vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 26 is NOW AVAILABLE for vBulletin 5 Connect license holders to download.

Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at www.vbulletin.com/vb5demo/.

The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 26 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. We use your feedback to improve vBulletin.

Beta 26 addresses 144 issues. However, we recommend you not utilize vBulletin Betas for live sites.

Note: As with all Beta releases, no phone or ticket support will be provided for Beta 26. However, customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license will receive 30 days of free ticket support--with a start date commencing upon the Gold release.

  1. VBV-4543 VBV-4345Admin CP Index Performance
  2. VBV-6905 Mobile App: Can reply once to a thread via app
  3. VBV-3758 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can View Thread Content" doesn't work
  4. VBV-6911 If there is an Akismet key set, all threads will show up as deleted.
  5. VBV-7020 Social Groups groupintopic Table Broken for Upgrades
  6. VBV-6402 Activity stream should not fail completely on every error.
  7. VBV-7232 Upgrade from beta 25 to beta 26 fails on first step: API Error cannot_convert_channel
  8. VBV-6903 Upgrade from 3.7.4 Crashes on 3.8.0 A2 Step 49
  9. VBV-6938 vB5 Beta Siege load test higher cpu loads - adjusting Activity stream entries per page and max search results
  10. VBV-5809 Mobile App: No admin options for threads except delete (iOS)
  11. VBV-6930 Duplicate Title message appears when attempting to post Photo visitor message
  12. VBV-6952 Attempting to save an avatar without adding an image brings up a forum page in Admin CP
  13. VBV-6876 Album has an Add Photos button
  14. VBV-3215 No duplicate thread checking
  15. VBV-1046 Cannot permanently delete private messages in Trash folder
  16. VBV-6544 No Email Notification for blog moderation or blog transfer requests
  17. VBV-3294 Transferring blog ownership is broken
  18. VBV-6946 Mobile App: Weird pagination errors
  19. VBV-6945 Mobile App: When user setting birthday is set to day/month only, the year shows also
  20. VBV-6940 Mobile App: Can only post in the first blog published
  21. VBV-6939 Mobile App: Blog comment option is always disabled when posting (iOS)
  22. VBV-5496 Mobile App: Can't view subscribed list on home page
  23. VBV-4031 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Manage Own Discussions" doesn't work
  24. VBV-1566 "Private Messaging Enabled" setting doesn't work
  25. VBV-6184 VBV-7007Usergroup Permission "Can See Who Left User Ratings" doesn't work
  26. VBV-5344 Transparent option does not work or save in "Customize my Theme"
  27. VBV-6956 Saving a generated style produces a "style_errors" error
  28. VBV-6706 Cannot move system modules, attempting to save changes results in "You cannot remove a system module from the page template."
  29. VBV-6250 Saving edits to custom stylevar produces DB error
  30. VBV-6522 Additional options link in content types other than advanced options is not in the wireframes
  31. VBV-6983 Activate Email Page Doesn't Seem to Be Working Correctly
  32. VBV-6875 Wrong message when uploading pictures to an album (regression)
  33. VBV-1958 Need the ability to insert inline images via the Advanced Editor...
  34. VBV-1904 "Revert all Stylevars" missing phrase and doesn't work
  35. VBV-4360 VBV-4345Redundant language processing
  36. VBV-3224 Poll timeout doesn't work
  37. VBV-6904 When removing all the photos from the photo upload box, the 'Continue' Button disappear
  38. VBV-6854 Deleting an uploaded photo when creating a new topic does not actually delete the photo
  39. VBV-6542 Daily/Weekly Email Notifications does not seem to work
  40. VBV-6645 Comment editor open by default when blog comments are disabled
  41. VBV-6632 Certain Pages inaccessible when Can View Channels Channel Permission is set to No
  42. VBV-6981 Activate User Registration Links Broken
  43. VBV-6866 Social Group Missing Routes in vB4 upgrade
  44. VBV-6797 Activity Stream module crash after upgrade, "Unable to contact server. Please try again."
  45. VBV-6614 Alpha 27 Step 11
  46. VBV-6403 Permissions Mapping for socialgrouppermissions in upgrade/install
  47. VBV-4345 General inspection of query execution and duplication on vB5 pages
  48. VBV-6469 vB_Cache::write appears inefficient
  49. VBV-6373 Activity Stream Failure on upgraded 4.2 forum
  50. VBV-6798 Error fetching forums: widget_subchannelsdisplay crashed. After upgrading from a vB 3.8.7 database backup.
  51. VBV-6060 The sitemap is not generated correctly
  52. VBV-6929 Performance- inefficient vB_UserContext->getChannelPermission in_array() calls.
  53. VBV-6928 Performance- vB_Cache_Memory->isLoaded seems slow
  54. VBV-6896 (Chrome & Firefox) Prepopulated "Write something here" can be edited and does not count as post text
  55. VBV-6931 Post Reply appears as title for visitor message draft form
  56. VBV-4566 Floating Filter bar not aligned when scrolling topic list
  57. VBV-6347 Private Messages deleted from Sent folder do not go to trash, unless you are a recipient of the message
  58. VBV-6974 VBV-6742UI/UX: Rename Home Tab in the Navigation Bar to "Forums"
  59. VBV-6640 IE - Text disappears when switching content types
  60. VBV-4711 Index Photo Description for Searching.
  61. VBV-6964 Category page defaults need to be changed
  62. VBV-4186 Refreshing registration page causes errors for registering
  63. VBV-6950 Photos from Photo Album cannot be individually deleted when drafting photo discussion
  64. VBV-6949 Visitor Message avatars and recipients are broken in post view ("posted a Visitor Message for A")
  65. VBV-6848 Signature Soft-Linebreak Character Limit counts excess spaces as characters
  66. VBV-6834 Show More link for activity streams scrolls to the top of the stream when a filter item is selected
  67. VBV-6779 "Receive Admin Emails" setting doesn't work
  68. VBV-7002 The ad managers html input box is too tiny.
  69. VBV-7005 Users with either the "Can Delete Own Posts" or "Can Delete Own Topics" permissions see options they shouldn't
  70. VBV-2032 VBV-1798Properly Categorize Stylevars.
  71. VBV-1795 inline_edit_search_bar_background_active_color doesn't work
  72. VBV-1898 profile_section_background is unused
  73. VBV-1902 thread_reply_background is unused
  74. VBV-6909 Custom profile fields do not display properly in registration page
  75. VBV-6714 Wrong template syntax
  76. VBV-6972 Missing info on who is online page (as per wireframes) that can be added now
  77. VBV-6907 Templates widget_conversationdisplay & widget_sgchanneldisplay have closing tag error
  78. VBV-1826 Signature Edit form will save changes, but shadow box will not be closed
  79. VBV-4850 Background indicator for unapproved/soft-deleted posts is visible for everyone, instead just to moderators
  80. VBV-6843 the "people who liked" popup is unviewable when the browser isn't full screen
  81. VBV-6842 the "people who liked" box displays "voted", a now unused term
  82. VBV-6816 Mark Channel Read not accessible to non-moderators...
  83. VBV-6976 Hide title checkbox is not functional in the activity stream module
  84. VBV-6943 Style Chooser and Language Chooser do not display the style/language that was actually selected
  85. VBV-6395 Usernames are not links after refrsh of WOL module
  86. VBV-1522 "Time Limit on Editing of Thread Title" setting doesn't work
  87. VBV-6820 Blogs - Subscription / Subscribers - Message to blog owner with the "Follow request" doesn't provide info on what is being followed / subscribed to
  88. VBV-6890 Group Admin - manage subscribers does not paginate
  89. VBV-6773 Thread Subscription Email Doesn't Show Content
  90. VBV-4938 "errormsg" phrase appears after a failed login attempt
  91. VBV-6925 Clean installs create a default forum but no default category
  92. VBV-6605 Beta 18 Step 6
  93. VBV-5456 After upgrading from 4.2 by going to member/0, you will find updates when you shouldn't
  94. VBV-6850 Missing stylevars
  95. VBV-4880 header_bg_color is not working
  96. VBV-5054 VBV-3175Unused stylevars
  97. VBV-6681 Admin CP Moderated Visitor Messages count is currently hard coded to 0
  98. VBV-6760 Poll See More Search Results - Duplicate "Search Results" in breadcrumb
  99. VBV-6921 GRANT request notifications will incorrectly use the "follow" phrase.
  100. VBV-5972 cannot preview entries in the profile's media tab
  101. VBV-1512 No Member List functionality - related options should be removed
  102. VBV-6701 Background of site name and "no content found" message in activity stream module is hardcoded
  103. VBV-6853 Category Weirdnesses with Conversations
  104. VBV-6287 Overlapping notice and board turned off message
  105. VBV-6920 Administrative menu (cog icon menu) on channel display basically become a duplicate of the inline mod menu (regression)
  106. VBV-6970 COPPA page is not properly styled
  107. VBV-6935 (Regression) Reply poster can see total number of comments responding to their post even when some are soft deleted
  108. VBV-6998 List of unincluded search terms always end with a comma
  109. VBV-1907 Old Pollbars stylevars should be removed
  110. VBV-6702 Replace "bg" with "background" in stylevar names
  111. VBV-4635 Misspelled stylevar: profile_section_backgrund
  112. VBV-1901 secondary_content_background is unused
  113. VBV-1774 forum_category_bar_text_color is unused
  114. VBV-1710 announcement_border_color doesn't work
  115. VBV-6968 User Summary dimensions need more flexibility
  116. VBV-4702 Update icon sprite file to remove gray background around the online/offline images and the signature icon
  117. VBV-1794 inline_edit_form_text_color is unused
  118. VBV-1857 photo_border_hover_color is unused
  119. VBV-1849 main_nav_admin_bar_text_color and main_nav_admin_bar_text_disabled_color are unused
  120. VBV-1760 Unclear what form_dropdown_text_color is supposed to control
  121. VBV-1759 form_dropdown_background and form_dropdown_background_hover are unused
  122. VBV-1903 thread_view_avatar_border_color is unused
  123. VBV-1896 postbit_background and postbit_deleted_background are unused
  124. VBV-1756 filter_dropdown_link_color is unused
  125. VBV-1758 filter_dropdown_text_color doesn't work
  126. VBV-1751 filter_bar_border_color and filter_bar_button_border_color are unused
  127. VBV-1755 filter_dropdown_border_color is unused
  128. VBV-2817 No apparant method to attach non image documents - Manage Attachments button is hidden
  129. VBV-1720 button_special_ stylevars not actually used by .button.special definitions
  130. VBV-1718 button_special_text_color used by unrelated area
  131. VBV-1897 profile_button_secondary_background is unused
  132. VBV-1855 page_header_text_color is unused
  133. VBV-1821 inline_edit_subheader_text_color is unused
  134. VBV-1743 content_divider_color is unused
  135. VBV-1899 profilesidebar_count_text_color is unused
  136. VBV-1853 module_divider_color is unused
  137. VBV-1858 popup_background, popup_header_divider_color and popup_overlay_color are unused
  138. VBV-1707 additional_module_header_text_color is visually unused
  139. VBV-1854 module_header_background, module_header_border_color and module_header_line_color are unused
  140. VBV-1852 module_content_background and module_content_line_color are unused
  141. VBV-1950 No doc_background stylevar equivalent in vB5
  142. VBV-6888 The button_secondary_flat_text_color stylevar is incorrectly used as a background color in the CSS
  143. VBV-6517 Header Background Unable to Change in IE9
  144. VBV-5858 Stylevar to customize placeholder color is needed