vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 21 is NOW AVAILABLE for vBulletin 5 Connect license holders to download.

Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at www.vbulletin.com/vb5demo/.

The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 21 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. We use your feedback to improve vBulletin.

Beta 21 addresses 144 issues. However, we recommend you not utilize vBulletin Betas for live sites.

Note: As with all Beta releases, no phone or ticket support will be provided for Beta 21. However, customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license will receive 30 days of free ticket support--with a start date commencing upon the Gold release.

  1. VBV-6141 there is a discrepancy between the values of vBUgChannelAccess and the value of socialgrouppermissions:canviewgroups
  2. VBV-6122 Mobile App: Error on viewing forum list
  3. VBV-6111 Mobile App: Mobile Publisher fails to verify vB5 forum
  4. VBV-6178 "Reply" button missing (regression from sprint53)
  5. VBV-4886 IE9 Color Style can't see.
  6. VBV-5601 Unable to comment on Photo, Link, and Poll Blog types
  7. VBV-4978 Upload File Diagnostic not returning results
  8. VBV-5890 Mobile/FB App: Only thread with 0 replies are shown on the home pages
  9. VBV-3762 Closure table not created as innodb
  10. VBV-4766 If only existing blogs have "Automatically parse links in text" or "Disable smilies in text" options selected, blog crash
  11. VBV-6051 Custom mods permissions do not save in Usergroup Manager
  12. VBV-4025 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can View Groups" doesn't work
  13. VBV-4791 After you add about 180 channels, you'll get a "mysql server has gone away" message if you try to add any more
  14. VBV-6390 Adding photos to an existing photo album replaces the previous photos
  15. VBV-3154 MySQLi: A35 installation fails
  16. VBV-5154 Upgrade Test Failures
  17. VBV-5175 Password is changed although new pass field is empty
  18. VBV-5596 vB5 Beta 16 r2 - datastore cache for memcached or APC cache do not work
  19. VBV-6353 Wrong username showing in posts when replying with different users (regression)
  20. VBV-6190 When User is not allowed to upload images to signature, after removing the image the error message will continue to appear. User needs to reload the page to restart.
  21. VBV-6081 Visitor Messages from other users are not displaying in user's profile stream.
  22. VBV-5308 Spam Post Button in User albums.
  23. VBV-5472 Subscribed Blogs don't appear in Subscriptions Module
  24. VBV-4735 Removing default Custom Video module retains Youtube url calls
  25. VBV-5685 Most Phrasing Missing from ModCP (Regression)
  26. VBV-5297 Phantom posts in the activity stream
  27. VBV-5340 Unable to edit User's Birth Date settings after save, when require birthday setting is off.
  28. VBV-3601 (IE9) The 'New Topic' button is not displaying on the Sub-Forum pages when logged in as a User
  29. VBV-5435 (IE9 only) User Profile: Broken Image link appears in Edit Avatar lightbox when trying to upload a profile picture
  30. VBV-6311 'Move Topics' item is missing in inline moderation menu of Topics tab
  31. VBV-6290 Cannot view visitor messages
  32. VBV-6271 No inline moderation menu in topics list
  33. VBV-6221 Inline mod menus missing
  34. VBV-1665 Avatars will not be displayed in the "Latest Activity" view
  35. VBV-1805 Auto-Accept Option to Accept User Subscription Requests doesn't work.
  36. VBV-1767 Core directory "Forbidden" page will be displayed while switching between views
  37. VBV-3428 Today's Birthdays module doesn't work
  38. VBV-6127 Groups are not viewable by Registered Users under the Groups subtab in Groups channel
  39. VBV-6151 Private Messages Page Internal Error
  40. VBV-6119 During registration, extra whitespace can be used to bypass the check for if a username is already in use
  41. VBV-6204 undefined constant CURLOPT_CONNECTTIMEOUT
  42. VBV-5940 YouTube Facebook video showing instead of Login box.
  43. VBV-5926 in Profile subscriber page, user cannot subscribe to multiple subscribers at a time.
  44. VBV-5694 Filling any about,title or description message with a long number makes the message changes by itself.
  45. VBV-5641 Internal error when guest try to see a group post when group view permission is set to Members only
  46. VBV-5562 Error: no_permission when editing channels on Page Manager
  47. VBV-5399 Moving private message to Pending Posts folder is broken
  48. VBV-4197 Canceling tags after entering maximum number of tags stops you from being able to add tags
  49. VBV-5231 First comment does not redirect properly
  50. VBV-5254 "View Post" link in quotes is broken
  51. VBV-5414 3.8.7 > 5.0.0 Upgrade : My Subscriptions Ajax Call Fails
  52. VBV-4921 Avatars and CSS not working properly on group page
  53. VBV-5318 "Subscribers" user setting privacy option has no effect; "Subscribed" affects both subscriptions and subscribers
  54. VBV-4028 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can Create New Discussions in Groups" doesn't work
  55. VBV-3860 VBV-3726Some usergroup permissions never take effect due to Home Page permissions being customized by default
  56. VBV-4786 VBV-3726User profile customization usergroup permissions "Can Edit..." don't work
  57. VBV-5776 Channel Shows 'No Topics Found' Until Going to another Tab then Back to Topics
  58. VBV-6240 Starter not being set properly when moving posts (node unit test)
  59. VBV-5117 Blog posts/group topics not showing under Topics Tab for Specific blog/group if Topics tab is default (regression)
  60. VBV-5327 Use data- identifier on custom HTML attributes
  61. VBV-5772 The Software didn't pass the HTML Validation test
  62. VBV-4814 Attachments on Visitor Messages don't work on IE8
  63. VBV-4413 Cannot subscribe to Groups
  64. VBV-4376 Registration is confirmed but then user isn't signed in IE, and it's net clear to them that they can (at least IE8)
  65. VBV-4171 Navigating through Content Types while drafting a post will delete text in field
  66. VBV-4039 Post reply editor for Group Topics multiplies
  67. VBV-3666 Visitor message button should not appear in profile if user doesn't have permission
  68. VBV-3201 Broken image icon displays when refreshing Captcha Verification Image at Registration. For IE9 and Chrome
  69. VBV-3036 Current Online Users does not display user not at the Current Online Users location
  70. VBV-3205 Unable to copy and paste content or type new content under Chrome
  71. VBV-2691 Ignoring another member fails and logs user out in IE8
  72. VBV-2134 Unable to view full list of forums
  73. VBV-6123 Saving channels in Page Manager takes too long
  74. VBV-2129 Blog's main page, members blog tab, only shows recently created blogs
  75. VBV-3400 Activity filters on user profile not working correctly
  76. VBV-3062 Editing a post does not allow adding attachments
  77. VBV-5553 Can't move avatars from filesystem into database
  78. VBV-3603 View Infractions Form does not display results
  79. VBV-3538 Who is online shows all registered users being online
  80. VBV-2705 Profile: activity get lost if you switch to another tab
  81. VBV-6307 No Enable HTML in my post
  82. VBV-6344 User Profiles > Media Tab: Clicking Save button for uploading photos results in "you are not authorized..." error message
  83. VBV-5309 Spam Save button in User Albums duplicates and grabs photos from other users
  84. VBV-2133 Page Manager can cause browser lockups with large number of items.
  85. VBV-6179 Activity stream doesn't show until it's loaded via AJAX
  86. VBV-5430 Exporting a product results in an invalid query definition (Regression)
  87. VBV-4301 Problems uploading images and posting links for create new topic, post reply, and create social group add icon
  88. VBV-6384 Can't view some topics if you don't have the "Can Reply to Others' Topics" permission
  89. VBV-4421 Error reporting is hard-coded at the top of several controller files
  90. VBV-4539 Page layout is broken using styleid param that is invalid, i.e. ./?styleid=10, does not resort back to default if styleid is invalid.
  91. VBV-4542 VBV-3726Signed in users have working access to the Upload Img Tool when VBV-4539. Upload unlimited amount of images with no restrictions.
  92. VBV-6124 Template render errors
  93. VBV-4380 VBV-4345Multiple queries for phrases
  94. VBV-6167 Custom API classes have stopped working (Regression)
  95. VBV-3512 Global Ignore function is broken
  96. VBV-4898 Thread replies can appear out of order (Race condition?)
  97. VBV-5561 "Invalid query definition: pagetemplate" when adding a new channel on an Upgraded forum
  98. VBV-6248 "Disable Content Caching" vboption shouldn't disable fastcache
  99. VBV-4463 Group Setting: Permission & Privacy "View" setting needs to be clearer and informative of it's usefulness
  100. VBV-1593 Lack of notifications for flagged items
  101. VBV-1481 Redirect Domain Whitelist security feature is missing
  102. VBV-6260 Editor takes a long time to load
  103. VBV-3933 VBV-3726Usergroup Permission "Can View Detailed Location Info for Users" doesn't work properly, users without it can't view Location
  104. VBV-6272 Creating New Blog Post Broken (Depending on Your Php.ini Setting)
  105. VBV-6278 Creating a post with just numbers does strange things
  106. VBV-6222 Unexpected error popup when hard deleting a comment
  107. VBV-6181 Replies and comments to soft-deleted topics are showing in the activity stream
  108. VBV-1514 "Maximum [CODE] Lines" doesn't work
  109. VBV-6164 Invalid JSON string error occurs when loading Advanced Search with a search string
  110. VBV-6009 User receives email notifications for replying to and commenting on their own topics
  111. VBV-6142 Error when adding Activity Stream module to groups or blogs (Fix error message only)
  112. VBV-5941 Cloning Widget error when trying to delete a Base Module
  113. VBV-6108 Sub-Forums module doesn't respect forum display order
  114. VBV-6197 Remove 4.2.1 Alpha 1 Step from vB5 upgrader
  115. VBV-6007 Edit soft delete page should be a page, not an overlay
  116. VBV-5847 A reply to a pm sends two messages
  117. VBV-4361 Sorting threads by number of posts or views, in addition to the date/time of the most recent post on the topic list
  118. VBV-6013 HTML code not correctly rendered in the user details displayed on threads
  119. VBV-1084 When viewing a closed topic, the administrative menu has the option to "close" the topic, but not to "open" it
  120. VBV-5863 Conversation/Topic/Content Titles Double Encoded
  121. VBV-2823 Current Online Users module does not output location and pages are broken
  122. VBV-2506 User Profile Page Layout Broken
  123. VBV-870 Message/notification previews aren't previews.
  124. VBV-5901 On a new install, Blogs & Groups permissions show as "customized"
  125. VBV-3812 Cannot have HTML in channel/forum titles (regression from vB4)
  126. VBV-4274 Soft-deleted topics don't show as deleted in activity stream. They do show as deleted when in the "topics" tab (they show with a pink background, etc)
  127. VBV-5854 Styling issues with content area on iPhone
  128. VBV-5068 vB_Exception_Api phrase call as used by javascript is not working properly
  129. VBV-5893 Lastcontentid not being updated when unapproving nodes
  130. VBV-5962 unpubcounts not being updated when deleting/undeleting nodes
  131. VBV-5879 node.totalcount from parents not being updated when moving nodes
  132. VBV-5440 Blog posts from activity stream disappear after using the filter
  133. VBV-5910 "Members In This Message" overlay blank
  134. VBV-3797 mysql_errno(): 17 is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in //core/vb/database.php on line 919
  135. VBV-3919 Symbols or HTML in channel title will not be displayed
  136. VBV-6049 "Location of clear.gif" setting description is inaccurate, needs to be updated
  137. VBV-6061 "Add First Post Content Ad" and "Add Last Post Content Ad" phrases are hardcoded
  138. VBV-2336 (Porting from vB4) User profile customization permission phrases are misleading about what the permissions actually do
  139. VBV-1749 display_tab_text_color isn't controlling module header text color
  140. VBV-1747 display_tab_background doesn't work in thread activity stream
  141. VBV-4571 Insert missing icons in Message Center
  142. VBV-4577 Search button text is cut off according to style guide
  143. VBV-1769 Create New Paid Subscription: Subscription Length needs more space (days dropdown menu is being displaced)
  144. VBV-1221 Photo-pop up UI issues