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vBulletin Connect 5.1.4 is now available.

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  • vBulletin Connect 5.1.4 is now available.

    We're proud to announce the release of vBulletin 5.1.4. This is a maintenance release focused on resolving issues within the software. All together over 140 issues have been resolved in vBulletin 5.1.4. In addition to fixing outstanding issues, we've added a few features and reworked Site Builder for better stability.

    Site Builder Refactor
    Site Builder has been refactored to edit the way it loads components for editing pages. Previously, you could break your page by adding improper HTML to the Static HTML or Ad modules placed on a page. In order to resolve this we had to make some changes to Site Builder. These changes include loading the Site Builder components on demand instead of every page load for administrators. It also involves changes to the Site Builder templates and JavaScript.

    New Layouts
    Six new layouts have been added to Site Builder in order to allow better customization of your sites. These new layouts are all three columns. You can see these layouts in the image below.


    Auto-Subscribe to Content.
    An option has been added to vBulletin 5, that auto-subscribes you to all content that you participate in. This was a popular option in previous versions of vBulletin. You can find this option in your notifications page after upgrading to 5.1.4. Selecting this option will automatically subscribe you to content when you make a post.

    Who's Online
    The Who's Online functionality has been updated to be more reliable. Both the Who's Online page and Module have been updated.

    In addition to the above, we've made a number of additional bug fixes and small feature tweaks across the product. See the full list below.

    Customers can discuss this release here:
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    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API

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    Release Notes - vBulletin 5 - Version 5.1.4

    Feature Request
    • [VBV-3594] - Need a way to automatically "subscribe" to all topics / blog posts / group posts (etc.) that I create or reply to
    • [VBV-12159] - Google Owner Verification
    • [VBV-12160] - Bing Ownership verification

    Hook Request
    • [VBV-13330] - I'd like a hook immediately after the body tag to mirror the hook right before the end body tag

    Improvement Request
    • [VBV-412] - Rename Online Users and Current Online Users modules, and use 100% layout on Current Online Users page
    • [VBV-1270] - Widgets/Modules need custom CSS ID applied.
    • [VBV-1304] - Add 3-Column Page Layouts
    • [VBV-7685] - Clean up the Who's Online page
    • [VBV-7803] - Add "Top" button to scroll to the top of the page
    • [VBV-8027] - Vbulletin logo - Registered Trademark Symbol
    • [VBV-8218] - Front End Logo Editor says: Note: The maximum width of your site logo is 320 pixels - This seems arbitrary
    • [VBV-11937] - Page layouts should be stored in and imported from an XML file
    • [VBV-12692] - Deprecate the string functions in functions.php, and change them to simply call the vB_String counterpart
    • [VBV-13132] - Fix makeconfig.php
    • [VBV-13259] - Remove "Deny All" link from Home/Root Node Channel.
    • [VBV-13307] - Consider Removing Guest Caching
    • [VBV-13322] - Rename Site URL to vBulletin URL
    • [VBV-13392] - Link "user online" to the Who's Online page.
    • [VBV-13413] - Deny upload of previous versionLanguages on vBCloud
    • [VBV-13442] - Need to check config for a Cloud license when getting admincp news
    • [VBV-13461] - Grouping conversationtools icons
    • [VBV-13591] - Make installation/upgrade more robust
    • [VBV-13613] - Update core/includes/config.php inline documentation with provided update

    • [VBV-1249] - Human Verification - "You have not specified any questions" message will always be displayed
    • [VBV-1252] - Human Verification - No table headers on Question & Answer Verification Options
    • [VBV-1765] - Can't view a style in frontend by clicking on its style name in the Style Manager
    • [VBV-2778] - Admin Log is logging all scripts as index.php due to the url rewrite
    • [VBV-3099] - Subscribing to a topic causes a browser refresh
    • [VBV-3188] - Contact Us subject field is broken
    • [VBV-4700] - AdminCP "Users to Moderate" counter doesn't reflect actual number of users to moderate
    • [VBV-6495] - No "invisible" indicator symbol to accompany users that have enabled invisibility in online users modules
    • [VBV-6784] - Automatic Topic Subscription Mode is not implemented
    • [VBV-7727] - Email notification and autosubscribe share the same setting.
    • [VBV-8645] - Who's online number of users and Users Online in forum doesn't match
    • [VBV-9091] - Guest page cache system does not support multiple styles
    • [VBV-9221] - User profile link in private message is wrong
    • [VBV-9341] - "Online Users" widget showing irrelevant information
    • [VBV-10377] - Bad html cannot be allowed break site builder
    • [VBV-10683] - Site Builder's Edit Page > Select Template function does not work.
    • [VBV-10994] - Set default decimal/thousand separator for german release version
    • [VBV-11499] - Latest group topics module shows replies too (instead of just topics)
    • [VBV-12300] - Can't use a custom path for post icons
    • [VBV-12307] - If date of birth is required, cannot save user settings except in Profile tab
    • [VBV-12322] - Statistics doesn't work
    • [VBV-12358] - alert dialog by ckeditor image dialog's "retrieve remote file.." checkbox validation is placed behind
    • [VBV-12387] - Undefined indices while viewing user profile with debug mode
    • [VBV-12462] - Private messaging loads in 24 seconds (or more)
    • [VBV-12542] - Users with "Can View Detailed Location Info for Users" can see channels/topic they do not have permission to view Who's Online Location
    • [VBV-12602] - Email Password Reminder to User does not send
    • [VBV-12682] - If you upload a custom language the HTML lang attribute is still set to English
    • [VBV-12835] - Latest Group Topics module shows to many items
    • [VBV-12972] - Creating a new ad gives it a display order of 0
    • [VBV-12974] - Themes time out when saving display order
    • [VBV-13010] - Online Users module shows no permission message when user/guest doesn't have wolpermissions.canwhosonline
    • [VBV-13125] - No longer applicable moderator permissions that should be removed
    • [VBV-13136] - API Statistics -> Top API Clients fails with query_parameter_missing error
    • [VBV-13154] - Mismatch in HTTP header charset & HTML header charset
    • [VBV-13179] - First of the month bug in Unit test
    • [VBV-13184] - Deadlock error handled differently from other sql errors
    • [VBV-13191] - Private Message attachments can be downloaded by anyone
    • [VBV-13234] - When a regular user tries to flag a post, they get an error "An unexpected error was returned: '{nodeid of report}'"
    • [VBV-13236] - Activation Reminder Email scheduled task fails with query_parameter_missing error
    • [VBV-13245] - Admin CP News is not displaying
    • [VBV-13250] - Undefined index notices on the message center home page when you have a user follow request to approve
    • [VBV-13252] - Undefined indexes in WOL API (on the who's online page), this causes an error popup on that page
    • [VBV-13268] - ModCP - Search for Users > View Profile = not_logged_no_permission
    • [VBV-13272] - REPLACE INTO useractivation SQL error (ajax/api/cron/run)
    • [VBV-13274] - Reference to "social group" in phrase sg_title_exists
    • [VBV-13279] - Quick setup - forum names are double encoded
    • [VBV-13299] - Method query getBlogUserSummaryStats appears unused (double-check that!), but would be an SQL injection vulnerability if used
    • [VBV-13300] - datamanagerUpdate and datamanagerInsert method queries don't clean input ($params)
    • [VBV-13301] - find() method in user API not escaping limitstart and limitnumber params
    • [VBV-13303] - Method query userInsertAccess does not clean/escape params (note, it appears to be unused?)
    • [VBV-13304] - Method query userFetchPruneUsers does not escape/clean params before use in query
    • [VBV-13305] - Method query PostProcessorPreferLastContent doesn't clean the "order" param properly (but it appears this query is unused?)
    • [VBV-13320] - Topic title not displayed in last post area if last post is in a topic moved to another channel
    • [VBV-13329] - Usergroup styles are not reflected in Online Users Module
    • [VBV-13334] - Upgrade fails at 500b9 step 2.
    • [VBV-13338] - Improve route performance.
    • [VBV-13345] - During theme icon import, the temp filename is empty
    • [VBV-13347] - The "What's Going On" module is showing as "Online Users" in Sitebuilder (only in the list of modules)
    • [VBV-13351] - Who's online page tries to reload/refresh data when user doesn't have permission to see anything
    • [VBV-13395] - Remove references to 'nosession' for route url generation
    • [VBV-13398] - Custom Avatars dissapear after See All Notifications button is clicked in Message / Notifications list
    • [VBV-13403] - Double slash in core URL
    • [VBV-13404] - typo in core/includes/functions_login.php
    • [VBV-13445] - Users should only get one notification per content addition.
    • [VBV-13447] - Add unit tests for Poll votes
    • [VBV-13454] - Unnecessary join on user table for fetchParticipants
    • [VBV-13477] - Wrong text in a phrase
    • [VBV-13480] - Removed unused template admin_subscriberlist.xml.
    • [VBV-13483] - "Infractions" phrase in message center and month names in Infractions page are hardcoded
    • [VBV-13488] - Facebook check that's not doing what the comment says it should
    • [VBV-13489] - Sphinx does not respect title_only setting
    • [VBV-13494] - Typo in phrase "Disabling this will effect performance" (should be "affect" not "effect")
    • [VBV-13495] - Database error when switching to inactive a paid member
    • [VBV-13528] - Total Group members stat reflects subscriptions, not actual joined members
    • [VBV-13536] - Imagemagick failing when trying to crop/resize gif type images as Avatars
    • [VBV-13537] - bad condition in usersettings_account for showing signatures in posts
    • [VBV-13540] - Improve logging of default exception handler.
    • [VBV-13569] - When changing page template in sitebuilder, modules are not inserted in the correct section of the layout canvas
    • [VBV-13570] - (Regression) Need to increment manual calls to vB_Upgrade_final->step5 ~ 18
    • [VBV-13573] - Modules missing in sitebuilder after editing page once
    • [VBV-13586] - Error during upgrade if built in pages have been renamed
    • [VBV-13596] - Upgrader incorrectly prompting with version mismatch when upgrading from 3.8.7 or earlier
    • [VBV-13608] - PHP error when loading CSS
    • [VBV-13609] - Typo in content lib's add() skipNotifications check
    • [VBV-13619] - Saving AD Module causes site to hang
    • [VBV-13628] - Conversation Detail Module no longer displays proper name in site builder edit mode
    • [VBV-13629] - Container Module no longer shows contained modules, and has an edit button with a non-functional edit popup
    • [VBV-13659] - Conversation route arguments for default installed channels are missing the contentpagenum element
    • [VBV-13666] - Renaming pages breaks them (regression)
    • [VBV-13670] - Blog/group summary modules shouldn't be editable or deletable
    • [VBV-13685] - Regression: Article Module Options Missing.
    • [VBV-13739] - CVE-2014-2021 - vBulletin 5.x/4.x - persistent XSS in AdminCP/ApiLog via xmlrpc API
    • [VBV-13771] - Page template data is imported with screenlayoutid = 0 on upgrades from vB4
    • [VBV-13773] - Editing pages causes odd behaviour at bottom of page
    • [VBV-13789] - Only superadmins can rebuild styles in adminCP
    • [VBV-13801] - Database error in vBulletin 5.1.4 Beta 2: INSERT INTO channel ...
    • [VBV-13805] - Reported bug by customer
    • [VBV-13817] - Fatal Error on Upgrade to 5.1.4 Beta 3
    • [VBV-13853] - If a topic's nodeid is removed from the url, page is effectively "broken"

    Translations provided by Google.

    Wayne Luke
    The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
    vBulletin 5 API


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      Updated Templates

      Translations provided by Google.

      Wayne Luke
      The Rabid Badger - a vBulletin Cloud demonstration site.
      vBulletin 5 API


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