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vBulletin Connect 5.1.5 is now available.

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  • vBulletin Connect 5.1.5 is now available.

    We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.5. This is a maintenance release focused on resolving issues within the software. All together over 145 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.5. In addition to fixing outstanding issues, we've added a few new features and continue to update existing features.

    PHP Minimum Version
    Due to changes in required third-party libraries, the minimum required version of vBulletin 5.1.5 and higher will be PHP 5.4.0. Also at this time, PHP 5.3.X has reached end of life and will no longer be updated. It is recommended to upgrade your servers to 5.4.0.

    Facebook Connect Updates
    Facebook Connect in vBulletin 5.1.5 has been reworked and updated to the latest version of the Facebook API. As of December 31st 2014, Facebook will no longer accept Connect Apps under the old API. As of April 30th 2015, Facebook will no longer communicate with Facebook Connect implemented in versions of vBulletin prior to vBulletin 5.1.5. This update reworks how Facebook is integrated into vBulletin 5.1.5 completely down to the CSS in order to provide a better user experience across the board.

    User Mentions and Notifications.
    New BBCode has been added to handle User Mentions in content using either the name or . When using the name style, you will be given a lookup list of usernames to choose from.
    Usage: @%username%
    Example Usage: @"John Doe"
    John Doe
    Example Output: @[a href="#"]John Doe[/a]
    @[a href="#"]John[/a] Doe
    @[a href="#"]John Doe[/a]

    New Modules in vBulletin 5.1.5
    vBulletin Connect 5.1.5 introduces two new modules that you can use on your pages. New installations also receive two new search modules placed on the Blog and Group pages to show your blog and group activity. I'll go over how to create these search modules on your pre-existing installation later.

    Content Slider Module
    This module was requested a lot by vBulletin 5 customers. By default it allows you to show featured content anywhere on your site in an image slideshow format. Currently this is very easy to setup with few options but those can be expanded in the future if there is demand.

    First we need to feature some content. Go to an article, topic or blog entry and you can feature content by using the inline moderation tools. Select the Topic menu and click on the "Feature Topic". See the screenshot below.

    Once you have a few topics featured enter Site Builder and edit the page where you want to add your Content Slider. Drag the content slider to the location you want to place it on your page at. We recommend a wide or 100% column. Once placed, it should look like the image below:

    Advanced Settings
    You can configure this using a JSON Search String. These can be created by typing out the JSON string or using a search module to configure your options and then clicking the advanced tab to get the string. We hope to improve the functionality for this module in the future.

    Statistics Module
    The statistics module from vBulletin 4 and earlier has been recreated to fit in with Site Builder. You can place this module wherever modules can be placed. The statistics module does not have any specific options at this time except for the ability to give it a custom title. It does share the hide title option with all other modules.

    New Modules and Upgraded vBulletin Installations.
    Upgraded installations may not see these new modules immediately. Here are the instructions to add them to your pages.
    1. Click "Edit Site" in the top right corner to open the Site Builder.
    2. Click "Edit Page".
    3. Click the Module tab of the Edit Page interface.
    4. Find the module you want and drag it to the screen.
    5. Drop it where you want to show.
    6. To configure the module, click the "Edit Module" icon on the module itself. It looks like an old-fashioned pen.

    My Groups and My Blogs
    With the default installation, two new modules are added. One for blogs and one for groups. They are designed to show the blogs and groups that you own. There are instructions on how to recreate these modules for upgrades below. The modules themselves are simply searches built using JSON search strings. However they use new filters made available in vBulletin 5.1.5 to achieve their affect.

    To create these modules on existing forums that are upgraded, follow these steps:
    1) Using Site Builder edit the page you want to place the modules on. By design, these would be either the Blog or Group pages.
    2) Add a Search Module.
    3) Edit the module and click the "Switch to Advanced Editor" link at the top.
    4) Choose your options:
    Title: My Blogs
    Results: 5
    JSON: {"my_channels":{"type":"blog"},"sort":{"lastcontent":"desc"}}

    Title: My Groups
    Results: 5
    JSON: {"my_channels":{"type":"group"},"sort":{"lastcontent":"desc"}}

    5) Save the module and then save the page.

    New Style Variables
    In order to accomodate these new themes, 26 new stylevars have been added. These can be used to create your own themes or styles. You can find a complete list of style variables in vBulletin 5.1.5 can be found here:

    vBulletin Cloud
    Upgrades on vBulletin Cloud sites will begin later this week. If you are a vBulletin Cloud customer, you will receive an email before the upgrade starts and another after it is completed.

    Security Patches
    All previous security patches have been integrated into vBulletin Connect 5.1.5

    Customers can discuss this release here:
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    Feature Request
    • [VBV-1956] - User Mentions and Notifications.
    • [VBV-2431] - (vB 4.2 Functionality Loss) No Cron based email sending
    • [VBV-13638] - Add on/off switch in notifications for user mentions/tagging
    • [VBV-13772] - Remove canuseallmaintenance requirement from admincp truncate signature cache
    • [VBV-14015] - Add option to control height of the content slider.

    Improvement Request
    • [VBV-3380] - Custom version numbering for {vb:js}
    • [VBV-5357] - No padding on left and right side of activity stream content
    • [VBV-6352] - Allow {vb:data} to set array values with the dot syntax
    • [VBV-7948] - Change navigation to use small caps, instead of all caps
    • [VBV-12241] - Facebook login button clickable area too small
    • [VBV-13102] - Rename "Safe Mode Temporary Directory" option to "Open_BaseDir Temporary Directory"
    • [VBV-13508] - Remove the sitebuilder "Page Map"
    • [VBV-13554] - Change "Attachment Manager" to "Attachment Type Manager"
    • [VBV-13634] - Update phrases take_<X>_request_accepted to be less robot-overlord-y
    • [VBV-13642] - Help page - user mentions
    • [VBV-13714] - Add the stats module to the home page by default?
    • [VBV-13744] - Allow Ranks images to be absolute URLs instead of file paths
    • [VBV-13752] - Content slider - Add a default background for use in the content slider if the matched content has no image
    • [VBV-13754] - Scale and center background images for Featured Slider
    • [VBV-13758] - Content slider - Change default search criteria to explicitly order the featured content items so the most recent are returned first
    • [VBV-13761] - Change font properties on both navbars
    • [VBV-14008] - Rename "Indigo Grey" Theme to Denim
    • [VBV-14009] - Rename "Yellow Aqua" theme to "Old School"
    • [VBV-14020] - Gradient Theme's background should have a fixed background attachment.
    • [VBV-14116] - Selecting a user in the new 'User mention' is not friendly and needs improvement.

    New Feature

    • [VBV-13415] - Facebook API retiring soon, need to update
    • [VBV-13526] - Additional Color Combination Themes
    • [VBV-13594] - Remove front end docs directory
    • [VBV-13791] - Refactor createcontent controller
    • [VBV-14125] - Post patch cleanup for vB_Content_Attach->cleanSettings()

    • [VBV-2942] - After editing a stylevar, it does not show up as edited (in red) in the left navigation until you reload the page
    • [VBV-3643] - Editing footer template triggers copyright warning
    • [VBV-4498] - Can't rename /admincp
    • [VBV-4501] - (Porting from vB4) Facebook connect - we need to check for SSL, and if not present, not enable facebook connect
    • [VBV-6147] - DST setting cannot be changed
    • [VBV-7305] - Time the search took always shows 0.00
    • [VBV-7901] - Facebook Usergroup option not applying at all
    • [VBV-8137] - "unread_only":1 search filter doesn't work properly
    • [VBV-8435] - Automatic DST switch, not automatic
    • [VBV-10479] - User Settings: `Connect with Facebook` button styling issue
    • [VBV-10653] - User profile field "Field Editable by User" option is ignored
    • [VBV-11209] - "New Topics" link is unbearably slow (30-300 seconds) for many customers
    • [VBV-12026] - Unable to save template "widget_onlineuserdetails"
    • [VBV-12277] - Adding an image attachment via the ckeditor toolbar "Insert Image" button does not populate and open the attachments panel under the editor
    • [VBV-12281] - The displayed filesize for attached images is wrong by one decimal place
    • [VBV-12289] - Writes on cacheid 'channelperms_{usergroupid}' in core/includes/adminfunctions.php can cause wrong permission data
    • [VBV-12333] - Viewing groups highlights the wrong navigation tab
    • [VBV-13441] - Duplicate upgrade steps in 3.8.1 to 3.8.5
    • [VBV-13462] - Update comment_grouptopic_ phrases
    • [VBV-13465] - Remove class_reportitem.php
    • [VBV-13524] - Facebook connect -- handle missing permissions gracefully
    • [VBV-13541] - Facebook Developers link description of Facebook Application ID and Facebook Secret options doesn't open
    • [VBV-13544] - Cannot delete user subscriptions via AdminCP.
    • [VBV-13546] - Youtube videos don't expand
    • [VBV-13593] - Remove Additional obsolete attachment files
    • [VBV-13598] - Expired paid subscription doesn't go inactive when scheduled task runs
    • [VBV-13603] - AdminCP - Database Error on Attachment Search
    • [VBV-13605] - There is a condition never met on specific case
    • [VBV-13612] - When Private messaging is disabled, notifications are not displayed correctly
    • [VBV-13639] - Wrong email notification for user mentions notification
    • [VBV-13646] - Missing index on guid column of channel table
    • [VBV-13651] - Fix "remember me" logic so that we create a new session if the user is still logged into FB
    • [VBV-13657] - Some New TLDs fail registration check
    • [VBV-13658] - Phrase "Creating new routes" in step 11 of final upgrade
    • [VBV-13676] - Implement my_channels filter in sphinx
    • [VBV-13677] - Fix DB & sphinx search filters for FILTER_MARKED_READ
    • [VBV-13686] - Fix "publish to Facebook" option
    • [VBV-13696] - Font size of subnavbar is bigger than main navbar
    • [VBV-13713] - vB_Cache_Db->cleanNow() is an empty function
    • [VBV-13719] - Remote video thumbnails are retrieved every time (they are supposed to be cached locally)
    • [VBV-13728] - User API Function allows any user to change user groups (primary and secondary)
    • [VBV-13749] - User rank images have the wrong path
    • [VBV-13750] - Content slider - Numbered navigation buttons don't work
    • [VBV-13756] - Hide the content slider module if it's empty
    • [VBV-13760] - Add indexes on node.featured and node.inlist
    • [VBV-13778] - Page Generated Time text does not align with other text in the footer (screenshot)
    • [VBV-13779] - Content slider -- Right / left arrows don't work (in Chrome)
    • [VBV-13800] - Users can register via API without API Key.
    • [VBV-13832] - Possible sphinx vulnerability via search params similar to VBV-13805
    • [VBV-13852] - Indigo Grey theme (5.1.5): "Mark Channels Read" font color should be white
    • [VBV-13895] - User notifications may not overwrite other "content" notifications
    • [VBV-13896] - 'Web' custom field not editable
    • [VBV-13910] - Articles are intermittently displayed with unparsed bbcode
    • [VBV-13913] - Username mentions and the [user] bbcode produce broken URLs
    • [VBV-13926] - Create new page does not set a layout by default
    • [VBV-13932] - Javascript in ad modules is able to break sitebuilder
    • [VBV-13935] - PHP Strict message when access Mobile API
    • [VBV-13939] - @unlink($tempIconFileLocation); still causes error, prevents install/uprade in 5.1.4
    • [VBV-13940] - Bug in autocomplete allows full output of all usernames and userids in the system
    • [VBV-13941] - If you remove the only image from an article or text post, the preview image link remains and is broken
    • [VBV-13945] - Renaming pages gives error: Duplicate entry 'online_details' for key 'route_name'
    • [VBV-13960] - Upgrades from 4.x to 5.1.4 cause settings URLs to fail
    • [VBV-13971] - Misdesigned table in AdminCP
    • [VBV-13992] - extra_smtp_headers setting has no title or description
    • [VBV-14012] - "Gradient" theme - notices don't look right
    • [VBV-14018] - If a page uses a pagetemplate that doesn't have a title, you can't edit the modules on the page
    • [VBV-14022] - Images inserted into a post are broken for everyone but the author
    • [VBV-14035] - Articles display wrong in new themes (missing whitespace)
    • [VBV-14036] - Images per post setting is not properly respected [regression from 5.1.4]
    • [VBV-14042] - "Color Style" wheel doesn't show if CSS is stored in file system
    • [VBV-14043] - Trying to access article with Public Preview = Yes and Can View Topic Content = No results in improper error (regression)
    • [VBV-14049] - ModCP - CSRF - Banning.php - Security token is not validated
    • [VBV-14079] - XSS - execute JS via inserted attachment properties (such as 'style')
    • [VBV-14081] - Log out error on forum with patch
    • [VBV-14084] - XSS - execute JS via an attachment filename
    • [VBV-14112] - A user receives an error when he tries to disconnect Facebook in his user settings.
    • [VBV-14113] - Publish to Facebook does not work
    • [VBV-14115] - Only one forum member can be mentioned in a post.
    • [VBV-14136] - RSS feed results in php error
    • [VBV-14137] - vbv_14079_14084_fix.php - Call to a member function getChannelPermission()
    • [VBV-14149] - Mention auto complete box does not disappear
    • [VBV-14174] - When a user mention is at the very end of the post text, it is not recognized and parsed correctly.
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    Wayne Luke
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      Updated Templates.

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      Wayne Luke
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