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vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 15 has been released

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  • vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 15 has been released

    vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 15 is NOW AVAILABLE for vB5 license holders to download. Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at

    The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 15 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. We use your feedback to improve vBulletin.

    Beta 15 addresses 138 issues. As usual, we recommend you not utilize vBulletin Betas for live sites.

    (Note: As with all Beta releases, no phone or ticket support will be provided for Beta 15. However, customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license will receive 30 days of free ticket support - with a start date commencing upon the Gold release.)

    1. VBV-5311 Searching based on date set to one day doesn't work
    2. VBV-5127 Allow API clients to pass custom JSON data with searchJSON
    3. VBV-5061 Custom message folders don't show up in API calls
    4. VBV-3306 Attempting to call vB_Api_UserGroup->fetchBannedUsergroups() results in fatal error when not logged in
    5. VBV-4480 Sessions not properly managed/updated.
    6. VBV-5326 vBulletin.areJsonObjectsEqual js function will return true even if the 2 objects passed have different length
    7. VBV-5115 Site Builder options do not work on IE8
    8. VBV-5086 Cannot transfer ownership when you create a blog
    9. VBV-4915 Admins can't see all topics
    10. VBV-5162 Newlines disappear when editing a post
    11. VBV-4988 User List in Admincp does not Paginate correctly.
    12. VBV-5157 Videos aren't working in Beta14. Includes video module, bbcode, and link discussion.
    13. VBV-5138 Deleting admincp-created group displays forum error page within admincp
    14. VBV-5099 Blank images are uploaded on vbcom install
    15. VBV-5395 Invalid query definition: polloption when posting poll
    16. VBV-5381 Channel Permissions admin cp page broken (regression)
    17. VBV-5087 Cannot add moderators/users when you create a blog
    18. VBV-5361 When clicking 'Next' and 'Publish" buttons when creating a new Blog, a "Fatal error: Unsupported operand types" error occurs
    19. VBV-5246 Defer the Parsing of Javascript
    20. VBV-3739 Upgrade from 3.8.7 fails on step 88
    21. VBV-5427 Can Use Site Builder Admin Permission not working for new admin users.
    22. VBV-5464 Can't create new usergroups
    23. VBV-5363 New Page - Cannot Edit or Delete or Move modules
    24. VBV-5483 ACP User Search Crashes (Upgraded Forum)
    25. VBV-5151 Failure in Upgrade step 500a14
    26. VBV-5519 Admin site builder's "edit page" does not allow certain modules to be edited or deleted
    27. VBV-5577 Subscribers and Regular users cannot see blogs in Member Blogs with view permissions not set to Everyone
    28. VBV-5566 Unable to view Home Page when not logged in.
    29. VBV-4450 Ajax api always return null for calls from packages api
    30. VBV-3855 Importing a product as an update with a custom widget deletes and recreates the widget when it should just overwrite the existing widget
    31. VBV-4129 Registration with special character in username causes error
    32. VBV-4991 User Profile > Media Tab > when uploading a video, it appears twice in the post
    33. VBV-5229 Can't delete photos from photo discussion
    34. VBV-5267 Can't edit user profile fields -- Fatal error
    35. VBV-5136 Error when posting a comment on a visitor message
    36. VBV-5291 Database error when trying to upload an image attachment
    37. VBV-4843 Forums page & Profile page give JS error in IE8
    38. VBV-5251 Attached images do not display
    39. VBV-5262 After clicking save in config dialog user is redirected to index.php/ajax/api/widget/saveAdminConfig
    40. VBV-5208 "See More" link does not appear in the Home and Forum Activity Stream posts for the default tab on page load
    41. VBV-5202 Can't manage user ranks
    42. VBV-5041 There is a "sub-forum filter" but it appears to not do anything
    43. VBV-4572 (Blogs) When making a different tab the default, the content should be loaded with the page, not loaded via ajax after the page is loaded.
    44. VBV-4574 (Groups) When making a different tab the default, the content should be loaded with the page, not loaded via ajax after the page is loaded.
    45. VBV-4299 BBCode disappearing on visitor messages and thread replies
    46. VBV-3742 Caching issue for changes to Navigation Bar
    47. VBV-3465 Content is not being updated after visitor message is created
    48. VBV-4768 vB5 Beta 12 new topics end up with (Untitled) topic
    49. VBV-4153 After uploading attachments, the "Done" button doesn't work
    50. VBV-5181 Clicking on Social Groups fails with fatal error.
    51. VBV-5217 Last poster field is generating fetchUserinfo queries for each (most) topic on topic view.
    52. VBV-5221 Redundant language processing
    53. VBV-5222 {vb:url} used in {vb:rawphrase} should be encoded
    54. VBV-5270 The closure table has redundant indices
    55. VBV-5249 Invalid query definitions error
    56. VBV-5244 Regression : Saving a stylevar fails with debug error
    57. VBV-5296 Private Message index is calling fetchUserInfo for every user referenced on the page
    58. VBV-4932 Use cache in vB_Api_Widget::fetchConfig
    59. VBV-4154 If you upload more than one image while using the advanced editor, only one will be display, the rest will be uploaded, but be in limbo
    60. VBV-5168 vB_Cache issues upgrading from earlier versions
    61. VBV-5238 (FF15 & IE9 only) User Profile Page: Activites/Subscribed/About/Media tabs do not appear and "internal error" message displays
    62. VBV-5156 FR App: Like option only appears to adminmaster
    63. VBV-5404 When creating a post with multiple images, a new post is also created for each image
    64. VBV-5398 Searching in admincp causes error
    65. VBV-5393 Error when saving new infraction level
    66. VBV-5391 Errors when managing infraction
    67. VBV-5334 Header modules do not appear for header options in site builder
    68. VBV-4686 Search Module does not save advanced JSON
    69. VBV-4351 For Forum Topics & Blog Posts viewed in 'Latest Activity' stream: Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Arabic characters in the title field convert into HTML code.
    70. VBV-4936 When non-public options are requested from JS, they are requested multiple times
    71. VBV-5128 All default usergroups become custom usergroups on upgrade (regression)
    72. VBV-4099 Sticky threads are no longer sticky after upgrade.
    73. VBV-5019 vB5 Beta 13 System Cache (vB_Cache_Memcached) not working, not caching items properly or Internal 500 Errors
    74. VBV-4836 Wrong check for valid user in vB_Api_User::save
    75. VBV-5429 Illegal string offset 'dependency' Error on Homepage
    76. VBV-3349 Plain Administrators, (non SuperAdmins), are unable to send PMs to users when user has setting Receive PM from "Subscribers and Admins Only"
    77. VBV-5467 Site Builder doesn't go away after you remove the Admin Permission for the user.
    78. VBV-5447 Guests cannot use many Advanced Search sources
    79. VBV-4823 Delay bbcode rendering.
    80. VBV-5484 Post count not showing any more (regression)
    81. VBV-5578 Registered users cannot see blog activity with Subscribed and Registered Users view
    82. VBV-5560 Subscribing to someone with flag reports in the Flag Reports folder breaks your profile
    83. VBV-1824 Google Talk Instant Message Screen Name will not be displayed in user profile
    84. VBV-5092 Upload limit per image is set to something arbitrary like 500KiB
    85. VBV-4732 Alert message missing for admins when site is off
    86. VBV-3466 Photo Visitor Messages don't have the option for title, will display "No Title" by default
    87. VBV-4561 Missing Phrases on Alert Windows
    88. VBV-2713 x_and_y_others_rated_conversation_z displayed in notifications center after Unvoting
    89. VBV-1494 "User Title Maximum Characters" doesn't work
    90. VBV-1492 "Require Date of Birth" doesn't work
    91. VBV-4969 Deleted items on topic list are generating fetchUserInfo queries for the deleter
    92. VBV-3740 No phrase for comment explanation caption in Blog Post Additional Options
    93. VBV-3337 Advanced Search by Members: Search result page displays a number instead of Member Name.
    94. VBV-5243 Invalid Query Definition when saving new e-mail via user settings
    95. VBV-1466 Sending a blog ownership transfer request to a blog moderator will result in two ownership requests
    96. VBV-4919 Comments aren't getting a time stamp
    97. VBV-5295 vBulletin.hasParentSelectors function in global.js should be renamed to something more descriptive
    98. VBV-5372 Invalid query definition error when creating administrator user in admincp
    99. VBV-5240 Blog channels should have BB code enabled by default
    100. VBV-5352 Subscribe button for blogs can not change back after subscribing
    101. VBV-5354 vB5 Beta 15 AdminCP > Save Prefs = action could not be completed error (regression)
    102. VBV-4313 Invalid Text on Blog Create Topic page
    103. VBV-5370 Fatal error when publishing blog after transfer request
    104. VBV-3765 Unapprove post notification sent to admin will display user as a Guest
    105. VBV-5150 Welcome PM are not sent to new users even if options enabled
    106. VBV-4093 Wrong error message when moderator tries to steal Blog ownership
    107. VBV-4250 Cancel admin authentication reload the page
    108. VBV-5323 Datamanager should handle package prefixes in assertor calls
    109. VBV-4035 Template Hook Request : screenlayout_1
    110. VBV-1519 "Maximum Characters Per Thread/Post Title" setting doesn't work
    111. VBV-5364 List bb code doesn't render properly
    112. VBV-5454 Stray br tag in link bbcode
    113. VBV-5373 New Navigation Bar items display phrase as title
    114. VBV-5336 Setting album picture maximums to zero should mean there is no limit
    115. VBV-5406 Editing a comment with line breaks shows html
    116. VBV-5353 Second to last forum appears twice if the display orders are the same number
    117. VBV-4923 When posts are viewed in activity stream text is being cut off in the middle of a line.
    118. VBV-3104 "Avatars" options should be removed from admincp
    119. VBV-4300 Cannot upload custom avatar
    120. VBV-5355 Broken clear.gif path (regression)
    121. VBV-2108 "People who liked" overlay will not open on click
    122. VBV-3796 getSearchResults has undefined variable $results
    123. VBV-3392 Empty top and bottom sections of page when viewed in a phone-sized browser window
    124. VBV-1724 User Registration Options (admincp): Welcome private message edit title link isn't opening the phrase
    125. VBV-3609 Big blank space between title and editor when editing a post
    126. VBV-5223 Profile Edit Settings button poorly styled
    127. VBV-1641 Re-Label "Social Groups" to "Groups"
    128. VBV-5397 Incorrect count in alert when sending private message to too many users
    129. VBV-5193 Subscription acceptance prompts an alert with the message "a"
    130. VBV-5048 Typo: Caption for Reputation Level setting in User Settings. "Online User's" change to "Online Users"
    131. VBV-5247 Add Modules form has incorrect width when loaded
    132. VBV-1982 Div size is overlapping "Advanced Editor" button text
    133. VBV-3339 Thread prefixes always wrapped in square brackets
    134. VBV-1929 pagination readability improvements
    135. VBV-5465 User Profile > "Upload From Photo Album" button height is incorrect
    136. VBV-5319 Missing phrases in site builder when saving page changes: setting_keywords_title and setting_description_title
    137. VBV-1689 error_loading_spam_form_x message while "soft deleting other posts and threads started by the affected user"
    138. VBV-5564 Buttons on profiles have extra space / line under them
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