - Long comments and posts extend out of text box in responsive view
    • VBV-10848 - Pagination / Editor buttons issues with mobile devices
    • VBV-11240 - Search button in the help isn't being displayed correctly
    • VBV-11925 - Long links breaks mobile style (Responsive)
    • VBV-12285 - Long forum titles overlap tools and controls on the Forum List.
    • VBV-12849 - css_additional.css not included in css.php call for quick edit
    • VBV-13066 - Clicking on the Media tab from a user page, will re-fetch the default css, but not additional.css
    • VBV-13841 - Long titled entries show on their own line in responsive
    • VBV-13842 - Content LIB's getRawContent() should validate contenttypeids of its nodes
    • VBV-13869 - Responsive doesn't work for the slideshow
    • VBV-13946 - Most Users Ever Online tied directly to cache.
    • VBV-13968 - The message center page uses the narrow/wide layout, then hard-codes CSS to override the layout
    • VBV-13978 - Text in phrase "No user is online now" is strange
    • VBV-13998 - "Go To Top" link does not appear in Responsive.
    • VBV-14093 - First link in Locale description is not correct anymore
    • VBV-14131 - The nodeid column on the attach table needs unique index
    • VBV-14138 - The 'No One has voted for this option yet. Be the first one to vote' is a hard coded english line.
    • VBV-14151 - IIS Rewrite code Main Redirect is incorrect
    • VBV-14167 - PHP Warnings in Logs
    • VBV-14194 - Notifications cannot be deleted when navigating through pages
    • VBV-14197 - Clean up unnecesary phrase stored queries.
    • VBV-14213 - Not receiving notifications for comments on different reply in the same topic by someone else (regression)
    • VBV-14234 - Upgrader : 500 A14 Multiple errors in steps.
    • VBV-14242 - Remove obsolete datamanager classes
    • VBV-14244 - Clean up datamanager initialization
    • VBV-14249 - "PHP Fatal error: Class 'vB_QueueMail' not found" when running RSS feed poster
    • VBV-14253 - Should consider removing datastore forumcache records
    • VBV-14257 - "Guest" in notifications links to baseurl
    • VBV-14261 - "Guest" in Members in this Conversation popup links to baseurl
    • VBV-14276 - Duplicate fetchSmilies queries in the same querydef file
    • VBV-14278 - doMembersCount in the blog api not correctly summing the numbers
    • VBV-14285 - The sendAsJson function in applicationLight has gotten out of sync with sendAsJson in the main controller
    • VBV-14286 - RSS icon not lined up with form title text.
    • VBV-14295 - Issues in vb_test.php file
    • VBV-14299 - Approved status incorrect when flagging Spam by keyword.
    • VBV-14300 - Remove legacy vB_Akismet class after confirming that it's not used
    • VBV-14301 - PHP Errors(warnings/etc) are not logged to the system logger if they are displayed
    • VBV-14313 - Notice in usercontext code
    • VBV-14315 - vB_Mail_Test references the undefined $this->counter, causing a warning
    • VBV-14323 - Warning in calculateChannelStatistics
    • VBV-14334 - Sitemap generation in cron
    • VBV-14354 - AJAX thread title edit accesses nodes via incorrect content type class, triggering the new "incorrect_content_class_called" exception
    • VBV-14358 - Admin CP search points to the wrong part of a setting, when clicking through to the setting
    • VBV-14368 - Incorrect $this->$this-> call (typo)
    • VBV-14405 - [Tag API] getAutocomplete() does not respect the limitstart and limitnumber params
    • VBV-14406 - In the getPopularTags query method the searchStr should be escaped with escape_string_like instead of escape_string
    • VBV-14418 - Notification folder issues in responsive view
    • VBV-14425 - Remove obsolete line in Messages/Notifications
    • VBV-14433 - Change setting titles for "Notification" and "Blog" to be little more consistent
    • VBV-14435 - cssDate not set properly when saving styles
    • VBV-14443 - Sphinx Error - unsupported filter type 'string' on string column
    • VBV-14446 - Tag unit test needs help.
    • VBV-14470 - notificationFadeIn() fails if "Add Template Name in HTML Comments" is turned on
    • VBV-14476 - Inherited widget config items don't seem to be displaying for search-based widgets
    • VBV-14483 - Font size of usernames in the "X others" notification popup is smaller (regression)
    • VBV-14498 - Database error on vbcom db upgrade
    • VBV-14509 - Ghost module shows up in new/edit page when installing 5.1.7
    • VBV-14512 - Deleting an user who liked a post results in notifications displaying "Guest and -1 others" (regression)
    • VBV-14514 - Notifications from deleted users display no username (regression)
    • VBV-14603 - PHP fatal error when calling RSS feeds
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    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API - Full / Mobile
    Vote for your favorite feature requests and the bugs you want to see fixed.


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