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vBulletin Connect 5.1.6 Beta 2 Released

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  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin 5.1.6 Beta 2 is now available to all customers.

    Please note this thread on deprecating some older versions of vBulletin 5.

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  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin 5.1.6 Beta 1 is available to all customers with a current vBulletin 5 license.

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  • Wayne Luke
    vBulletin 5.1.6 Beta 1 is currently running on this site. Please let us know if posting times have improved.

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  • Wayne Luke
    Feature Request
    • [VBV-2613] - Ajax edit thread title by doubleclick is missing

    Improvement Request
    • [VBV-242] - When switching from 70/30 to 30/70 layouts, exisitng widgets should swap sides.
    • [VBV-8075] - End of File indicator
    • [VBV-9684] - Lightbox should open to full screen
    • [VBV-13438] - Who's Online: Please add avatars
    • [VBV-13980] - Improve wording for the "No birthdays." message when the Today's Birthdays module is empty
    • [VBV-14090] - Update the filters in message center's notification folder

    • [VBV-2335] - (Porting from vB4) console unintentionally disabled by vbulletin-core.js
    • [VBV-2358] - (Porting from vB4) Empty Table Shown in Admin CP User Profile View
    • [VBV-2375] - (Porting from vB4) $vbphrase not in the scope in includes/class_stylevar.php
    • [VBV-2673] - No simple way to view a photo full-size
    • [VBV-2899] - Maintenance: "Rebuild Styles" text is being displayed in blue
    • [VBV-3186] - Contact Us "reset fields" buttons don't do anything
    • [VBV-4291] - Modcp logo link broken
    • [VBV-4511] - Quick style chooser not hidden for non-admins if "Allow Users To Change Styles" is set to No
    • [VBV-4529] - Commenting on a reply sends two notifications to user
    • [VBV-7392] - Notifications - "1 others" should be "1 other", or just state the name of the other user who liked/replied to a post
    • [VBV-9670] - Users can no longer be notified of new pm's via email
    • [VBV-10540] - Smilies and Images not working in mobile editor
    • [VBV-10912] - Message Center Display Broken and Unusable in Responsive iOS
    • [VBV-11094] - Restore vBulletin php header/footer nodes, for diagnostic reasons
    • [VBV-12255] - Attempting to upload smilie in Admin CP of vBCloud fails with Invalid File Path Specified error
    • [VBV-12801] - ajax requests for the cron can hold connections open, slowing page load time down.
    • [VBV-12811] - Link "Add" function displays Undefined index notice
    • [VBV-13091] - Lightbox/gallery display is ugly
    • [VBV-13275] - XSS on debug mode
    • [VBV-13437] - Who's Online: Entries are not aligned correctly
    • [VBV-13599] - Black video thumbnail with functional play button
    • [VBV-13611] - When Private messaging is disabled, notifications cannot be deleted
    • [VBV-13776] - Translating footer_current_time causes variables to be unparsed.
    • [VBV-13782] - Content slider - Improve responsive handling
    • [VBV-13790] - CSS files not written correctly when importing a style/theme and CSS is stored as files
    • [VBV-13824] - 500 alpha 22 step 1 running out of memory
    • [VBV-13830] - Missing phrase for "Log Actions" on the Scheduled Task create/edit screen
    • [VBV-13864] - Inefficient query on channel creation.
    • [VBV-13894] - Remove obsolete unit tests
    • [VBV-13902] - Clean up unused functions
    • [VBV-13948] - RSS Feed Manager doesn't recognise user id that does the posting in notifications
    • [VBV-13976] - Remove text "No user is online now" at bottom of What's Going On module
    • [VBV-13977] - If the Top Active Users module is empty it displays the text " No user is online now. "
    • [VBV-13996] - css_b_table_row.css missing in users online
    • [VBV-14019] - Add a console error if the current page being edited has a page template with no title
    • [VBV-14029] - ImageMagick is trying to resize/thumbnail .doc attachments
    • [VBV-14052] - Cannot instantiate abstract class vB_Database with Sphinx Search indexing file
    • [VBV-14055] - vB_StopForumSpam - Missing argument 1 for vB_vURL::vB_vURL()
    • [VBV-14059] - Incorrect help text for Add New Forum section in Admin CP
    • [VBV-14091] - Redundant "others" in two notification phrases
    • [VBV-14102] - Incorrect "post-date" field in notification detail
    • [VBV-14104] - Notification ("Like&quot not formatted correctly anymore
    • [VBV-14132] - Notification about a 2nd comment displays the wrong username
    • [VBV-14142] - After upgrading ads disappear and need to re-saved to display again
    • [VBV-14165] - PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method vB_Library_BbCode::handle_bbcode_user() in .../core/vb/library/bbcode.php on line 1441
    • [VBV-14166] - Log Errors to a File is Broken
    • [VBV-14169] - PHP Fatal error: Class 'vB' not found
    • [VBV-14181] - Quick user finder in modcp is broken
    • [VBV-14210] - Notification folder max page in the toolbar is incorrect
    • [VBV-14215] - Typo in x_and_one_other_rated_y and x_and_y_others_rated_z - "likes" rather than "like"
    • [VBV-14217] - "See All Notifications" button in message center's summary area broken
    • [VBV-14239] - Some new notification phrases contain the word "thread" rather than "topic"
    • [VBV-14241] - Notifications older than today still displayed under "Today" in message center (regression)

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  • Wayne Luke
    started a topic vBulletin Connect 5.1.6 Beta 2 Released

    vBulletin Connect 5.1.6 Beta 2 Released

    We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.6. All together over 80 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.6. While most of these issues are bug fixes, there are a few enhancements to the software.

    Warning: It is not recommended to upgrade production sites to Alpha or Beta level software. Doing so may result in data loss on subsequent updates

    Lightbox Improvements
    The lightbox for Gallery posts has been improved. The overall layout has been improved with better control placement. This has allowed a larger window and better image display. Clicking or tapping on the image will show it full size in the same browser tab.

    Notification Improvements
    Notifications Refactor 5.1.6
    In order to handle some performance issues related to posting, the notifications subsystem has been refactored. When vBulletin 5 was originally developed, the notifications system was built on top of the private message system. That was built on the node system. This created a lot of overhead that was not needed and impacted performance. To resolve this, we have refactored the notifications system and separated it completely from Private Messages and the Node system. This not only allows us to improve performance when posting but allows us to expand the Notifications system in the future. The current refactor is to replace the existing functionality with performance in mind.

    New Tables:
    • notification
    • notificationcategory
    • notificationtype
    Known Issues:
    • Notifications created prior to the vBulletin 5.1.6 Alpha upgrade may not work. Upgrade steps will be added to resolve this.
    • Read Marking of notifications has not been improved. This is being worked on in 5.1.7.
    Discuss this release here:

    This version is available to all vBulletin 5 Customers.

    Warning: It is not recommended to upgrade production sites to Alpha or Beta level software. Doing so may result in data loss on subsequent updates
    Last edited by Wayne Luke; Tue 10 Feb '15, 7:56am.

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