vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 22 is NOW AVAILABLE for vBulletin 5 Connect license holders to download.

Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at www.vbulletin.com/vb5demo/.

The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 22 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. We use your feedback to improve vBulletin.

Beta 22 addresses 87 issues. However, we recommend you not utilize vBulletin Betas for live sites.

Note: As with all Beta releases, no phone or ticket support will be provided for Beta 22. However, customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license will receive 30 days of free ticket support--with a start date commencing upon the Gold release.

  1. VBV-6315 Can't finish to rebuild search indexes with searchindex.php with CLI
  2. VBV-6424 FR: App crashes when launching forum (iOS)
  3. VBV-6461 Error: "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page" on Site Builder: Page Manager
  4. VBV-6453 upgrade issue - table none existant
  5. VBV-6172 Blog owners cannot see their own blogs when view permission is set to Subscribers
  6. VBV-6439 Comments are not displayed on a forum topic
  7. VBV-6279 Upgrade from 4.2 PL3 Error on Beta 20 Step 11: XML Import
  8. VBV-6400 Unexpected text error while upgrading to VB5 Beta 20
  9. VBV-6471 Private message descriptions do not show
  10. VBV-6382 Copy Topic Fails
  11. VBV-3961 Merge posts function is not working properly
  12. VBV-4955 Moderator Actions are Not Logged for display in the Admin CP (Inline Moderation)
  13. VBV-4415 Buttons not aligned when registered, but unconfirmed, account user views a group
  14. VBV-6371 When editing a Forum topic, clicking Save button for uploading photos results in "you are not authorized..." error message
  15. VBV-6365 Blog Editor thinks there are multiple attachments when there are none.
  16. VBV-5859 Forum Creation Doesn't Respect Can Use HTML Permission
  17. VBV-5608 Internal error after creating a blog with the same title using Javascript
  18. VBV-3969 Specific code cause to database error in templates
  19. VBV-1034 User Blogs: Moderate Comments before displaying option is broken
  20. VBV-1609 Galleries are taking very long to load
  21. VBV-1503 "Allow Users to 'Ignore' Moderators" doesn't work - admins/mods can always be ignored regardless of this setting
  22. VBV-5489 Mobile App: Can't post a blog
  23. VBV-6341 Step 157 - error_no_routeid when upgrading from 4.1
  24. VBV-5271 Usernames with uncommon chars not able to log in after upgrade from vB4 (untested)
  25. VBV-6240 Starter not being set properly when moving posts (node unit test)
  26. VBV-3839 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Reply to Own Threads" doesn't work
  27. VBV-3475 Blank screen on a failed login try on admincp
  28. VBV-6303 Verify Email registration, with Moderate New Members set to "Yes", prompts a notice with an invalid "click here" link
  29. VBV-3940 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Create Tags" doesn't work
  30. VBV-6300 User moderation verification email parses the forum name as an empty string
  31. VBV-6299 Verify Email registration prompts a notice that says "Invalid Data," when Welcome Private Message is on
  32. VBV-6169 "Can create link" permission allows guests to see comment link on blog entries
  33. VBV-6446 Subscribed forum topics do not appear in My Subscription streams
  34. VBV-6470 Not able to Edit Comments
  35. VBV-6329 Unable to create new threads after editing usergroup permissions
  36. VBV-6077 Private Messaging: When disabled in User Setting, user is still able to send PMs to other users.
  37. VBV-6001 Cannot Change the / (Home Page) in Site Builder.
  38. VBV-6466 Not able to upload profile picture on IE
  39. VBV-4772 Attempting to access a channel you do not have permission to view results in improper error
  40. VBV-3907 There should be a "Select All" option on the front-end when selecting usergroups with permission to see navbar/footer elements
  41. VBV-6477 Last Activity for subscriptions to channels is being updated every time you check
  42. VBV-6509 (IE9 only) User Profile: Avatar crop function does not work and entire image displays as avatar
  43. VBV-6481 User Profile: "Sorry, you are not authorized to view this page" error displays when trying to view a Photo Album post
  44. VBV-4252 Navigation item you can't see messes up navigation bar/footer site builder functionality
  45. VBV-709 Revised filter fields
  46. VBV-1757 Admin CP pages not always loading
  47. VBV-3942 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Space (in bytes) that a user's total attachment usage may consume" doesn't work
  48. VBV-6037 VBV-6033Change Certain HTML Tags and Attributes to Use Htmltitle
  49. VBV-5809 Mobile App: No admin options for threads except delete (iOS)
  50. VBV-6508 Top Active Users module is broken for guests
  51. VBV-6288 The searchlog table is not cleared periodically
  52. VBV-1520 "Maximum Images Per Post" setting doesn't work
  53. VBV-5069 Can't like posts from Activity Stream on IE8
  54. VBV-6404 VBV-6360Requesting something different than USER SUBSCRIBE will create a message for the request sender
  55. VBV-5864 message_page template missing </div>
  56. VBV-6364 Permission Message on editing selfmade topics
  57. VBV-4845 jQuery imgareaselect plugin images located in presentation are accessed from the css_imgarea-select-animated.css.xml template using relative path
  58. VBV-1117 Guests are allowed to post a visitor message by default
  59. VBV-3959 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Hide Reputation from Others" doesn't work
  60. VBV-6314 Container Module Should be System Module
  61. VBV-6428 Script is counted towards character count in Share Photo and Post Link content types
  62. VBV-6389 List of attachments show when you share photos
  63. VBV-3440 VBV-3726Online details must not be shown if user doesn't have canwhosonline permission
  64. VBV-5980 Phrase for signature error: When attempting to submit signature after being logged out. "no_permission_logged_out"
  65. VBV-6144 Moderation Log entries show phrase placeholder for username
  66. VBV-6359 VBV-6360Subscribing to a user is creating a PM for the requesting user
  67. VBV-6331 Control Panel Phrase require_birthday being used as an error message
  68. VBV-3837 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Use Signatures" enforced only upon signature saving
  69. VBV-6510 Top Active Users module does not show post count for registered users
  70. VBV-6472 Checkbox appearing next to blog entry on activity stream
  71. VBV-2291 (Porting from vB4) {vb:rawphrase} is not being compiled correctly in some cases
  72. VBV-6328 Search results that fall outside of search settings cause "Keyword too common" error message to incorrectly display
  73. VBV-2517 Multiple files contain corrupt copyright symbols
  74. VBV-1917 Validator isn't checking for minimum characters while editing a reply
  75. VBV-6333 When viewing homepage as a guest, the Online Users module displays "internal error/widget cannot display" error
  76. VBV-6396 Fix notices causing errors in unit tests
  77. VBV-4545 Arrows in pagination should be aligned
  78. VBV-1701 Groups - Thread: Pagination looks out of place in Safari
  79. VBV-6507 Pagination arrows are....poorly aligned
  80. VBV-5866 Advanced search input field width grows indefinetely if a channel has a long name
  81. VBV-6475 Uploading photo to Media tab prompts "n" alert
  82. VBV-6447 Registration title text is cut off on Registration page
  83. VBV-5689 User's group does not show in likes list for registered users
  84. VBV-3850 Language and Style chooser menus in the footer should not show when there is only one language/style
  85. VBV-1102 Styling issues in album page
  86. VBV-4236 Grammar is wrong in Message Centre
  87. VBV-6101 with a browser width of 900 pixels or lower, text format shifts off some buttons