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Potential vBSEO vulnerability

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  • Potential vBSEO vulnerability

    Dear VB License Holder,

    It has come to our attention that there may be a potential security vulnerability in VBSEO affecting the latest version of the software (and potentially other versions as well). We've attempted to contact the vendor, but as they have been non-responsive we felt we should alert the community as many of our customers use this add-on software.

    If you think you might be running a vulnerable version of the software, there is a simple fix: just comment out the following lines in the file vbseo/includes/functions_vbseo_hook.php:

    if(isset($_REQUEST['ajax']) && isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']))
    $permalinkurl = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'].$permalinkurl;
    should be changed to:
    // if(isset($_REQUEST['ajax']) && isset($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER']))
    // $permalinkurl = $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'].$permalinkurl;
    If you are running the "Suspect File Versions" diagnostics tool, you will additionally need to generate a new MD5 sum of the above file and edit upload/includes/md5_sums_crawlability_vbseo.php to use the new MD5 sum on the line:

    'functions_vbseo_hook.php' => 'NEW MD5 SUM GOES HERE',

    Please be aware that you are making these changes at your own risk. We don't know if making this change affects the terms of your VBSEO license and we can't be responsible if making this change breaks your site.

    CVE-2014-9463 has been assigned to this potential vulnerability by
    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API

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