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vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 14 has been released

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  • vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 14 has been released

    vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 14 is NOW AVAILABLE for license holders to download. Prospective customers may preview vB5 Connect at

    The vBulletin 5 Connect Beta 14 feedback thread for licensed customers is HERE. We greatly appreciate your feedback, and use it for future improvements.

    Beta 14 addresses 119 issues. Bug fixes include a mix of performance, installation, permissions, and UI improvements.

    Please note Beta 14 has a serious issue impacting Blogs on upgrade. As usual, we recommend not utilizing vBulletin Betas for live sites.

    (Note: As with all beta releases, we’re unable to provide phone or ticket support for Beta 14. Customers purchasing a vBulletin 5 Connect license receive 30 days of free ticket support, with the start date beginning at the Gold release of the software.)
    • VBV-5192 Attempting to update usergroup permissions will set all forum permissions to No for the home page
    • VBV-5180 fetch_array() function have some blocking code - is_resource()
    • VBV-3831 vB5 Alpha 40 vB datastore cache and vB5 System Cache regular doesn't work with Memcached server
    • VBV-5158 Memcached Implementation Broken
    • VBV-5030 Maintenance Tool: Delete Duplicate Threads delete non-duplicate threads
    • VBV-5188 AdminCP > Usergroups > Some usergroup permission setting changes are not being saved
    • VBV-5169 Forum dies with fatal error under MySQLi
    • VBV-5081 Cannot add Blog Icon when you create a blog
    • VBV-4261 No CSS if you select a style in the footer style chooser, and then subsequently the admin removes that style
    • VBV-4811 Trying to change password prompts for current password even though it's entered
    • VBV-4287 Attachments aren't working when storing them as files instead of database.
    • VBV-5206 Install error occurs after Administrator account is created
    • VBV-5174 Empty Salt for Admin Account during Installation
    • VBV-3781 Channel displaying topics from all catagories below
    • VBV-5190 Profile Fields not available for Regular Users by default.
    • VBV-4067 Blog posts and comments do not show after upgrade.
    • VBV-5235 Path not set for blogs created by non-administrator users
    • VBV-5233 Error loading blogs in Member Blogs until an administrator makes one
    • VBV-5139 No site builder options work in IE8
    • VBV-3294 Transferring blog ownership is broken
    • VBV-5218 IE - Switching to a stream with a video on the page makes the page turn black
    • VBV-5215 Some forums will display a blank page after upgrading from 4.2
    • VBV-5214 Internal error on forums after upgrading database 4.2
    • VBV-4984 Multiple event handlers are attached in some elements due to Javascript bundling
    • VBV-4352 Zeros at the beginning of user names are dropped
    • VBV-4997 IE8 - Directories and stream views do not show on homepage or blog channel
    • VBV-4444 "Sources" search option does not work when "Search in my subscriptions only" is selected
    • VBV-5043 White page with PHP errors on all pages (frontend and admincp) after clicking Maintenance => Clear System Cache
    • VBV-4842 Custom BBCodes do not work in posts/replies. AKA Custom BB Codes don't work.
    • VBV-5010 Cannot save template named Widget_5
    • VBV-4765 Guest cannot see group in list, but can see content in widget
    • VBV-3251 User can upload more than the maximum number of album pictures defined in admincp
    • VBV-5050 image.php not caching the default guest avatar properly
    • VBV-5131 Social Groups calling permissions cache in a loop
    • VBV-5025 Fatal error: Call to a member function getData() on a non-object in ......\core\vb\cache.php on line 443
    • VBV-4982 js.php needs optimizing
    • VBV-4947 Duplicate queries on all pages
    • VBV-4391 Fatal error with cron code
    • VBV-4820 Phrase lookups
    • VBV-4222 Clean install XAMPP using port 8080, can't see AdminCP unless prefixed with core/
    • VBV-5035 Can post as guest even with no permissions on FR app
    • VBV-4257 Some forums will display "internal error" after upgrade from 4.2
    • VBV-3965 500a1 Step 150 takes too much time
    • VBV-4079 BBCode [img] not working
    • VBV-3952 If you break a page because of a misconfigured module, there is no way to fix it.
    • VBV-5194 Registration > able to create multiple users with the same email address
    • VBV-2677 Importing valid product xml on server fails when navigating to admincp from site root
    • VBV-4390 Upload script is not being able to create the user directory when storing as files
    • VBV-4167 Blank background footer on error message
    • VBV-5060 Calls to fetch?photoid= are not being cached properly
    • VBV-4388 Replace DESCRIBE table queries with Exceptions
    • VBV-5211 Edit link in sitebuilder doesn't work after dragging a module
    • VBV-4253 Navigation Bar/Footer permissions only account for primary usergroup, not additionals
    • VBV-4882 "Data" column from widgetdefinition is not exported to a product XML
    • VBV-5029 Fix error in phrase generation
    • VBV-5044 Database error when posting a comment on a reply to a topic in a social group
    • VBV-5119 Incorrect channel queries
    • VBV-5209 Tags are not being saved
    • VBV-5170 Update Readme HTML file in download package.
    • VBV-5171 Include the attached Quick Start Guide in the download Package.
    • VBV-5226 Expand/Collapse icon in Sitebuilder doesn't work after dragging a module
    • VBV-5232 Authorization error appears when creating blogs
    • VBV-4103 Search not finding threads with name matching search query
    • VBV-4821 Cache bbcode translations
    • VBV-5228 Can't remove photo from album
    • VBV-2173 (Porting from vB4) New Youtube iframe embed code
    • VBV-5274 vB_Language::getPhraseInfo doesn't unserialize phrasegroup_global
    • VBV-4823 Delay bbcode rendering.
    • VBV-5245 Regression: Custom Styles not showing changes from default look
    • VBV-5003 Error code 500 - Deleting Forum
    • VBV-4043 Wrong register message
    • VBV-4812 Can't change any settings on user settings account tab without typing in password first in IE8
    • VBV-4072 Search displays user numbers instead of user names
    • VBV-3113 Wrong closer in sb_display_Topics (</td> instead </tr>)
    • VBV-2182 Invalid_page_url needs to be caught and display standard English Message.
    • VBV-4652 There are two Messages links side by side in the top right nav.
    • VBV-881 Add second content entry box to the bottom of threads.
    • VBV-4290 Like link disappears after quick editing
    • VBV-1091 Inline mod checkbox, Vote button and vote number missing from replies until page is reloaded
    • VBV-4111 Scroll bar in photo posts
    • VBV-2653 Photo number link in activity stream doesn't take users to the album page
    • VBV-5063 Default logo image does not show
    • VBV-4964 (Regression) Privacy URL setting removed
    • VBV-4942 Top active users displayed in reverse order
    • VBV-4691 Username "Guest" for non logged in users missing from the $user object in templates
    • VBV-2724 Receiver is in this message (should be the sender)
    • VBV-5038 Undefined index HTTP_ACCEPT_ENCODING error in js.php
    • VBV-5023 vB5 Beta 13 js.php missing $cachedir
    • VBV-4905 AJAX request to previewSignature made *after* saving your signature
    • VBV-3230 User can upload photos to album with resolution larger than defined in admincp
    • VBV-4605 Member Profile, redundant queries
    • VBV-3923 Admin and Mod footer links showing to guests on upgrade from 4.2
    • VBV-3109 Subscribers tab in Profile shows too many toolbars
    • VBV-465 Notifications does not paginate
    • VBV-5113 Missing Icon table def
    • VBV-5080 Devimport Fails
    • VBV-5185 Cannot highlight text in post
    • VBV-5116 Incorrect node queries
    • VBV-3606 Rename numbered widget templates to readable name based on what it does
    • VBV-4632 Facebook option in Admin CP is turn off, yet Facebook option is still displayed in User Settings
    • VBV-2935 Language settings can't be saved
    • VBV-5098 Install Script Gives Misleading Error Message
    • VBV-1963 users should not be able to change their date of birth
    • VBV-4644 Module configuration options are duplicated in custom module
    • VBV-3483 AdminCP Link in Footer Leads to Blank Page
    • VBV-3197 Login button clicked twice on iPad redirects to new page
    • VBV-4953 FR: Moderation: Delete posts (hard delete) does not work
    • VBV-780 Error message for nonexistent birthday looks unstyled.
    • VBV-2921 New language character-set default to ISO-8859-1 instead UTF-8
    • VBV-4355 User header drop-down menu's links' text missing hand pointer
    • VBV-4754 The text "[SEARCH ICON]" is displayed to the user as the page is loading on most tab views
    • VBV-2682 Buttons in profile "Media" tab should have white text (inconsistent)
    • VBV-4305 Registration Email Verification page displays invalid username
    • VBV-4580 Avatar image size is not correct according to Style Guide
    • VBV-3171 Forum topics list doesn't looks good in iOS
    • VBV-4928 Padding seems to be missing from items on Group list page
    • VBV-3202 Typo: Registration Form, Username Description "to be log-in"
    • VBV-4895 Time is missing on the first post
    • VBV-4466 The border on thumbnails makes photos appear as they have extra white space
    • VBV-1831 Group invite notification needs some changes

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